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Featured Plugin, 2002.

Real-time Digital Remastering! "The most-needed, software add-on to come down the hi-tech pipeline in a quite a while. OctiMax equalizes your music on the fly, meaning that you can listen to a variety of music from different sources and have it pour out of your speakers as if the individual tracks were all mastered for the same CD," says Jay Smith of Pollstar. Available as a free 30-day trial and $49.95 for an unlimited use version, OctiMax improves the quality of your music, period! The OctiMax plug-in for Winamp incorporates a state-of-the-art 5-band dynamics processor with sophisticated compression and limiting components. The translation? Better audio! Low levels are intelligently raised and loud signals are kept under control, all in real-time, all with the smoothness of butter. Your music will sound dramatically enhanced and you will enjoy consistent volume levels for any playlist you create. A Japanese language version is available at

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February 11, 2003 by Octiv Inc.407236 downloads

OctiMax - Featured Plugin, 2002.

Staff review

Solid dsp plugin for tweaking your sound

Very clean audio enhancement for your mp3 collection... deep low bass and crisp highs. A few presets are provided to get you on your way...also a neat little spectrum meter visual thing. Demo version with about 15 days of free usage.


it's ok - i think tomsteady - July 20, 2008 by soon peng

Orban Excellence at a budget price but........... - I had to CRACK it to get the "demo" working,, when it did work, it was so good we bought it anyway. It's not really a listening enhancer but really suited to broadcast and productions. It's fine to listen to, great for parties and stuff but I find the output a bit too compressed for my liking. Great for final dubs with video. Simple to use, just hit buttons, the two that work effectivly are "General" and "rock" which is general with more punch at the low end. It's hard to tweak in the way of INI files rather than nice configurable sliders but still tweakable. Overall a good clean sound enhancement without the techy fuss and it's made by Leif Claesson, maker of othe rexcellent tools. I see it's been bought out by Plantronics of all people and Rehashed into "Volume Logic" for iTunes and Winamp. I can't find this actual product any longer for sale... Alternatives (free) Sound solution, yet another Orban clone, much more tweakable but hard to get a good sound unless you know what your'e doing. (You want the older version, not the latest Demo) Enhancer 017 Best for "just cleaning up" your audio, slide the easy to understand sliders and listen. - April 26, 2006 by anton hood

Excelent - Congratulations! Its a good tool for process audio. I used for brodcast into fm radio station with out any costuous rack equipment... Very good sound quality... I?m happy!!! - January 4, 2005 by Maximiliano Wuiovich

Joke? - This must be some sort of bad joke. The Control Panel wouldn\'t show up, the sound didn\'t change, and it used 90% cpu, considering I have an 2.7Ghz CPU - that\'s pretty bad. And it installed some extra software, crypserv.exe, that didn\'t uninstall. This after a search pointed to be some sort of spyware/keytracker. This software is embarrasing and should not be in the dsp list. - November 4, 2004 by Bjorn A

The main feature I needed was voice normalization... - Besides normalization it does a few other nifty changes that make the sound more full & deep. Just what I looked for, no complains. P.S Yes, 50$... But you can't complain on a price of something you like... That's just what it costs. Frankly, it is as much as computer game costs and I don't play any game as long as I use WinAmp. - October 22, 2004 by Vitaly Belman

Yeah, OctiMax is good but... - The OctiMax plug in performs as advertised. I hear an improvement in audio performance whenever I can use OctiMax (new computer or old computer, new OS). I just can't bring myself to by $50 for a winamp plug in (Sorry OcitMax). So at the end of the 15-day trail, I go back to less functional, but free, iZotope Ozone Free. Yes there's functions on Ozone that don't work in the free mode, but basic functionality is there. Octimax should consider offering free and full function paid versions. Good will is a wunnerful thing... - June 21, 2004 by Arnold Stone

