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MyTrillianStatus -updated-

Change your Trillian Pro/Basic messenger status text to the current Winamp song.

Change your Trillian Pro/Basic messenger status text to the current Winamp song.

MyTrillianStatus changes your Trillian/Trillian Pro messenger status text with the current Winamp song info.


-> fixed crashing with the new Winamp 5.xx Modern Skins

-> added a new special variable %BR% which will insert a break (new line) in in your status text (yes, now you will have a multiline status, you can also use it in your status text file, write %BR% where you want a break inserted)

-> larger status preview (multiline)

-> more options available in the MyTrillian Status Winamp main menu.

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March 13, 2006 by Razvan Serban21223 downloads

MyTrillianStatus -updated- - Change your Trillian Pro/Basic messenger status text to the current Winamp song.

Staff review

Trillian away message setter

Installed and was working immediately without anything needing to be done. The message customisation is good and easy to use. Tested with Trillian 2.x.


Trash - Complete trash if you ask me. I'm a person that likes to have status messages while I'm NOT away. This one says it can do it, but it fails miserably at it. Don't download unless you only listen to music on your computer while you're not at the computer. - April 27, 2008 by Matt Becker

Easy To Understand. - It shows my status fine to my friends on Yahoo, but on AIM, I just stay "available" all the time. - July 23, 2007 by Amy Grogan

nice - finally found one 4 my trill. tested in trillian 3.2 basic and it works fine. but everytime the plugin changes my status trillian makes 'ding' sound which is quite annoying. is there any way around this? - July 6, 2006 by Evan Yudha

looks great, but no cigar. - This looks awesome. I've looked at the setup, it's all very well-done asnd easy to use, lots of cool options, but it isn't actualy doing naything. - June 21, 2006 by travis rempel

Beauty! - This plug in works great! The updated version here (1.0.4) is exceptionally customizable! Great addition to Trillian! - April 6, 2006 by Ian Strain

well i am tired... this was my last try.... - It looks like something is not working well on the submit/update winamp site, i got tired trying to update my plugin so i decided tu add it again but no luck , it looks like the file isn't on the server i can't download it and screenshots as well... You can find the last build on my web site @Megan Moore: I don;t think you had the chance to install it , it looks like the download link from winamp is not working ... after you will download it (try from my home page) see the ReadmeFile from within the archive (it's a rar sfx archive) : 1. Close Winamp 2. Copy the plugin ( gen_trill.dll file ) in your Winamp Plugins folder 3. Restart Winamp and go to Preferences (Ctrl+P) - Plug-ins - General Purpose and double click on MyTrillianStatus to configure the plugin or choose MyTrillian Status from Winamp main menu. good luck! - March 14, 2006 by Razvan Serban

Installed it, but it's not working - So far it's not doing anything - but maybe I need to do some tweaking first. I'd really love it to work, it sounds great. - March 14, 2006 by Megan Moore