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NGWinamp TCP-IP Remote Control

Remote control for winamp over a TCP/IP network (Release v1.1.0).

Remote control for winamp over a TCP/IP network (Release v1.1.0).

Control winamp over a TCP/IP network. The server-side run into a winamp general purpose plugin. Two clients are available : admin or anonymous version.
See configuration dialogbox and documentation file for more information.

New features : GUI to edit server-side configuration, open-source PHP 5.x NGWinamp class to make your own web interface, data compression and some security / bug fix as well as minor improvements.

Work with Winamp 2.9x and/or 5.x

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September 8, 2003 by A. Ducommun19653 downloads

NGWinamp TCP-IP Remote Control - Remote control for winamp over a TCP/IP network (Release v1.1.0).

Staff review

This still errors out... running windows 2000

This installs ok, but, when I try to configure it in the Plugin menu, it errors out. "NGWinamp : error unable to find config file !" I am running win2k and Winamp 2.91.


Thank the powers that be... - well done Ducommun, I have searched all through for this exact program, it does all the usual stop play pause etc, it shows more than 5 playlist items, has brilliant access controls (songs selection limiting, x per hour) and most importantly it can be set up to add library media and just as a kicker, network media as well. the only ways to make it better, make it maximise and make it easier to find, i'm running it on windows 7RC and no issues so far. - October 5, 2009 by Brian Johnson

It works and WELL! - I am running WinAmp V5.2 on XPPro. Client/server comm's over W-LAN. Installed and works like a charm and extremely responsive.THANKS!! - August 4, 2008 by Slick Sticker

Fantastic - This works great. Installed with ease and works like a charm :)The only problem/bug i found is that you can't seem to remove just one or a selected amount of tracks from the playlist. The "--" button (which i assume is for removing tracks) next to the "++" button (which adds tracks) dissconnects from the server instead of removing a selected track(s). - August 31, 2007 by Brad D

greate plugin, but... - excellent plug-in, worked fine - until winamp v5.13. Since that version, i have connection problems... - February 11, 2006 by Joe Smoke

perfect 4 me...! - installed, configured, perfect. Until now no problems found... Thanxs!!! - October 2, 2005 by fresh jay

Beautifull thing - Well I kinda agree about the nice GUI but the thing work perfecly on my network, and the two levels of access is a wonderful Idea. As on networks you alwas have Administrators, and Users. So four stars. - January 6, 2005 by Alex Buceatchi

It works at least - This is the 5th winamp remote controller kinda stuff I downloaded. The first 4 weren't working. NGWinampRC does. It doesn't have plenty of functions, but it does what it is made for. Unfortunately it lacks the config panel's GUI, so for unexperienced users the setup can be a pain in the ass. But it is fair enough anyway. - September 13, 2004 by Skrew Driver