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Now Playing v1 1 6

Allow people on AIM to see and hear what you're listening to.

Allow people on AIM to see and hear what you're listening to.

This plug-in is basically just a mini HTTP server that will display information regarding the song you are currently playing and allow others to download the song if you so choose. However, it was designed with the AOL Instant Messenger client in mind. Using the plug-in you can place a link into your profile that will open inside the profile window (the same way subprofiles work) which will list the current song you're listening to along with other information you can configure.

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July 25, 2002 by Kevin Sullivan23234 downloads

Now Playing v1 1 6 - Allow people on AIM to see and hear what you're listening to.

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See what people are listening to in AIM profile

Allows for you to display a link to what you are currently listening to in your AOL instant messenger profile. You can configure it so that people can also download the track you are listening to. I couldn't get this to display properly in IM.... I can see the 'What's Playing' link fine, but, clicking on it only brings up a 'Content Loading' message. It sits there for a long long time and never loads. Hopefully others have better luck.


mer. - great job making your download a script that auto installs the .dll's. problem is the plugin somehow causes my winamp to not start. probably a conflict with another plugin. regardless, removal instructions weren't included anywhere (i would have just liked to know the names of the .dll's). can't say the program didn't work.. just that the removal wasn't included. soon as i got the dll's out of the plugins folder, winamp started just fine.for all other users' knowledge:gen_playing.dllml_nowplaying.dllnowplaying.txt are put into the plugins folder. - May 10, 2008 by Jason Sharma

Works Perfect. - Ive used this across many version of Winamp and it has always worked perfect. As some other poeple have said if you dont have a static IP then it wont work great for you (as all servers wont). It's not the simplest setup in the world (it involves opening a port and port forwarding to your local IP) so if you cant handle that then dont bitch about it not working. Its simple for someone who is familiar with such things. I love this thing - March 16, 2006 by James Chase

Worst. Plugin. Ever. - It has the potential to be a really great plugin. The install seemed quick and easy.... until it crashed my computer. Then, upon my computers revival, I made another attempt at using my new found plugin, and went to tinkering with it's config and reading it's readme file (which is written in mediocre fashion at best) And then winamp crashed when I hit play? and then again? and then again! I?ve never had this problem with winamp before. A song gets 3 seconds into the intro and suddenly winamp crashes with an XP program error. Everything?s configured correctly, so I don?t know what the problem is since no one else seems to be complaining of anything but router problems. Anyway, thumbs down for this plugin from me. - May 29, 2005 by Kristi Lyle

ummmm - where is the configuration screen?! i cant get it to work... where is it - May 17, 2005 by arnold hwa

Wonderful, Amazing, Useful - This is a GREAT plug-in. Does what it says (though it may take some work if you don't understand firewalls, routers, and the like). And yes, it can be a hassle if you have a dynamic IP, like most 'net users. But, if you are not faint of heart, you can set up domain look-up to your computer with a free service like DynDNS. I also use DirectUpdate, which refreshes the IP that the domain routes to, and substituted the the domain name into the link generated by the plug-in. Voila, no worries about changing IP adresses! - January 24, 2005 by Joseph Hickman

Holy Crap It Works - This is deffinetly one of the coolest plugins on the site. It's great that people can actually download the song i'm listening too. And the log file is a nice little touch to see who's looking at your stuff. All in all excellent program! Thanks. - January 14, 2005 by Bilal Karaze

Pretty good..but - It works pretty good, you have to port forward,if your on a roter/firewall i used 8600 works and remember to put your ip address not your Lan ip...But if your on a dynamic ip your gonna to have to update it everytime your ip changes. Works best with a static. - September 24, 2004 by George xxx

it works - from all the other plug-ins, thisone works. sweet - May 27, 2004 by Alexandar Tzanov

Nope - Nope. Doesn't work for me. Same as the Staff I get "content loading" and my firewall is properly configured. I even completely took it down and it's not working. - April 8, 2004 by Deso Shade

WOW! - This is GREAT works with online profiles and forum signatures too! - March 2, 2004 by Rockman X

now playing - this could be a great plug-in. it has one fatal flaw however - you must configure your profile each time you restart AIM. how to reload: preferences>plugins>general purpose>now playing>configure check "copy url to clipboard" edit profile in AIM (if you use trilian or GAIM, you have to use the actual AIM application for this). Press Control-V to insert "Whats Playing" Like I said, each time you restart AIM you have to do this process again - I really wish someone could fix this bug/flaw. If they did, this would be a 5+ star plug-in that would get *many* downloads. - March 2, 2004 by alex hidell

awesome - works great! love the downloading feature - comes in handy! this definitely makes people want to try out winamp. good work! - February 26, 2004 by alex hidell

My friends are impressed... - They want to know how I got such a cool IM profile. I tell them that they have to get Winamp (and your plugin). This is great. - February 14, 2004 by Jerri Blank

kool - how do you make the link ? - December 22, 2003 by nikkie c

Works great - Easy to setup. if you want to keep a log, you have to make a text file, and then put the full path and filename in the options. Also, the reason that people get the content loading thingy is cuz you are behind a firewall/router, which if you are using one you should at least know what you are doing (cough...staff). You can try changing the port to see if this helps, or route the port in your router setup. - November 5, 2003 by A Silva

Perfect - Was looking for a plugin to share what Im listening to. This one does just that, perfectly I might add. As an added bonus the log file is great (it shows the IPs of all your friends and what screen names have been looking at what your playing). The song downloading feature is great as well. Thanks alot! - January 1, 2003 by Jee Bus

Not for idiots....yea u! - isnt self explanatory, but tech savy ppl should get it. - November 27, 2002 by Feix Cheung

Good, and compatible with Trillian - This plugin is great, and is actually compatible with other chat clients... at least Trillian (on which I'm running it). Nice work! - October 22, 2002 by Andrew Conkling