What are they thinking??? - 4? stars for audio.... 0 stars for trying to keeping the trial in-tact with background software... Seriously, with all the 'free' software these days why would you bother? Having a service called "Cyrpkey Licence" running in the background just for a simple plugin??? what a joke! Even if it is better audio quality than Enhancer 0.17 the fact they do this deserves a big thumbs down... My Winamp is 'free' and that's the way it is going to stay. (p.s. i know there is the 'cracked' replacement file to keep this running for free but that's not the point) - May 16, 2004 by unknown_name here

Expensive Dinosour - Trial period setup doesn't work but it does lock up your computer real nice, and make you realize that what you had before was good. - May 16, 2004 by charles shajkur

This rules, get it. - i downloaded this yesterday, cos i thought it looked pretty cool, and as soon as i tried it, i noticed a huge difference even without having to compare with it on and off. It just sounds so damn good. It makes tripping out to visualisations much easier, and its pretty well involantry, and u can even sortof trip out without a vis cos its so clear. But whatever kind of music ure listning to, it this makes it sound heaps better. The only thing i dont like is the fact that the config window does not appear with a winamp 5 skin, but it does still work, but to configure it, u have to switch to a classic skin. But thats just cos this was made long b4 winamp 5, so its understandable and i will still give this a 5 stars, (and some blue glitter)lol - January 20, 2004 by Colin Weaver

trials suck - trials suck! - December 20, 2003 by Paul Popowiczyk

Orban Sucks.... - Scott Westerman, first things first... XMRadio uses Omnia6.DAB on all of thier channels. Secondly, Orban sucks (and rob himself doesnt have a clue what hes talking about, i have real quotes to prove it)... Orban equals loud strident distorted antiquated 16bit 32kHz crapppp... /my2cents p.s. just wanted to add that Octimax owns all other winamp "sounder-gooderizer" type plugins. just plain owns! - March 20, 2003 by jdg wolffm

Get Dee - NuFF Said =x - March 17, 2003 by Abi S.

Winamp should liscense this from octiv - This is THE most amazing product ever... i had used one of the developers old "audiostocker" plugin for a long time... and that was great... but this makes that look like kids stuff... Crystal clear audio on all my different bitrate/sourced mp3s on my 5.1 channel system (Denon reciever, optical input, custom speakers) The only thing i could ask for is 24bit support... - February 10, 2003 by Joe G

Uber Sound Plug-in - I have tried most sound plug-ins, this one stands wayyy out of the crowd. First id like to get it clear, different sound plug-ins work better / worse on different sound systems. So don?t go crying when your #60 sound system from the computer fair still sounds Terrible! For those of you who are serious about sound, it becomes really annoying when you spend $$$ on a pc sound system and the mp3 tunes your limited to lack lower / higher frequencies handled by tweeters / bass box on your system, no im not talking about your Creative Sounds *HISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS* sound system. Those of you who are using a true 5.1 sound card and dedicated 5.1 amp this really does the job! It works really well in conjunction with the up mixing hardware that position those sounds on all speakers. Let me tell you, when coming home bewildering drunk and cranking up your sound system only to be completely paranoid that you really can actually hear sea waves crashing down in the left corner or that voice that is sweeping from left to right to rear really is the song. Well just try it, myself I like stability, performance, simplicity and this has it all! 2 years on and I still can?t find a replacement, unlike my sound system which is always being tweaked :-), only wish they did a plug for mplayer2 / Divx?s. P.S (Octimax only makes the sound, sound alot better :-) and basically gets rid of that watery effect, sadly you need to fork out on the directional sound hardware :-P) - October 31, 2002 by andy mooo

Only Plug-In I've bought or will need to buy for WinAmp - If you have a clue and $20 you'll never need to f**k with DSP plug-ins again. FInd a setting you like and leave it. It will over compress if you're trigger happy. Be smart and enjoy. - October 14, 2002 by Johnny Million

Best DSP ever!!!!! - This plugin is by far the least complicated and doesn't screw up at all! anyone and everyone should have this! - September 1, 2002 by Travis Smith

