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Removes gap between songs

Removes gap between songs

This plugin will not only avoid the wave-device close/open sequence between songs, but also try to remove the short silence from the ends of each song, as well as filtering the ends to remove any remaining clicks. This is a beta: May crash if used with the small visualization graph.

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July 15, 2002 by Bjarne Laursen275071 downloads

MP3splice - Removes gap between songs

Staff review

Very useful

This output plugin gets rid of those annoying gaps between mp3 tracks. This comes in especially handy when you are listening to mix albums or other music where the tracks are supposed to flow together seemlessly.


Perfect - Absolutely perfect. I'd love to see a Disk Writer-style plugin with this. - December 2, 2007 by Mike Smith

Wonderful - I prefer studio albums. But having recently heard a few cuts from Heart's Straight on til Morning live album. I bought it and ripped it to listen to it while I work.The breaks were very annoying. Having the gaps removed makes this album a completely different experience.Thanks!!! - October 1, 2007 by Zonbu 108

Sorin review: - One of the most useful plug-ins!!! Now I can listen my mp3 disks as original. Thank you! SS ( - June 3, 2006 by Sorin Sorin

Doesnt support 24-bit output - I used this plugin for very long time, but i have now audigy soundcard. when using mad plugin ( and select 24-bit output the mp3-slice plugin crash. - March 7, 2006 by bio tt

Splices nicely - This really works and works quite well. Has always produced nice results when I have mp3s that need to be played without gaps. thanks - January 18, 2006 by Ein irvin

Oh My... - This plugin is perfection itself. Here I am running Winamp 2.9.1 (and stubbonly refusing to upgrade) and I now have gapless music. I'm SO happy. My Starlight Express MP3s now sound as they did on the CD. It sounds perfect and I'm experiencing zero problems with it. 5 out of 5 for this 'un I think! - November 10, 2005 by TK Tiger

Great Plug-in If... -'re only listening to mp3 files. I have a few .wma files and it locks up trying to go between the two types. Not a big problem (and not a problem at all for most people). There's still some slight 'shuddering' in-between tracks, but it's 400% better than anything else out there, and a million times better than trying to listen to an album with song transitions or a single work split up into tracks (i.e., almost anything classical, progressive, ambient, experimental, etc.). It won't automatically trim silence that is part of the file (though it tries!), but if you need that you may as well get any freeware audio editor and trim those files manually (because it will save you some disk space, for one thing!). - July 8, 2005 by Jam Lee

Get this plugin! - This is by far the best non-standard plugin for removing gaps between mp3s. Other methods involve increasing the pre-track buffer length to ~5 seconds, and clicking the "remove silence at beginning of tracks" option in the DirectSound plugin. MP3splice is better than this however, as if there is an intended silence before a track on a mix album, it is not removed, hence keeping the beat constant and seamlessly mixing tracks. Genuis!! Should be included with winamp as standard. Plays just like the CD you ripped would. - June 6, 2005 by Gary Roberts

Great Job! - For US Moonies (people obessed with Sailor Moon), there is nothing better then listening to first disk of the Memorial Music Box without gaps! Great job! - January 30, 2005 by Steven Dotson

Awesome for ripped mix cds - This plug-in seamlessly mixes current and next track together, which is perfect for dj mix albums. The only glitch is it disables the volume control. Is their a way around this? - November 24, 2004 by Sandy Beacham

that's I was looking for! - Great!!!! I realy like it! Now Pink Floyd albums sounds like one song without any clicks between songs! - November 19, 2004 by Maxim Areschenko

Nice dude! - Oh shit, this work perfectly. Now I can listen to all my Ayumi Hamasaki remix CDs without chopps between songs!! This one work much better than some other I tried, one of them made it impossible to play videos and some song. Keep it up! - October 20, 2004 by Karl Kjellgren

A must for classical lovers - Great !!! Now I can listen to classical music without gaps. - September 15, 2004 by Vinicio Matteucci

Cooool! ;) - Great plugin! - June 18, 2004 by woody ;)

