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MP3 Output Plugin

Rip CDs to MP3 directly with Winamp!

Rip CDs to MP3 directly with Winamp!

Why use a different program to rip CDs when you can rip them with Winamp? No ACM codec required either! Be sure to grab the CD Reader plugin from if you want to rip CDs (and read the help file too). The help file is HTML help, which most versions of Windows should be able to read. If you can't read it, go to and get the HTML Help viewer. You can use VBR and ABR encoding and select how to name the output.New in this version:Can add ID3 tags to output.Added option to display speed statistics after encoding each file (don't use it when you want to encode a CD, since a dialog box pops up after each track).

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July 18, 2001 by Chun-Yu Shei1109242 downloads

MP3 Output Plugin - Rip CDs to MP3 directly with Winamp!

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Output to Mp3

Very handy mp3 converting tool for Winamp.... even allows for you to convert streaming media to mp3. New version has better output file naming. Yes yes. -dg


Still The Best - December 31, 2010 by Albon Forbes

Horrible! Froze my computer after i tried the first time and couldnt stop winamp from running even through task manager quits. - March 13, 2010 by [email protected]

This plug-in causes Winamp 5.572 to crash. - February 22, 2010 by Costa Gauci

Basically good plug-in - Works well for most intended use as described.I just have a problem reducing the amount of work in file naming. "%# = Track Number" doesn't seem to allow you to zero pad the track number, even if it's enabled in the playlist item numbers.Using "Use Playlist Number" for Track Number doesn't affect the filename.This just makes everything easier for the player(s) I'm using. I'm going to WinAmp Pro, which allows greater naming flexibility for the filenames.Oh, and ID3 tagging didn't work for me either (but I tend to tag and check afterwards with Abander TagControl, so this wouldn't have been significant to me). - January 25, 2009 by suburban DK

Great plugin - I have used it for a many years.Only now.New computer / new winamp download / then a new MP3 output plugin.Only the link in de user guide to download the "CD Reader plugin for Winamp" doesn't work any more. one have a mirror site to download the "CD Reader plugin for Winamp" - September 18, 2008 by snodrop komt

Unfortunately, my search continues... - I am hearing impaired and am desperately searching for some way to simply shift the output levels of the Left and Right channels. Basically, I need the balance to be 70-30 in favor of my right ear. This Plugin said it preserves the EQ (or DSP, if you have one). It may have preserved the EQ settings, but it did not retain the bal;ance I set up on the basic equalizer. - September 11, 2008 by ty why

This is what I need! - Simple to use, also if I'm not an expert...Thanks a lot! - July 28, 2008 by Valentina Cambruzzi

Great! - I've been using it for many years. - March 12, 2008 by No Me Molesten

Excellent job! - Great work.Get this and CD Reader from here: Now you can rip from CD's and write files from streaming audio!Fun, fun, fun - July 13, 2007 by Dave West

saved me :) - This program managed to output my wav file generated by audacity (open source) into mp3, when audacity couldn't seem to output it directly using the LameMP3 codec. It's odd... but iTunes couldn't output the wav to mp3, and neither could Audacity, though all my audio software was able to read/play the wav file just fine. Thanks for this plugin it saved me a lot of work. :) - February 16, 2006 by Jean Lee

Very easy handling -and effective! - Wonderful! Just what I needed to make my life worthwhile living! No additional prog to install and just go on living with my beloved winamp. Thanks to Chun-Yu Shei and all others involved. =) - June 4, 2005 by Martyna Wolski

WinRipping - Chun-Yu Shei's plugin is a godsend. A great must-have plugin. - March 8, 2005 by D S

hang on - hangs winamp if u try to use it with plugin combi Tara Audi Video / Output Stacker this u would use to record and listen to real media files and streams - January 29, 2005 by leo bone

excellent plugin - Does what it is supposed to do.Easy to use,easy to config it.Perfect choice for mp3 encoding.Just left nero6.6 for this baby!!!!!I'll stick to it :) - November 4, 2004 by Giwrgos T

Good for Dj's - good work ,Man !!! - September 20, 2004 by Liam DJ

Does what it says, and does it good - I've use several mp3 output plug-ins before and this one is one of the best I've ever used. Good customization options, easy install, and good quality outputs. - September 7, 2004 by Jean L

Great plugin - I have used other programs, but this is by far the best. Great work. - July 7, 2004 by Adam Leite

If The CD Reader plugin is there, try looking for it. - Oi, Yu Shei! Nice one! easy to use, well fast, but quality levels on variable bitrate take a bit understanding. (Also could do with mp3pro sometime, then I'd never use Nero again!!!) Overall, an intelligent, quality plugin that doesn't take any crap even from my apallingly-scratched CD collection Cheers, 'Shei. xx - December 6, 2003 by seb robbins

Good quality - Ok. You need reader plugin(read textfile). Then it works very good. High quality mp3's possible. GOOOOOOD. - November 2, 2003 by erik heijink

awesome - this is really really awesome, i use it all the time. 5/5! - September 20, 2003 by Matt Brown

