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MP3 PlayMate

Organize your MP3 and Playlist files easily with MP3 PlayMate v2.2.

Organize your MP3 and Playlist files easily with MP3 PlayMate v2.2.

MP3 PlayMate is the Lotus Notes application for your MP3 and Playlist files. Create playlists, edit ID3 tags and keep track of your music using Lotus Notes R5/R6. New features include ID3v1.1 support, track number listing in views and search progress indicator in the Notes client status bar. Check out for latest release and updates.

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October 4, 2004 by Allan Reinhold Kildeby35515 downloads

MP3 PlayMate - Organize your MP3 and Playlist files easily with MP3 PlayMate v2.2.

Staff review

Mp3 file organization and management support for Lotus Notes

Allows for you to create playlists, edit ID3 information, etc. within Lotus Notes.


Interesting - I'll give this a five star rating as Lotus Notes is horrible to work with. This will make a nice little addition to my desktop at work. Thanks. To the first reviewer, you should rate the PROGRAM, not what it uses. Contrary to popular belief (for good or ill) most large coporations use programs like Lotus Nuts for e-mail for the exact purpose of its secuity and privacy holes. Your review had more to do with Lotus Notes and complaining about it than the program that Mr. Kildeby wrote. - February 19, 2005 by Blue Drache

Fantastic plugin for those who can use it - Unlike the previous person, I understand that you have to meet certain minimum requirements, and if you are one who is lucky enough to use Lotus Notes, then you need this plug in! - October 23, 2004 by Kokoro Tohru

Unless you have Lotus...this program is completely useless - This seems like a good enough program, but it won't work unless you have Lotus Notes installed on your computer. Not everybody is lucky to have this on their computers. This program is probably in the hundreds of dollars. You can get a free trial of Lotus Notes, that is if you can find it on their horribly disorganized website. Once you do get it, it's like those try for three months bullhocky. What's worse, you have to register with them to even download Lotus. And once it's installed, if you don't set it up to work with the Domino server (which is like something that possibly jeopardizes your privacy), you can't even run it. And all of this just for a little WinAMP Plugin to work. No thank you! Great idea...just bad program. - October 16, 2004 by Jamie Acree