I purchased this, and I regret it. - While it does make the audio sound "better" in some situations, in others it does a bit too much compression, and big hits are missed. Also, their registration scheme is a joke. A "site key" is issued to your machine and your machine alone. If you want to transfer your key from one machine to another, it's a pain in the neck. Also, if your site key suddenly changes for whatever reason, you have to request a new one from the tech. support -- my site key happened to change by itself for no apparent reason, and even though I've e-mailed their support, I have yet to get a working code back. Their website needs major work, their plugin needs work, and their tech support needs work. Think about that before downloading or purchasing this. - June 21, 2002 by delusion _

Orban eat your heart out.. - This plug-in looks and performs just like the Orban OptiMod 6200 DAB processor thats doing it's thing on XM Radio and top rock stations around the country. The 6200 lists at around 6 grand. At $19.95, OptiMax is one of very few plug-ins that is worth the cost of commercial registration. - May 27, 2002 by Scott Westerman

Buyware plugin?! - OK, the product is good. But buying it?! This should not be allowed, who need a compressor that much?! - May 22, 2002 by Lars Werner

Prefessional Comments - Well for $20US this plug-in certainly can put hte cheaper $5,000US fm audio processors to shame. This plug-in does almost exactly what real world audio processing for broadcast or in their case Internet broadcast does. The audio isn't 'enhanced' meaning it's not discoloured.. the cross-voers for each band are rather nice even though each band is effect to much by the adjacent bands. This plug-in (if you've managed to figure out how to tweak the ini file since there are no real-world settings on the interface) does a great job at leveling low and high inputs when used witht he linein plug-in for real-time processing of external audio. It keeps the overall levels at a good volume though the default limiting is set rather to high. If there was one major flaw in the principal of this plug-in, is that after the multiband compressor stage, the audio is sent through a final wide-band single limiter... this completely ruins the point of multiband processing and introduces gain pumping at the final output. Professional processors do not use a single limiter for their final stage of level control, they use split band peak limiting. Overall, I give it a 4 for what it does for it's price.. I would pay $5,000US to get that sort of level control with minimal audio artifacts introduce to the final output. Perhaps more detailed control of the input AGC settings and multiband settings without having to dive in to the ini file would be great. In the meantime, I think I'll stick with the non-pc gear for this. - May 16, 2002 by kiwi rock

Very good plugin... - The people that made this plugin were not trying to outdo themselves like many creators do. It does exactly what it says... enhances the music. It is much better than any other program I have used which claims to equalize the intensity of the music. Because it uses a 5 band equalizer technology when keeping the sound level, you end up being able to hear more than you would without the plugin; easier to hear the words to songs, better base, nice presets. I really can't go into much more depth than that, but it is definitely worth the download to try out. I'm not sure it's worth $20 for the program, but if I was going to pay any winamp plugins some money, this would be the one I would pay money for. - May 9, 2002 by Jonathan Tankersley

BEST BEST BEST!!!! - FANTASTIC!!!! This plug-in is indeed formidable. I think is the best one why it does not render the sound adulterated as instead they make many others dsp. The jam and the limitation of the sound are real: as an example, listening to a song in which there is a moment of low sound, any other dsp increases the volume until making to scream the song, forcing to times to lower the volume on the stereo; Octimax instead calibrates in balanced way the gain of the volume. The same one is worth for a song with noisy moments much, the others dsp lowers the general volume of all the song in order to remain under the threshold of the distortion, while Octimax distributes the limitation of the sound in way to only diminish the noisy parts and to maintain a volume full. The interface is essential and simple to use, much best of many options that to the fine ones are only all smoke and nothing roast. My preferred selection is: CLUB, Drive 3 (loud), Sub Bass +9db, Mid Bass +3db. DOWNLOAD!!! - April 20, 2002 by Marco Pedretti

Oh Yes! - Yeah, it really does. Winamp sounds better with it with your CHEAP speakers/sound cards. How about CREATIVE line of sound cards + Promedia Klipsch 5.1? Well, for you people there who didn't got enough from OctiMax trial version, THINK! Can't afford? reluctant enough to throw away that precious $ of yours? Why don't try to get it FREE! The NET is finiteless source of almost everything. Craaaa_ _ _ _k It!!!! - April 19, 2002 by Gene Garcia

