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Multimedia Keyboard Control

V_Soft Multimedia Keyboard Control v1.3a

V_Soft Multimedia Keyboard Control v1.3a

V_Soft Multimedia Keyboard Control Plug-In for WinAmp is a general plug-in for control WinAmp via Multimedia Keyboard.Keyboards Supported:BTC 9000/9000AGenius KWD-910ORTEX Tech. MCK-800NMB Tech. RT928TWHewlett Packard SK-2505CIBM KB-9930Arowana Airboard 504Dexxa Internet KeyboardTurbo-Media KM-9801PWGenius Comfy KB-16MSolidtek ACK-580BTC 5700KELenco MK 9509/2Hewlett Packard 5302Fujitsu Silitek SK-2500Logitech Freedom OpticalSVEN Ergonomic 2500Azona KB690Chicony KB-9900Solidtek ACK-290

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February 19, 2002 by Roman Scherbakov70316 downloads

Multimedia Keyboard Control - V_Soft Multimedia Keyboard Control v1.3a

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Multimedia Keyboard Control

Allows you to control winamp with a multimedia keyboard... very handy indeed. Long list of supported keyboards in author's comment field.


Not compatible with Windows 7 - Looking for a plugin to link my hotkeys on bt keyboard. Installed this; causes winamp to crash in win7 64x everytime. - August 30, 2009 by Rob

Why doesn't this work? - I'm running winamp5.5 on XP-sp2. Like others, I receive the "Cannot load MediaKey.vxd" error, upon each and every boot.The fact that plugin does not work, doesn't upset me nearly so much as the fact that I CANNOT UNINSTALL IT.The installer does not have a repair/remove function, nor is there an uninstall feature in in th 'add/remove programs' applet in the control panel.I've gone through the directory to remove the amended dll's however there is no log file of the changes made to winamp for this plug-in.So I am left with no alternative at this point, except to completely de-install winamp, and re-install from scratch. - July 3, 2008 by Sean Riddolls

great - It works, but when instaling don't yust click next, go to browse on where to install and chose and it works perfectly.. if you did it otherwise and you got ERROR when starting winamp, go to C:program files/winamp/plugins and delete the file gen_mmk.dll to move the ERROR pop-up and then install as I wrote.. good luck - November 18, 2007 by marijo omoi

Use global hotkeys:) - It doesn work on my computer and i also got an annoing eror every time I started winamp.I recoman you to use global hotkeys and you can also assign your multimedia, Play/Pause, Stop, Next, Prev, keys as a global hotkey in winamp.GOOD LUCK! - October 3, 2005 by Teodor Marinescu

Does not work! - This Plug in does not work! It only gives you the error: Cannot load MEDIAKEY.VXD! How do you get mediakey.vxd? Go to the web sight? The Web sight that Does Not HAve IT on it!!!! Now I cant un-install the plug in, and it Gives Me the ERROR Every time I start up Winamp! The only way to get rid of it is to Uninstall Winamp, along with all your plugins, and then reinstall them all over again. Thanks Mr. Scherbakov for wasting hours of my life! - December 7, 2004 by Jon Ulrich

Does not work with XP! - This just makes winamp give errors on startup with windows XP. Try 'hotkeys' instead, that does work! - November 9, 2004 by Joseph Heenan

good (if not using XP) - It works very well with windows me & winamp 2.79. However, I recently moved to windoze XP, & it gave me a mediakey.vxd not found error when starting winamp 2.81 - January 18, 2003 by luigi martin

awesome job!!! - i love it, it has only a few flaws; when UN-mute, it turns ur volume to maximum (which is annoying), developers shoud add support for BTC 5113rf (wireless) keyboard, and they should add it the ability to search within a song by holding the >> button. keep it up - July 11, 2002 by andres perea

Only works on half of the keyboards i've tested. - This plugin only works on half of my 12 multimedia keyboards. It was a good atempt at what I already designed and post 5 month ago. In the next version you should use the MFC or DirectX or Windows defined messages to capture your messages and it will get all of them. - June 9, 2002 by Zac Bowling

It works! - What can I say but, w00t! It works! I installed it and didn't even have to restart winamp or anything. Works with my Seitek SK-7100 perfectly! No real options or anything but it doesn't really need it, might be nice to be able to remap the keys for people with other keyboards. Now I can bounce around my playlist and leave Ragnarok on full screen :) - January 27, 2002 by Brian Mason

This one rulezz - Yeah i love this plugin, the only one that works. The only thing is i had to pop out the keys and place them at another place but that was no problem. Now the icons on the keys are right :-) - August 11, 2001 by Joost de Meij

It was high time! - I've always been trying to make my multimedia keyboard work with winamp and never managed, now I can. Just a note: the Keymaestro multimedia in the sys tray must be shut down for it to work. - June 7, 2001 by Davide Pari