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MusicMagic Mixer Free

DSP POWER for instant-mixes & non-random acoustic shuffles.

DSP POWER for instant-mixes & non-random acoustic shuffles.

FREE VERSION. ANALYSIS FEATURE DOES NOT EXPIRE. DSP POWER for instant-mixes & non-random ACOUSTIC shuffles. Using AUTOMATIC DIGITAL SIGNAL PROCESSING the mixer performs ACOUSTIC ANALYSIS of the SOUNDS in your music collection. The MusicMagic attribute database contains analysis for over 3 million tracks so the activation time is fast for recognized songs. After initial activation, the Mixer will continue to analyze the rest of the collection. Works even if metadata is missing or in error. Analysis works for international, indie or unpublished works. New Mix and Shuffle performance is fast for large collections. The Mixer supports MP3, Ogg, & WMA.

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December 18, 2004 by Predixis , Inc.125895 downloads

MusicMagic Mixer Free - DSP POWER for instant-mixes & non-random acoustic shuffles.

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Music collection analyser

This helps you to make custom playlists based on the acoustic properties of your collection. It is an external program to Winamp but allows you to use Winamp for it's playback. May be useful if you want something like this.


This is Brilliant - Im only using the lite version plugin integrated into Winamp and I love it!!! Makes great playlists at the touch of a button, anyone with an extensive mp3 collection will love it. The best part about using it though, is I'm hearing songs I just don't get around to selecting on my own, those tracks on albums you dont get around to hearing because you stick to your favorites. 5star. - December 19, 2006 by Mr Burns

not worth it - First of all, the free version will not let you make a mix longer than 20 tracks. If that's not annoying enough for you, it comes with a DNS responder that runs in the background even when you don't have the program open, and comes back immediately if you kill it in your process list. I don't know of anything that behaves that way that isn't considered spyware. Any concerns over spyware aside, I have an older system and the DNS responder sucked up so much of my ram that it forced me to uninstall the program. Another thing I found very annoying was that it repeated the same artist a lot more than a "smart" playlist generator should. Even with the variety set to maximum it still did this, sometimes putting two songs by the same artist right in a row. Personally I don't like that, and I couldn't find a setting that would prevent it. Now I'll give it some credit - it did create some interesting mixes, but if you have Winamp 5.1+ a slightly less customizable version comes built in. The main difference being you can't access the settings, but since the free version is so limited anyway it doesn't really matter. My advice: stick with the version built in to Winamp (the one without the DNS responder), or go get yourself a nice free plug-in like Quick Tunes. - March 24, 2006 by die scum

Changes the way you listen to music - This program is brilliant, as long as you have your music in wma mp3 or ogg it'll make amazing mixes based on one seed song. Its brillinat, it takes a few minutes to analyse most of my music and a few hours to get to about 80% then it also recommends cd's this program is the best plug in i own. - January 25, 2005 by tom watts

Very limited support with no uninstall! - This program is fairly limited in what kind of music files it will even recognize. My entire collection is *.m4a. It doesn't recognize the extension, so it's fairly useless to me. On top of that, I could not uninstall it without actually getting into the registry, and then turning of the mDNSResponder.exe through msconfig, just so I could delete the directory manually. I didn't like the program as of now, the design was nice looking, but the library was also kinda shady, not reporting songs under an album, but by the artist that did that. So when I click "album A" Only songs by "artist A" show up, none by "artist B" or C I don't recommend it, but if your collection is in .mp3 or WMA, go for it. anything else... - January 16, 2005 by Patrick Clark

The right music to your mood - You're in a special mood and want to listen to some music which fits right to your mood? OK, you can sit down and try to create a playlist of your own, but it's more convenient to let MusicMagic do the job. And it does its job very well (Better than I could do, as I don't knoy many song by name and uses songs you wouldn't even have thought about, but they magically fit :-) ). By the way: I've purchased it and at the premium version you have additional features: Find Duplicates (even if the tags are faulty), morph playlists, create a mix based on several songs and so on. By the way: The programmers are very active in making that great tool even better (e.g. ipod support) and listen very well at what users say at their forums. Overall Impression: Highly Recommended! Give it a try ... - January 12, 2005 by Matthias Schwaiger

Ugh - Crashes every 3 minutes. Eww.... - January 9, 2005 by Lanyon Clute