Oh, be fair! - I liked this plugin; it improved my audio nicely. However, I can't justify spending money on something that's just for fun like this. If it were simply a crippled version without a trial expiration, I would continue using it, or if I were using it for a professional purpose I would buy it, but for simple enjoyment, I'm sorry. If I wanted to spend money, I'd go buy a nicer sound system. I understand that it takes time to code these things, and time is money, but for consumer level digital audio, especially here with Winamp, they really ought to know better. The "everything should be free" attitude is really to be expected HERE, of all places. For those who can't find the uninstall, where are you looking? The standard control panel Add/Remove Programs will remove it, and the Uninstall exe is in the Winamp directory with the rest of the files. If you can't find it, you aren't trying. If you're trying to uninstall and reinstall to get around the 15 day trial expiration, though, I can't help you. - April 13, 2002 by Chrystalline Lauryl

Very Cool! - This plug-in is by far the best plug-in i have tried... really enhances my music, and works under XP for me ! Very cool for keeping constant volume, and music really does sound better... - April 4, 2002 by Yanick McDonald

Sounds good. - Makes WinAmp sound pretty good. For the person who said you can't run it in WinXP...this is half-true....I ran in in Win2000 compatibility mode, and it ran just fine. - April 3, 2002 by Christopher Richardson

Very good audio quality - The quality of this plugin is the best i've found/heard. The presets are easy to use, the compression/expander is very VERY good - no noise, no static, no crackle. If you listen to the Cryosleep/ZeroBeat stations or anything ambient, this is definitely the plugin for you. It's also kick ass for beefing up tracks that need more bass or treble. The presets are great and don't take forever to get set "just right" - just turn it on and let it run... BEST OF ALL, there is real support if you need it. Yeah yeah yeah, "No one who uses winamp needs technical support." Bull. I needed it and got it. The people at Octiv read mail and reply in about 10 minutes, day or night. The other stuff i've tried just doesn't have the same sound quality. - April 2, 2002 by Jason Buchanan

$20!? - sure the plugin is good, but do you really expect somone to pay that much for somthing that you can get a crack for? - March 31, 2002 by Moses .

Great for constant volume - This is by far the SMOOTHEST plugin for maintaining a constant volume on your mp3's. I've tried others - all of which distort the music some and are "jumpy" when it comes to maintaining a constant volume. I also like how it keeps songs from fading out at the end - so you can hear the whole song right until the last second without a long 10-20 second fade-out. DRAWBACKS - it does seem to use a lot of system resources, so don't download it if you have a very slow computer. Also, its not free - IMO, the best free plugin of this type is Enhancer 0.17 - March 29, 2002 by Brandon Wolgast

DSP Engineer - This is a nice plug in which I ever had. It enhances the audio effects very nicely in all those perceptual bands. I feel that this plugin has been designed according to the hearing response of Human Ear :-). Great work and it makes even the lifeless songs sound crisp and clear. I haven't changed the volume on the Winamp or PC from the day I got this plugin. I wasn't able to make out the major difference at first song other than Base and EQ effects but soon I realised the overall Dyamic effects processing offered by this Plugin. The graphics effects make it very clear to understand what this algorithm is doing exactly to our audio. I would say this is one of the best plugins, which I am planning to buy. No need to say we get what we pay for. I bet these guys are planning to sell completely configurable plugin for a better price. - March 25, 2002 by Vatson S

Pretty good. - It seems like an active Equalization program. It's a whole leap better sounding than the free 'Rocksteady' DSP I normally use, but it does seem to muddy up the music a bit, which is a bit disheartening. Additionally, the interface is a bit buggy. Also, I'd like to have some tinker settings rather than Sony-line 'Pop', 'Rock', 'Club' buttons, so I can turn down the agressiveness for certain channels. All of this and the fact that it's not free and the nag screen grabs resources (?!?!) and lags my computer makes me pull two points off of it. But if it was just for the sound quality, I'd give it a four. - March 24, 2002 by Kai Tremeche

PAY ?????? - As I saw before, I thought this was a "FREE" site. Imagine that someone else is making $$$ off of a privalage that was given to us to enjoy. CHEEPSKATES!!!!! - March 19, 2002 by Randy D.

