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Sync 2 or more Winamps within a network. Uses Winamps gui as interface and controls the others.

Sync 2 or more Winamps within a network. Uses Winamps gui as interface and controls the others.

*Update* Playlist change event!

This program controlls 2 or
*more* Winamps within your network.

It uses the interface of the orginal Winamp, and adds an extra icon to the systray.

* Setup through the systray icon
* 2 Modes Slave/master
* Upload list from master
* NEW! Playlist changes are updated!

Tested with Winamp 2.xx and Winamp 5xx everything works fine as it can :)


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July 10, 2002 by Lars Werner13366 downloads

NetSync - Sync 2 or more Winamps within a network. Uses Winamps gui as interface and controls the others.

Staff review

Sync multiple Winamps over a network

Allows for you to set up a master server that controls other Winamps over a network. Again, this still does not seem to work properly on my computers. I set up a master server and added the Hostname for my client/slave machine.... however, it could not connect. I have a LAN setup and have no problems connecting these two machines usually... running win2000 on both. However, Netsync kept giving me 'connection failed' message. Hopefully others have better luck.


Plug in is good and working. - I don't know if somebody is working on this, but this is a great plugin, i connected 2 winamps on 2 computers and sync between them. One thing i would like to see if there will be ever another version, an online sync when i add/delete a song on the server playlist, or changing a song location on the playlist. Great job. Thanks, Sagiv - February 11, 2006 by Sagiv Levi

Works better than the betas! - Last year I tried out your first beta. It was a bit buggy, but with RC, it worked great. This time, you outdoned itself. It works perfectly :D. It took me a few minutes to figure out how to use it, but I just follow the instructions exactly as you written it. 1) slave machine - 'be a client' 2) find slave machine's IP (start-run-cmd-ipconfig) 3) host machine - add slave's IP 4) host machine - 'be a host' wolla :D of course, i turned off my firewalls beforehand. Thanks for this unique plugin! - August 17, 2005 by fred hong

Nice - if it'd work... - I tried several of the earlier beta versions, which seemed to work at least halfway - I could control the otner winamp from the netsync window but couldn't get the winamp's to sync. This version, although it looks much better, simply doesn't do anything. I'm still pining for that nice plugin to control one winamp from another. Sigh - back to the lame ugly WinampRC... - June 24, 2005 by Anton Feenstra

Good Plug-in - It's a good plug-in. Now can i finally listen to music in the entire house. Every computer playes the same song !!! This plug-in is one of my favorite. It is worth whild. - June 23, 2002 by maikel mertens

Beta testers - If you wanna be a betatester of this product please let me know at [email protected] I need people to test it 4 me... Because non of the errors that I have got feedback on is happening on my computers... :) We can make this product a nice product. - May 27, 2002 by Lars Werner

Great plugin, but buggy - This would be an excellent plugin, if it wasn't so buggy. I couldn't get it to correctly upload the playlist to the remote machine for the life of me, even after I followed the author's directions. It always causes the remote machine's winamp to display the file selection dialog and do nothing else. I'm looking forward to future releases of this plugin! - May 23, 2002 by Blah Blah