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Winamp and IRC integration

Winamp and IRC integration

nMP3amp is a Winamp and mIRC integration. It's include another plugin by Brian Harris for DDE communication and a mIRC script for personalization. Good to show people what are you listening. Read readme.txt for details.

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August 26, 2003 by Luciano Rodrigues35512 downloads

nMP3amp - Winamp and IRC integration

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Integrate Winamp and mIRC

Displays what tracks you are listening to in mIRC. Up to 4 themes and channels to display your mp3 info in.


Cool!!!!!!!!! - Excelente Plug-in, realmente integra o Winamp 5.01 com o Mirc (6.12). - January 13, 2004 by Pablo Cecilio

Next version - currently i'm working in a new version with customization and dialogs... and configure winamp and mirc from the dialogs.. :) - November 2, 2001 by Luciano Rodrigues

Right on - This Is a Good one Works Real Well - September 24, 2001 by Rickey Young

I like it! - This is the only plugin which working correctly on my PC (mIRC) and i like it! It's easy to install and more easy to use :) I hope so that next version will suport change messages in mIRC. - August 14, 2001 by Bro20 Bro'

What use is this? - Why would you use this plugin? Okay, it saves a window, but you can just as well keep mIRC and Winamp open both. This plug-in is just of no use - August 12, 2001 by Sander de Jong