Try harder mate (The Author) - I don't really know how many channels does this compressor has but if you're somewhat an engineer, let me just tell you that you'll be hearing undesirable effects like pumping, and dulling the peaks. Not forgetting the fact that you can't configure anything! I'm still into AdaptX (DirectX host for WinAmp) - March 16, 2002 by Randy Dandy

Not worth it - Don't bother with this one. It has the most aggravating nag screen I've ever seen, plus uses more CPU and provides fewer configuration options than freeware alternatives. Actual improvement is negligible, controls are awkward, and the way it took over my mini-vis is none too pleasant either. - March 9, 2002 by Patrick M

Nice. - This can make your music better. Nothing more to say. ivan aka .:{DEGENERICK}:. - March 4, 2002 by ivan bocic

Want to try it longer than 14 days... - Plug in is dope for streaming @ low rates, only want to try it longer. Anyone cracked this yet? [email protected] - March 4, 2002 by Andreas Krietschcheau

Better than the rest ! - It seems that many people doesn't get any improvement in the audio quality with this plugin. How can that be? Well some people simply doesn't understand why a plugin cannot make their crappy 50 cent speakers, that came with their crappy compaq, sound like speakers worth 100 dollars or more.... So immediately they call it crap, but it certainly isn't. With the Altec Lansing ATP3 speakers that I have (about 100 dollars), the difference is very audible and VERY much worth the 20 dollars the plugin costs. The other plugins that I have used simply doesn't stand a chance against Octimax. - March 2, 2002 by Allan Jegsen

Ever want that "BIG FM SOUND" for your MP3s? Get OctiMax! - All I can say is WOW! With all of the varied levels of MP3s out there, this plugin is the best at smoothing it all out. This plugin is very similar to the processors I use on the air as a Broadcast Engineer. Unfortunately there isn't a lot of fine control with this plugin, and most of the presets tend to be a little TOO aggressive for my tastes. The AGC is a bit too much on softer songs (it runs up too loud, too fast, causing a noticible hiss) and I find the multiband section tends to squash it pretty hard on most songs, dulling the sound overall a bit. I'm getting pretty picky here, but don't get me wrong...I still think this plugin rocks! I like the metering best of all! It may be squashing the sound, but at least you can see HOW MUCH it's squashing the sound! Presets and two controls over drive (volume) and bass (thumpage!) are fine for most users, but I'd personally like to see the option for more control over the individual parameters such as AGC and compression, especially thresholds, attack, and release times, and drive levels. Well worth the $20, but not intended for the audio "purist" or broadcast engineer who's looking to tweak a lot of parameters... - March 1, 2002 by Shane Toven

I love music that's clean, not muddy - Well, I don't work for a radio station, but I've been listening to music 51 yrs. I think I can tell if my music sounds better or not. I have the wavesurrond plugin so I did a side by side comparison the Octimax sounded muddy and less spacious. Hey, its America, if you like it, buy it, but I would not give them a nickle for it! I know, they can sale it to a radio station. .....Tony - February 28, 2002 by Tony Hobbs

TRUE sound quality - NOT !!! - I assume if you have cheezy computer speakers then this would make them sound good. But ... As a Broadcast Engineer, the ALC to noticable, the processing is noticable - yes it does enhance the sound, but it distroys anything the artist was trying to accomplish, something we DO NOT do in Broadcasting - the SRS Wow effects on WMP is far superior to this, and it SUCKS. - February 28, 2002 by Glenn Prins

