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Null Output Plugin

Makes Winamp think it's playing through a soundcard.

Makes Winamp think it's playing through a soundcard.

Plays perfect hifi silence.

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October 13, 2000 by Vladimir Marko170363 downloads

Null Output Plugin - Makes Winamp think it's playing through a soundcard.

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Bypass the soundcard

Author's Readme:"Null Output Plugin allows to run WinAMP without need of anysoundcard installed in the system.You can use it in a machine which is used only for visualizationand you don't want additional load generated by output plugin.This can be also used as a Delphi output plugin coding tutorialas there is source code available."Fully functional. -dg


Absolutely awesome! - My shoutcast server is hosted on a remote server without a soundcard, and to increase stability of my stream and reduce the load on my personal computers I needed a way to be able to play my music on this server.... Perfect solution! Thank you SOOOOO much! -radioation - January 7, 2007 by radioation owner

Useful in Terminal Server setup - Quite useful in a Terminal Server environment where I have no need or ability to use sound but want visualizations. - February 27, 2005 by Robert G. Schaffrath

Dear Nazo San... - It's pretty sad to see your writing... If you don't find use for it you see no value in it... hmm... You're young, and I have hopes you'll grow up, eventually. There are many deaf people who would like to have an easy way to quiet Winamp and WATCH the visualizations. I know several who like this plug-in. Also, why go through all the decidedly beanie-techie rigamarole of directing output to the speaker or other non-such? This is convenient way to null the sound from Winamp without MUTING the computer. There are many stones on the road. If you don't find use for one to step on, don't crap on it. Somebody else may step on it later. Hopefully you have grown a little... - May 21, 2004 by alexis valencia

Perfect for Server!1 - Just what the Dr. Ordered for your server without a soundcard....perfecr - February 19, 2004 by Justin Hicks

Why? - I don't understand what the point is. Firstly, you can use disk output or something like that. Secondly, shoutcast is output, (or at least mine is, the only other place I can imagine putting it would be DSP and that just makes no real sense...) and as such there's no need for a fake plugin when using it. Also, on pcs without soundcards, proper configuration allows you to output via PC speaker, so you would still want an output. As for avs, why the heck do you want avs without sound? You might just as well download some nice screensavers if you just want pretty visual effects. It's an interesting idea I guess. I give them point for novelty value. Certainly of no use on any system I have ever used though. - December 11, 2003 by Nazo San

Great little plugin... - Nice way to run a Shoutcast need to install a soundcard in a machine just to serve some tunes...just what the doctor ordered... - December 6, 2002 by e m

Cool - Works fine (naturally). Kinda cool if you want to trip out on the AVS stuff without music... - October 16, 2001 by Matt Long

Null(soft) - it does what it says... - April 12, 2001 by Teppo Tampio