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Nullsoft DSP Effects

Three simple effects: Echo, Voice Removal, and Pitch/Tempo control

Three simple effects: Echo, Voice Removal, and Pitch/Tempo control

Limitations:This plug-in only effects audio that is 16 bit. Echo: adds a simple echo effect to the musicVoice Removal: only for Stereo sounds, this attempts to remove the center channel. Sounds pretty good on about 1% of music out there, the other 99% sounds like crap.Pitch/Tempo control: ownage.

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February 1, 2000 by Justin Frankel430132 downloads

Nullsoft DSP Effects - Three simple effects: Echo, Voice Removal, and Pitch/Tempo control

Staff review

That's right, pitch/tempo control for your Winamp

Nice little effects suite. Simple and basic. To the point. Get your two copies action on.


CRAP - The bloody thing wouldn't even save to my computer. - September 5, 2007 by Melissa Driessen

ff - ff - March 9, 2006 by lee ka

Great for wave files - Justin doesn't give his voice eliminator enough credit. It is slick. But elsewhere on this great web, I read that each channel of the MP3 is processed seperately, so a centered channel is not identical in left and right. Thus it is not possible to get them to cancel. However, it very often is identical R to L in a wave file. So if eliminating vocals is important, try an audio source that hasn't been compressed. - December 17, 2005 by Brian Kelly

Newbee's Gift - This is a newbee's gift. I have been a winamp user for about 5 years now and I am just learning how to use my computer and winamp to DJ house parties. This plug-in is awsome and easy to use I would tell any one who wants some thing simple & easy this is it for tempo control. - June 5, 2005 by Brian Carrier

Perfect! - Changes playback tempo (or sample play rate) from -50% to +50%. Very simple to use, very small download (53 kb) = very good! - February 15, 2005 by Fredde Hompe

Interesting - Going with the theme some have here of amusement, if you have the bandwidth, this plugin also works with shoutcast. If you take tempo/pitch all the way up to 50, you need 2x bandwidth as what is stated on the station. - August 6, 2003 by Nick Hammaker

Very good - Working at a costumer service for an ISP, and the PC I was sitting at, had a really bad soundcard. The soundcard pitched the sound up, so everything sounded like a bad cartoon. I downloaded a lots og pitch-plugins, but this is the best one. I pitched it 12% down and then the voices were back to normal. Satisfaction guaranteed! - July 10, 2003 by Kjetil Birkeland Moe

Intresting - I use it on some MIDI's converted to MP3's and it's prity cool what it does I like the effect (the voice removel). Don't ask me how someone converted MIDI's to MP3's but I'd like to know how. Any way That's all it's good for really, I tried some other things out on it and they?re not too good. It's not the full verson I hope becuase it's really not that good. - June 19, 2003 by DJX

4 stars - a little bit harder to set it, but works perfectly well. - June 2, 2003 by Trance Vibes

awful sound quality - I only tested the " tempo " feature. It works, but it sounds awful because of the effect artifacts. Unusable for music. - February 6, 2003 by Space Dreamer

I liked this... - the Voice remover worked well on the Mp3s i ripped off my cds but if u had a crap mp3 then it wouldn't work, but the pitch and tempo thing amused me for a few hours - May 16, 2002 by Darren Brook

It'S VERY COOL - FIrst of all, i just wanna say that since I've been a DJ for 2 years, i would say that the Nullsoft DSP Effects rocks!!..I really like the voice removal, it works good, and the tempo changer is good, even the echo is amazing...well that's all i have to say...keep up the good work. - March 16, 2002 by Renato Palma

REALLY useful tool - This tool is undispensable if i'm listening to music at school. These dell scrapheaps (p4 1500) have ac'97 sound controllers running too fast... pitch control doesn't usually work, but this one does. Pitch and speed correction in one slider. Really easy to use, just drop the pitch 15% and everything sounds great! - March 5, 2002 by Willy Andr� Bergstr�m

This SUX - All I have to say is that this plugin sux big floppy donkey d*ck! The Echo is worthless, the voice removal doesn't work, and the tempo changes the pitch too. That sucks! - February 3, 2002 by Rob Digges