I have WINXP TOO - Also, I have Windows XP and it works fine on my machine. So I don't know what you are talking about, Sjoerd Cranen. You must be drunk or something. - February 28, 2002 by Brian Johnson

XP????!!! - Well - nice idea, but it doesn't actually seem to work in winXP. So, sorry I'll stick to DFX. - February 27, 2002 by Sjoerd Cranen

Best DSP Plug In Hands Down! - I don't think many of the reviewers understand what this really is. Radio stations pay upward of $20,000 to run audio processing on the signal. What this plug-in does is effectively match or outperform the latest Audio Processers on the broadcast market. But what makes this truly amazing is that it's not a huge piece of hardware available only to broadcast professionals, it's a simple plug in that does it right on your computer! If you know anything about real multi-band compression you must have this plug in. It's by far the best DSP plug in. How do I know? I am in radio and have a good knowledge of audio processers, and I am stunned by the performance of this product. This is absolutely the best audio processing - February 26, 2002 by Nick Roberts

To be appreciated by TRUE sound quality fans - Those nasty review are a bit extreme. If you know and care about "dynamic range processors" and terminology like that, then you will probably appreciate this product. Leave this plugin on permanently and it enhances all your music (some songs more than others. and once in a while it will bring life to a song which has always sounded bland). And I think the best test of this plugin, is running it non stop for a week, and then turning it off. - February 25, 2002 by Rafal D

FREE FOR NOTHING - what a crap - February 25, 2002 by Karlo Cuadros

What is this garbage? - Waste of time. This is a trial software, and I can't hear any improvements in the sound using it. It also replaces the standard built-in visualization in WinAmp with its stupid filth. - February 25, 2002 by Giacomo D.

This Plugin Really Su(c)ks!! - i haven't even try it and this thing says my trial limit has expired and neither 2 days has passed. how do they spect someone to buy it wihout testing it? i think that's just one of the thousands of program that full the disk of garbage. i think i will stay with DFX The best!!. have a nice day! - February 23, 2002 by Ricky Gonzalez

Best Audio Processing DSP I have heard. - I used to DJ in Radio and most of the tiny AM stations I worked for had ancient single-band processing that would super-compress the audio, killing the dynamics of the music! If you werent careful these things could suck you through the mic and out the transmitting tower! Many of the DSP I tried out (like SqrSoft's, Wide & Dynamix, and Rock Steady) did the same thing - instead of smooth audio your MP3's came out like a 70's AM Top 40 station or a really over-processed FM station. OctiMax doesnt do that - for Rock and Dance music it sounds punchy and clean. Great if you like that kind of music and have a varety of MP3s you have downloaded from all over the place! My only gripe is that its a bit too "punchy" even on the Classical and Jazz settings for other kinds of music. If the volume of the MP3 is low at the start, then a vocal or single instrument jumps out of the mix, you can hear the Optimax chop the volume down hard! - February 19, 2002 by Billy G

Nice ... - Nice, but ... why my HD is dirty now - full of funny 4-bytes files? - February 18, 2002 by Jaroslav Karban

Octimax Good - Allright I like this plug in in fact I am thinking about buying this after the 15 day trial period but this plug in can still improve it only has 6 DSP's. DFX which I currently own, has more sound DSP's this is important for me who listens to everything from Death Metal, 70's rock, symphony music, club music, pop to Operas (No Boybands please) But I like Octimax performance when I test it on my 192 kbps mp3's (mostly club music) it's bass is smoother than DFX's - February 17, 2002 by Exequiel Pitargue

