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NotSo Fatso

Accurate NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) file player.

Accurate NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) file player.

NotSo Fatso plays standard NSF files, as well as NSFE files. NotSo strives to be as accurate as possible, while still being quick. All expansion chips are emulated.

NotSo provides several options not available in other NSF players, such as stereo output with channel panning control and pseudo-surround sound effects, silence detection, configuarable sound filters, and much more.

NotSo also provides several alternatives for interfacing with Winamp. There are 2 dialogs to choose from to flip through tracks of the NSF, or NotSo can use the prev/next arrows in Winamp, or you can use NotSo's "shadow" feature to put each individual track in Winamp's playlist.

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August 23, 2004 by Disch .58752 downloads

NotSo Fatso - Accurate NSF (Nintendo Sound Format) file player.

Staff review

Nintendo sound file compatability for Winamp

This is an excellent download for anyone who spent fair amounts of their childhood playing the old 8 bit Nintendo games. Notso Fatso allows you to play the music files (NSF) from all the old Nintendo games in Winamp. This is definitely the most complete and customizable NSF player for Winamp I've seen... many many options available.


Awesome - Very good NSF player - December 21, 2008 by P K

Works like a charm. - Plays my NSF files perfectly, but is there a way you can stop the stupid mini-play bar window thingy from popping up, and instead be able to use the default one in Winamp? Every time I open up a NSF or NSFE file, it pops it up and I have to close it again...Anyways, perfect plug-in with an annoying bug. - March 8, 2008 by Josh Squires

Awesome as hell! - You rock dude! This not only works, but it plays in great quality from the originals. Thanks for the software! - December 1, 2007 by Lyndsey Mosley

problem - sound guality ain't so good. i have emulator for nes and it sounds more real in the emulator. in this plug-in, sounds doesn't seem to be fine. part of the music sounds metal (hollow) and another part i can't even hear the music. and i have real nes and i know how it should sound like. everything else in this blug-in is great. - March 30, 2006 by Saara Hiukka

All that's missing are presets - Armed with the information provided by the author's previous comment, I've found that it's very possible to turn NotSo Fatso into a VERY streamlined piece of work. This, ladies and gentlemen, is the SNESamp of the NES world. - September 25, 2004 by Anthonius Runeblaze

Interface is configurable - This is directed mostly towards the previous poster, but I realized the copy I sent to Winamp lacks a readme... so I really should be slapped for that. Anyway, The interface is configurage. If you flip to the config options, you can uncheck the "Auto Open Play Control" boxes to prevent the interface from popping up. Likewise, you can check the "Subclass Winamp" option to have NotSo hook the Prev/next buttons/keys on Winamp to flip through tracks on the NSF. Or, alternatively, you could right click on the NSF in the playlist, go to File Options, and press the Shadow->Winamp option, which will add "Shadows" to winamp's playlist. Shadows act as individual tracks from the NSF, so you can have 1 playlist entry be 1 song, completely eliminating the need for any special interface. Thanks to everyone who's tried it and thanks for the reviews everybody. I'm glad to see people digging it ^^ - August 29, 2004 by Disch .

Plays it all - What can I say? The plugin has served me better than any other out there, and I have tried them all. So much control over the NSF playback has never before been seen in any program I know of, much less a Winamp plugin, and I think that the team who put this together surely deserve a great round of applause. It loses marks because of its interface, however. The entire configuration window is opened upon playback, which makes for clunky track changes and annoying popup if you've got a playlist set up. Also, presets for channel volumes, pans, and inversions would also be nice. But for a newcomer up against long-time ringleaders NSFten and Nosefart, this is about as good as it gets. - August 28, 2004 by Anthonius Runeblaze

OMgeorge! - Fantastic plugin, but not enough to de-lazy-fy me, that shall never happen m'lads. So here's a post I've made elsewhere copy-pasted. "Disch recently got NotSoFatso's latest incarnation of NotSoFatso, which, dare I say, is now the single best NSF player on the so-called market, posted on, and so far, every reviewer's given him 5 stars. If you listen to NSFs, you get NotSoFatso. Oh yeah, and I did the banner." - August 25, 2004 by Bryan Parent

This plugin rocks! - I've had NSF files on my computer for quite some time, and have used numerous players to listen to them. However, none of them come even close to matching NotsoFatso in terms of options, quality, and best of all, the ability to add tags to NSF files. I don't need to hit the "next" button anymore to get past a song that ends after 10 seconds. I don't need to hit the button when a song ends after 3 minutes. I don't need to end up listening to the same song for 12 minutes straight because I can't get to the Winamp controls to change it (games, or such). If you want to listen to the songs from good old NES games, get this plugin. You won't find a better one out there. Also, for those interested, go to for NSF files. Look at the right side of the page, click "Game Music Archive." There's a lot there you might be interested in. - August 24, 2004 by Mouser X

One step ahead of Nosefart! - With so many options and features. Not So, Fatso! Has to be the best thing since sliced bread and swatting down Nosefart. - August 23, 2004 by Marc Sola