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MPEGplus plugin

Version: v1.7.9d

Version: v1.7.9d

The plugin will play "mp+"-encoded files.It supports ID3-v1.1-tagging, seeking, fast EQ and clipping prevention.MP+ is a new proprietary audio-format whichprovides high quality encoding. The new plugin is heavily optimized in its performance - about 60-100% faster. Also the playlist may showinformation derived from the ID3-tags.

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July 16, 2001 by Andree Buschmann211636 downloads

MPEGplus plugin - Version: v1.7.9d

Staff review

MPEGplus new version...

Now allows for ID3 tagging, fast scrolling, and EQ, as well as clipping prevention. MPEGplus files are audio files that sound a bit fuller than mp3's. If you go to you can get audio clip comparisons and hear for yourself. For the most part, the mp+ files sounded a little fuller than the mp3's...I couldn't detect an amazing sound difference, but, after listening closely the mp+ files did sound better. Unless my ears were playing tricks on me. Check out the site and plug-in and decide for yourself. -dg


Known nowaday as the best NO-lossy audio codec MusePack - MPC - October 9, 2010 by Rob

hang on - hangs winamp if u try to use it with plugin combi Tara Audi Video / Output Stacker this u would use to record and listen to real media files and streams - January 29, 2005 by leo bone

ok i guess - It's O.K., but crude compared to vidamp. - November 23, 2002 by Alan Burkes

seems like more junk - I installed and downloaded the Backstreet Boys files for MP3 and MP3+ (didn't waste time with the other junk encoding). Both files are almost exactly the same size. It was disappointing that there was no wave file available so I could do my own trials of encoding. The default for the MP3+ plug-in is MS enabled. This is also the default for 160kbs MP3. Playing repeatedly and in random, blindfolded, I was unable to detect their claims at the web site or any differences. Adjusting the 160 MP3 to stereo made it clearer, revealing the missing parts. My solution would be to try at least 192 or better yet 320 and down sample from there. Swithching to 160 MS/IS created a fuller sound than MP3+ which only helps to mask the missing audio. It is definitely time for a lossless method such as ogg to become the main-stream. - September 13, 2002 by N Thums

Oww - I downloaded this...went to the site, got the encoder, and encoded 1 file..BSB - Quit Playing Games..I thought it would be a good candidate for this plugin..btw, i used the -insane switch...There was way too much treble, and it gave me a headache. - May 12, 2002 by Christopher Richardson

well mpeg plus is the way of the future - that's right.. it's incredibely high in quality that i can safely call it a "lossless" format. i just hope it gets the recognition it deserves and become as widely supported as mp3 (by hardware and software). i also hope that groups start releasing in mp+... wishful thinking i guess :) - January 21, 2002 by Lava Xhaq

Suksan - Hello - January 11, 2002 by Suksan Owatlanporn

Definitely Interesting - I compared Ogg Vorbis and MPEGplus head-to-head with each other at an average bit rate of 350kbps or "insane" with the original CD quality WAV file. I left MP3 out because that just sounds like crap to me. The test I use for frequency response is to listen for the crispness of high pitch chimes. In this test, I found that MPEGplus was a micron of a hair crisper than Ogg Vorbis. Not anything to get excited about. The file lengths were not too far from each other. Sometimes MPEGplus can be smaller on smaller files that are about a minute, but are otherwise generally larger. This does seem to be very promising as a proprietary replacement for the crappy MP3, but I wouldn't say that this would kill Ogg Vorbis. Ogg Vorbis came very close and it is still being developed. Ogg Vorbis is also non-prietary which could give it an edge. Because of all this, I will stay with Ogg Vorbis for the time being. - December 6, 2001 by Robert Gaines

Kicks Major ASS! - This sound format definately sounds better than MP3 and far superior to .OGG files. It uses variable bit rate encoding and yes the file sizes are a little larger but the clarity of the treble and the fullness of the sound are well worth it. Do a comparison. Take a few songs and encode them in MP3, ogg and Mp+ and you will hear the difference. I will archive my audio in mp+ from now on. - November 22, 2001 by Joe Manning

The Best!! - What am I supposed 2 say?? Hey, Mom!!! Just KIDDING!!! I've always looked 4 this plugin, and now it has an ID3 tag!!! COOOLL!!! Very good, Andree!! - July 21, 2001 by Trident ??