There are better, free DSPs. - I did a side by side comparrison on the same system and same song, and to my tastes, the OctiMax doesn't even come close to either Dee or my personal favorite Enhancer .17. If you want a more vibrant sound, I suggest you grab Enhancer. OctiMax was just a hair better than an unenhanced sound. - February 17, 2002 by Chris Sparks

nice - it works dilishesly - February 16, 2002 by tom lul

Octiv offers Strikingly Crisp, Full audio - Octiv Inc.'s "OctiMax" offers strikingly crisp, full audio! This is audio quality and clarity on a scale I have never before experienced. And, yes, "experience" is the correct word to use in conjunction with the OctiMax. I'd encourage anyone to download and take a listen -- 15 days free...what have you got to loose? Beware, though: Once you turn the OctiMax WILL have trouble turning it off. - February 15, 2002 by KSam Radio

make it sound better, but..... - you get it 14 days only, you have to pay for the non-trial version, you have to delete *.dll file for the plug-in if you unistall it, otherwise Winamp will not work... - February 14, 2002 by martin lorry

Sounds Great! - When you get your mp3's from napster, morpheus, ripping tracks yourself, the levels can be all over the map. This plug-in puts out excellent audio & takes care of it all no matter what you throw at it, house, alternative, r&b, it's all good with Octimax. This is a plug-in you got to have on 24/7. Here is the right link if you want to read about the authors of this plug-in. The other link posted by Gagarin Miljkovich got an error, here is the right link. - February 11, 2002 by Git Fiddle-man

OctiMax = Orban multiband audio-processor - OctiMax is like an Orban multiband audio-processor used by radio broadcasters around the globe. It's gives at special "station sound design" Now Leif Claesson, the man behind OctiMax has done it in software. It's a great innovation. If you want to change the parameters for OctiMax you can hazzle around with a configuration file called "octimax winamp.ini" find under Wianmp directory. Open it with notepad. Visit Leif Claesson webbpage at He has some other nice Winamp plugins. He is also broadcasting/shoutcasting at: It's only in swedish. Gives Leif feedback directly at: [email protected] [email protected] - February 10, 2002 by Gagarin Miljkovich

No hassle! - Finally there's a plugin worth while to install. I have been broadcasting a stream for the past year or so, and this is really a -great- face-lift. I have been looking for something to automate output levels on my broadcast and this is really IT! Really great to have a tool that does the work you would normally have to do yourself. A MUST download for anybody with audio sources of variable quality! This is the only plugin I would even CONSIDER paying money for. - February 8, 2002 by Slaygon Censor

Yea, the sound is clear! - This DSP for tweaking your sound is the best out there. This is a touch of a GOD?s handwork, the sound is like never before, and so easy to use! SWEET DUDE!! :) - February 8, 2002 by mr mejtiace

DOPE!!!! - You gotta get this thing!!! Out of all the plug-ins I have this is the LEAST annoying and therefore my MOST favorite so far. I LOVE what it does for my tracks. All my tracks, even the crappy ones, sound full... and it doesn't distort!!!!!!!!!!!! - February 7, 2002 by Marc Anthony

OctiMaximum - Please excuse a review from a tecnnical ignoramus. All I know is that this thing makes two very significant improvements to winamp. First, it allows broad adjustments to sound and is far far easier to set than the standard equalizer. Second, and MOST important, it makes level adjustments so that music comes through at the same output level (volume) regardless of source. I hate listening to mp3's, for instance, from different sources and when the songs switch all of a sudden your brains blow out of the back of your head. With Octimax, everything is kept nice and even. This is the BEST plug in and if you don't have it, you are missing an important component to the digital listening experience. It is terrific. - February 7, 2002 by Jack Obseelon

Yeeeaaaahhh! This Rox!!! - Crystal clear highs, pumped bass...damn this brings my mp3's to a new level of awesome sound! - February 7, 2002 by J Rox

God praise Octimax - I haven't ever used anything like this. God must have created it or something, it's just the best plugin ever. Praaaise the looord !! There has to be one h*ll of a smart person behind all of this.. - February 7, 2002 by Henri Rannanj�rvi

sweeter sound with octimax - i don't have to care about anything! the sound's perfect and so's the volume, octimax takes care of it all! winamp is like icecream: the mp3s are flavours and octimax the choclate topping! :D - February 7, 2002 by heidi brun

very cool - I'm really into this one...the meters are cool...and the bass makes my titties shake...I like that! - February 7, 2002 by Cali B