Uh... what?!? - This plug-in DOES NOT WORK!!! At least, it didn't do what it implied to do. Yes, I installed it correctly and everything, and I hit "Start" in the config for it. But the song I was hoping to fix, one that has 2 minutes of completely blank space at the end, was not improved at all. I also did not notice any difference in transition between my other songs in the playlist. Maybe it's doing something, but not what I thought it would do from the description... gapless mp3 play.... there are still spaces between the songs, and blank space the end... :( - June 13, 2004 by Darci Barney

Finally, a true gapless MP3 output! - My god... This plugin does exactly what it says! Thank you so much! - May 8, 2004 by Marwan Mohd. Zahari

beautiful - great stuff for techno fans. - April 14, 2004 by ivan djordjevic

****** - Near perfect - February 1, 2004 by Richard B.

Works perfect - This program is nice... Almost no silence between the songs. Have to give a 5.. Like we say in Norway; \"Skitbra\"...=) - January 11, 2004 by Anders Tangvik

holy hell... - Woah, gapless CD music for a change!!! Finally a gapless joining plugin that works like a dream. only congrats from me :D P.S. i can't see how some of those others could give it only 4 stars... - December 5, 2003 by Daneel Olivaw

the best - ...... - September 28, 2003 by geo chrys

finally.... - i have something nice to say today... nice work dude! - September 15, 2003 by m. fajri rahman

Spot on son! - This is the only gap killer I've found that works. Why bored boy gave it 2 I have no idea. I just signed up to winamp to review this badboy. To the people who've uploaded gap killers etc that dont work very well... please don't it just means we have to sift through junk to get programs from people who bother perfecting them 'before' they upload them. - August 15, 2003 by James Booth

finally - there is no point in listening to parabola after parabol without this plugin - August 5, 2003 by Zlatko Kreso

Well... perfect! - This Plugin does that, what the other 2 Gapless Output Plugins promise to do. There are neither gaps nor clicks where there shouldn't be any, and there are pauses where there should be. - July 29, 2003 by Theto Brandybuck

cool - it really works!!! - July 16, 2003 by onur kutluoglu

DUDE! Get it! - This is the BOMB! Saved my Life! (Seriously, you ever tried to listen to "Pink Floyd - The WALL" With GAPS? YUCK!) Thank you BJarne! - May 29, 2003 by Greg Smith

MMMM - cool but its the same thing without the plugin because the song with the plugin in the end it's wait for the next song too - March 4, 2003 by bored boy

Perfect! - This plugin is totally sweet. It understands that mp3s are encoded with silence at the start, and even eliminates that. Totally flawless listening with no gap whatsoever - don't settle for other plugins, this one really works! - February 9, 2003 by Mike Mason

Thank The Maker - This is one plugin that says what it does and does what it says. I've tested it on various albums, soundtracks and even a few homemade mixes, and it works flawlessly. Easily the best thing since the nsf, spc, and gym player plugins. - October 28, 2002 by V. Morgan

I Am SHOCKED... - how perfect this thing is so far... Haven't checked on gapless stuff for at least 1.5 years since the mailing list ppl at the time said it was basically impossible due to framing. I gave up hope. Trust me on this, this plugin does 100% of what it sayd, not 70 80 or 90. 100%.. It should be distributed with winamp by default. - October 26, 2002 by Jim Boe

Opera buffs need this plug-in! - The 'MP3splice' plug-in (out_mp3splice.dll) works beautifully. My use is for classical music where it is difficult to get gapless transitions between tracks on operas, Mahler symphonies, etc., where there is no interruption of sound from one track to the next. Highly recommended. Similar to the 'Gapless audio output' v0.7.2 plug-in (out_nogap.dll) which seems to work just as well. - October 14, 2002 by Fred Potter

ultimate musak pleasure - yehhh !!!!!! fulla usefull with the mix album New Step for New Wave mixed by The Hacker for ex .... THANKS !!!!! - October 9, 2002 by Fred Schaettgen

SWEET! - Seamless splicing.....FINALLY!!! - October 7, 2002 by Steve Mitts

Excellent! - Uh, well... what can I say, this works even better than my own approach. I tried with a few files my plug-in has problems with, and yes, this one does it. Great work. - July 16, 2002 by Christian Volmer