REALLY REALLY BAD - this stupid thing wouldn't even work... then when i tried to play a song it psyched the whole thing out and i kept getting an overwrite error message.. i erased it and now it still wont even play my music!! i tried my other mp3 player and thats phukt up too!! you SERIOUSLY bombed this attempt at making sumthing kool.. - January 20, 2002 by SLiPKNoT KiTTiE

Good old voice removal - Been doing the voice removal trick on my stereo for years, but never found a prog that would do the simple trick on my puter, although i have seen some that attempt to filter out voice frequencies, which don't work. Here is one that works!! Pity my puter is so bad it cant take any filtering without going jittery :P - January 16, 2002 by andy johnson

this kinda bites - yo man no offence but it sux i don't know if it's how it was made of if it's winamp but it takes way to long for the tempo change to take place so i cantuse it when i'm djing so ya it works great but the only thing that sux is the time it takes to take effect oh and i am a pro dj so if ur in vancouver u can find me i am just starting to get equip to gether i am getting the first load in about a week my name is dj dr chronic my e-mail is [email protected] if u got and questions - January 5, 2002 by jamie n

Great! - The voice removal is a great tool to transcribe music. It works quite fine. Thanks! - November 22, 2001 by Nicolas Trokiner

All people can to be a DJ now ;) - H?h?, echo and pitch are very good. But Stereo make a horrible sound :) - November 14, 2001 by Lďż˝ Christophe

Nullsoft DSP Effects - PLEASE consider that this Pluggin like all the other ones does not truly contain a vocal remover. What it actually does is enhance the Surround Sound. To be more specific it's the same thing as when you take the positive wires of two speaker outputs (LEFT and RIGHT channels) and connect them to the negative and positive terminals of the speaker. That what you hear my friend is Surround Sound. In fact, you can be able to have a Surround Sound system using just a two channel receiver or radio etc. Trust me I've done this, and Now I have a surround sound system worth more than $200 dolars for just $40 dollars because thats how much my radio costed. Thanks for reading! - October 31, 2001 by bassthebomb1 bomb

The plugs i like... - Simple and effective ! Yeah, I hate colours ! - September 2, 2001 by Alexander Kendakas

get it - better than wasteing ur time on the openGL AVS that dont work - August 21, 2001 by gmhgmh mgmgh

F-ing sweet - Man the tempo thing is funny as hell, and the Voice removal is cool too, awsome!!!! - August 21, 2001 by Eddie Fontaine

Hilarious!!! - WOW!!! awsome plug-in i sat down and went through my entire playlist laughing, a funny plug-in. GET THIS!!! - July 27, 2001 by Nathan Bender

hey, give voice removal a break! - Please... give voice removal a break. As a electronic engineer (sort of), I know that all it is doing is finding the difference between the left channel and the right channel and putting it thru the speaker. Like, if L has a level of "8" and R has a value of "6" then the result would be "2". This causes anything that isn't stereo-tweaked (echoes, reverbs, etc.) to be heard. Since voices usually aren't tweaked, it gets cut out of the result. Now that you guys have a clearer picture of how the voice removal works, can you now cut it a break? Heck, sometimes it lets you hear more words more clearly! Anyway, as for my experience with it, I used to use Linux and its XMMS player (which, for your info, is a duplicate of Winamp for Unix; it even uses Winamp skins!), and it had the voice removal plugin built in. I thought this was cool because then I didn't have to do any insane wiring (positive-left -> positive-out, positive-right -> negative-out) to use that filtering technique. Then when I switched back to Microdick Bimbows :-), I was without XMMS. I used Winamp and didn't find my beloved plugin! So I searched for voice removal in Winamp's plugin section and this is the only one that did it! So in other words, ??DON'T DIS IT??! ( :?) ) --whew! - July 20, 2001 by Matt Smith

My little stupid comment :)) - Pitch control in that plugin is the best! Echo is also good but I don't need it :) Voice removal works 'nice' but it sometimes work good :) and it's very usefull - June 2, 2001 by Tomasz Kruczek

THE BEST - man this sound whips ass! - May 25, 2001 by Joe Mason

fast! - I like how you can make the songs go faster. They soud really funny. The pitch works well. I think that the voice removal is fairly useless because it doesn't remove the voces very well. That part needs work. Otherwise, good. - April 30, 2001 by Bramley Turner-Jones