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MSN 6ormore Nick Changer

works by simulating option dialog box openning

works by simulating option dialog box openning

This plugin updates periodically your msn nick with the current song title. Works with all msn versions (included v.7)

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February 7, 2004 by Mike255 Mike25517422 downloads

MSN 6ormore Nick Changer - works by simulating option dialog box openning

Staff review

Update your MSN nick with Winamp current track info

Straightforward plugin that periodically updates your MSN nick with Winamp's current track info. The installer is not in English, but, the readme.txt file has instructions in both languages.


Doesn't really work - This plugin is really nice but the problem is that my nickname doesnt update. I have to update it myself. But if that would be fixed,im sure it would be the best plugin out there. - October 31, 2004 by Joe Fekete

Playlists problems... - I'm using Winamp 5.03 and MSN 6.2. The plugin seemed to work correctly (the requirement to maximize MSN window is a pain) until the time I tried to load another playlist from the media library. At that point all the musics from all my playlists desapeared and winamp closed. I could not opne the winamp again until I deleted the plugin directory... Nice plugin, but not yet usable... - July 29, 2004 by Pedro Parracho

Does the function required but in the next version... - In the next version, which I hope will be soon, please don't make the plugin so big (38.7 mb) and my title gives the song number as well but i only want it give the artist and title not '56. Artist - Song Title' and maybe a way that lets you minimize the msn program in the tray bar without stopping the change...otherwise, well done this works well and i'm happy i found something that works! :D - June 26, 2004 by Suezy L

Seems to only work on english MSN - I installed it using a dutch version of MSN, then it couldn't change my name into the winamp title. After installing the Englisch version of MSN, it works perfectly. - May 18, 2004 by Wouter B

UMM - where is the actually file to open this screen: - April 30, 2004 by jo p

Works awsome - works great no problems at all. - March 26, 2004 by Sean Gillard

Bug with Msn 6.1 - it just opens the dont change the nick....see if u ppl can work on that... make more timer choice avaible.. - March 6, 2004 by NuK Blast

Fun - Works good. but contact list has to be open and not enough timer choices - February 29, 2004 by Rockman X

Sam Ring - Works just like it says it does, and unlike every other plugin like this i've seen on the net it actually works with MSN 6. Also as a note if set to update every 10 secs it will still only update if the song changes rather than replacing the same song name every 10 secs of the song. Nice work s3ven, bon travail - February 19, 2004 by Sam Ring