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A selective shuffler

A selective shuffler

An add-on which replaces Winamp's own shuffler and picks tracks according to statistics and not by pure chance.

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June 14, 2002 by Rafi Rainshtein11001 downloads

new Pender - A selective shuffler

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Alter your shuffling

Replaces shuffler option with a version that plays tracks according to statistics rather than random choosing.


The concept for this plug-in is very nice, but it seems incomplete. There is very little explanation on the controls and how the shuffle logic works. It would be nice if someone could expand this plug-in and update it. I would give it 5 stars if it was more complete. The normal winamp shuffle is terrible. - October 29, 2009 by rhys25m

nice but needs improvements - I think this is a very good plug ininstallation worked, but how do i know it actually works?i need some kind of statistics-page or says it replaces the winamp-build-in shuffle in the describtion. so it should actually work with shuffle turned off, shouldn't it?well for me it doesn' i have to turn shuffling on. and thats why I think it's maybe not working, so how do i know?( - February 4, 2008 by xxx zzz

Pretty Good - This is a pretty Good Plug-in. Basically, install it, close Winamp. Open winamp and go to preferences. then general purpose. There it is (Pender), Put the top slider all the way and the bottom slider allt hew ay up and apply... your set. Very nice. - July 23, 2006 by Matthew Brzyski

Can anyone get it to work?!? - This plugin sounds like exactly what I've been looking for, but I can't get it to work!! It seems as it won't load when I start winamp.. I would appreciate feedback here, if anyone knows how to make it work. - March 1, 2003 by Oystein Raknes

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