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NxS Thinger

Updated! v0.53!

Updated! v0.53!

Do you remember the Thinger from Winamp3? Well... here's one for Winamp 2.x/5.x series. It supports these "components": Playlist Editor, Media Library, Video, Visualization, Preferences. You can configure which of the built-in icons to show. With the new API you can add icons to it from your own plugin. Example plugin bundled! Have fun! :-)

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October 1, 2004 by Nicolai Syvertsen15052 downloads

NxS Thinger - Updated! v0.53!

Staff review

Brennan is happy again.

The Thinger, created by Brennan for Winamp3, now available for Winamp 5.x

Works good and the documentation for dev's is good as well. (Does act a bity funny when running in Modern Skins but it's not intended for them)


Cool! But... - Although it's pretty nice having the thinger back, it doesn't work very well. But sometimes it just disappears, and is impossible to enable again. - September 24, 2007 by Christian Tang

Look like cool, but... - May be cool have a thinger but this thinger has no icons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Icons are not visible and if u open it on a modern skin the windows is not visible... i dont know if it will happen for you, because i have a 98SE and today there arent too much people taht use it - December 6, 2005 by Valkdir Blabla

I really do like it but ... - I can't close it .. it just reopens itself no matter how many times I click the close button. And I think it should be integrated tighter into the modern skin main window i.e adding the thinger as another tab in the sliding drawer - October 21, 2004 by STanger B

Woot - We Now have a thinger!!!! TY - October 3, 2004 by Mikey mahar