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Options for HTML-template and Passive FTP have been added.

Options for HTML-template and Passive FTP have been added.

Now Playing plug-in sends information about currently playing track or last played tracks.

Information can be sent via

- HTTP Post


- Local save

The information consists of Id3-tag of the music file. You can control what information is sent, how often information is updated and how long a track is played before data are sent.

More detailed information and instructions:

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March 10, 2004 by Lauri Nevala38194 downloads

Now Playing - Options for HTML-template and Passive FTP have been added.

Staff review

Handy tool for displaying song data/play history

Allows for you to send current song data and play statistics via HTTP, FTP, or to a local file. Nice interface for configuration.


Plug-in is buggy at best - Support site is no longer. This plug-in should be considered dead. - November 19, 2008 by Steve Jones

Exactly What I Needed - Tried a couple of other plugins, one of which sent only the title unless you paid for it. This sends every bit of data I can imagine and then some. Very nice. Thank you. - January 22, 2008 by Ben Faust

Problems Using This - While this offers nice features, it seems to cause Winamp to crash when large playlists with about 1000 songs are loaded (perhaps even smaller playlists too). I have had Winamp crash with a playlist open, followed by clearing the playlist from the playlist menu. When I uninstall this plug-in, the problem goes away. - July 20, 2005 by Jamil Taylor

now playing - Very good at first glance and use but there's a bug which crashes winamp when viewing streamed videos from the winamp videos in the winamp library ! - June 18, 2005 by did vbe

Great plugin! - I've been looking a while for a plugin like this. Thanks to this plugin (and a little help from the creators) I've managed to create an Audioscrobbler-like community for a group of friends. Very configurable plugin, with easy to understand dialog boxes. Only problem in this version is the error message that keeps popping up when using HTTP POST while your internet connection is down, or the remote server. It's kind of annoying. This will be fixed in the next version. - May 21, 2005 by Joran Darwinkel

Could be a bit more forgiving - I agree with Pete that it would be wonderful to make it output a .txt file broken into lines, or better yet, output a .txt file with ONLY what you want in it - that is, without any code or anything, just "songname" or whatever. - March 3, 2005 by Ben Frey

Its ok... - Works great, my only real problem is when my server changes ip and the hostname is not changed or the music box does not update the hostname and after playing for 7hours can make a LOT of error messages. - October 24, 2004 by Tony Speer

Capture Track Names - I use this for the easy capture & export of tracks played on internet radio to my hard disk. So now any recordings made off internet radio will have their tracklists. - May 11, 2004 by Simon Hart

Wicked Good - Works great, easy to use. I just wish that you could have it output to a .txt file broken up line by line for the sake of other programs(ie. CoolMon) referencing it. - March 27, 2004 by Pete Edge

Nice plugin - I like this, does NEARLY all I want it to do. This is the only plugin I have found that allows me to do the 'local save' feature so easily, also. But a few features would be really, really good too add: the ability to modify the web page that information is saved to further: making it a true web page - can change the colours of scroll bars and add our own content and change font sizes/types also. No. 2: An auto-update feature or an update button. Those two features would make this so good for me to use. Thanks for the plugin. - March 11, 2004 by Alex Havlin