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OddcastV2 DSP For Winamp

Use winamp as a source for MP3/Vorbis streaming servers with this tool.

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October 29, 2003 by Adam Kubica68101 downloads

OddcastV2 DSP For Winamp -

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DSP plugin for OGG streams

You can stream Mp3/OGG servers thru Winamp with this DSP plugin.


ok - ok - November 28, 2004 by Matthias Kampke

great plugin- despite poor gui - Initially i was discouraged by the uglyness of this plugin, but after trying all the other streaming plugins I could find, (jetcast, shoutcast, and SAM Streaming Encoders v3) I gave this one a try and found it is the best for the money. (its free) I use it to stream my mp3 collection from my computer in my dorm room to my PocketPC ( as I roam around on campus. (I use snowcrash plugin to change songs. I can't seem to find that on anymore.) Anyway, oddcast works flawlessly. Note that you also need Icecast V2 ( which is the actual server part of the setup but can run on the same computer. Jetcast worked ok but for some reason would quit broadcasting while I wasn't home (very annoying!) and also wasn't able to disappear to the system tray like oddcast can. I then tried Shoutcast but it sounded bad because it only supports regular mp3, not ogg or mp3PRO. And finally, SAM costs way too much money. - October 19, 2004 by Joe Camel