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Nugen Advanced Control



Multipurpose general plugin
includes: Track history, Visualization plugins advanced control, advanced timer, playback control in one tray icon and many other
special features

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July 9, 2006 by Tom G16609 downloads

Nugen Advanced Control - v3.80

Staff review

A very handy multipurpose swiss army knife-styled plugin

This one does just about everything but brew your coffee for you. From visualization randomizer, to file management, to stop watch timer, to tray control, to a Winamp history list, etc. etc.... the interface is fairly easy to figure out and there are hints as well as a readme.txt file available to help you on your way. Now, if it would only brew my coffee.


Kewwwwwlllllllll - I like this plug-in works very well. Thanks to the creator. - December 9, 2006 by Dennis Smith Jr