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NxS Balloon Tip

Updated to version 2.8 July 14th 2005

Updated to version 2.8 July 14th 2005

New v2.8! This plugin displays a Balloon style notification popup when the song changes in Winamp. Unlike Toaster this plugin uses a feature in Windows XP to display the balloon, so you need to use Windows XP for this to work.

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February 12, 2004 by Nicolai Syvertsen33722 downloads

NxS Balloon Tip - Updated to version 2.8 July 14th 2005

Staff review

Balloon tip that displays current Winamp info (requires Win XP). UPDATED VERSION with bug fixes.

Straightforward plugin that gives you a balloon tip on your Winamp icon in the system tray... displays current Winamp track info. You need to have Windows XP for this to work.


works perfect on win 7 32 bit, and definitely helps when the main notification stops working in winamp 5.57 - February 7, 2010 by yeoj13232

Interesting plug in - Very useful!!! :-)5.0 - February 13, 2008 by Krstareci Strah

Great plugin - This is a very non intrusive plug in that lets you know whats playing in the background, if your winamp is minimised with lots of songs in the play list. I love the way it works. My only problem is that editing fields and such is a little difficult, and there is no GUI option for that, so the code has to be used. Not that is anything wrong with that, but that's just a personal opinion, being the lazy person that I am. Excellent. - December 28, 2006 by Chandu .

Good native notifications with any skin - Unlike the notifier included with Winamp, this plugin works with any skin, classic or modern. Also, the notifications are native to Windows, and thus integrate well with the OS. The plugin offers a reasonable amount of customization, including global hot key support, and fully editable text of the notifications themselves. All in all, I'd recommend it. - September 10, 2006 by Dan T

I use win 2k pro - And the plugin MicroAMP shows balloon tips on its icon. How come yours don't - February 18, 2005 by Carlos Sang

ok but... - This is a nice plugin, but my only beef with it is that it stops my resume track from time plugin from working. Thats why I dont use it. - March 12, 2004 by jake sulzener

I love this! - This is the only plugin you need. - February 13, 2004 by Jerri Blank