Pants My A$$! - This thing rocks, first off the last guy who posted is a total moron if he can't get this to work. It's flawless!! Awesome Job! and Btw Who the hell wants to hear an MP3 as it's being ripped? I mean comon, geeze, did you take a look at the ripping SPEED? You couldn't hear that even if you wanted to. Laurence Gosden, go use RealPlayer, it's for lamers, should be easy for ya to use =D - August 14, 2003 by Leben Ojanen

WOW!!! - AMAZING OUTPUT!!! No probs whatever. Out goes MusicMatch and all other CD Ripping s/w. - June 20, 2003 by siddhesh poyarekar

The CD reader plugin is missing. :( - I have tried to get the mentioned CD reader plugin, but the URL that came included in the readme file doesn't work. This is bad, bad ,bad. :( - March 2, 2003 by Kimme Utsi

unique and powerful - I rate it 5/5 because it's the only prog that does this job i've seen so far. I'd be fully content with it, but i get the feeling it doesn't store normalized volume in the output file. Sometimes is the output volume level just weird. But on the other hand, this is the only encoder i've seen that uses ram and not hdd space for creading mpeg file. Well this is one of my most favourite winamp plugin ever. - December 31, 2002 by Maros P.

Nice Job! Some Glitches, but very well done overall. - Well, what can I say? A great plug-in for a new guy to the ripping and digital music society. Simple and complete, I never expected this capability from WINAMP. Great Idea, and keep up the Good Work. -Steve Wright A Assistant System Administrator - December 21, 2002 by Steve Wright

Best MP3 output Plugin for Winamp - 'Nuff said, really! - December 15, 2002 by Johnny Million

bad bug bad - Crash Crash Crashes Winamp when I'm converting real media to mp3. Can only convert one file at a time, and even then i have to tweak with the winamp file agent.. closing it and then reopening it... complete struggle. - October 31, 2002 by s t

works good, but what about VBR - The only way I can get this plugin to work is if I have it set to constand bitrate. If I set it to variable, or average I get an error window that says "bad write?" Anyone else have this problem? - October 29, 2002 by Jeff Markham

thank you, thank you, thank you - What can i say but it works like it should (or even better) the ones that are having probs, RTFM 'cause I have none here. Got the cd reader recomended in the help file and it works like a charm too. Took about 5 minutes of just playing w/ it and now I feel like an x-pert! The best ripper/encoder I have found. Thank you - September 16, 2002 by bill mayo

y is ppl dissin' this - it's deadly. The only fault i have with it is that it doesn't support winamps default cd_reader. Other cd readers i have found have been less 'smooth' to use. But that said it's the only mp3_output plugin i ever (or ever plan to) use. Oh yeah, and if u have some money send it to the guy that made this plug-in ;) - August 5, 2002 by David Fox

U MUST ODWNLOAD THIS!!! - yaeh yeah YEAH! the best mp3 encoding plugin for winamp..... works fine, and there is no need to grab those acm codecs.... And works very good with copah's CD reader plugin! If u want to rip cd's, download it now! Works fine with .wav to .mp3 too! and u can convert streaming media with it too! - July 29, 2002 by new (Leonardo Schefeer)

Audible Goodness! - THIS KICKS ASS! I tried this out on one album. These were my results: Ripped great quality MP3's without cracles or pops, named the files correctly, and uses a non-envasive interface. one small problem: I encountered Darren Forsters ID3 tag problem. The file names were accurate, But I had to manually redo the ID3 tags. not a big problem. A MUST-HAVE FOR ALL WINAMP USERS!!! - July 26, 2002 by Cameron Lindsay

Good plugin only one minor problem - This is a really good MP3 encoder (and to think I was actually going to buy Xing's Audiograbber before finding this!). The only minor problem I've found with this though is when encoding from CD's using the add tag option it gives the next track the previous tracks tag e.g. I encoded Enya's Paint The Sky With Stars and it gave Carribean Blue the title of Orinoco Flow (Carribean Blue is the 2nd track and Orinoco Flow is the 1st), also if you don't get WinAMP to load all the titles first (by double clicking each track) it calls each song CD Track X (X = Track-1), the version of this I have is 3.0. Might try re-downloading it incase there has been an update. - June 24, 2002 by Darren Forster

Poop On Satan - Guys, this isnt that bad. If you have windows, which you do, you probably have windows media player, which DOES rip CDS to WAV files. Then you can use this to make MP3 files very easily and with GOOD QUALITY. Not bad quality like Justin Frankel's. Yeah so if you need to make WAV into MP3 for any odd reason (mp3 players etc.) this is a necessity. POOP ON SATAN! - April 11, 2002 by Brian E

Excellent piece of software - I've tried other mp3 output plug-ins but this is the best I've used. The output was excellent with absolutely no audible distortion and it even tagged the mp3s as they got ripped. Good work! Note to the interested: Please follow the instructions exactly to avoid problems. - April 6, 2002 by Darren O'neal

okay, butt.... - well, it seemed pretty cool, except i couldn't get a really high quality mp3 out of it - if i set it on 256, it recorded at 192, which is okay but i am not so trusting of even that high a quality. wasted a bit of my time with that one. - March 9, 2002 by al putre

25stars!!! - is really great!!! U need to "install" new .dll (CD-ROMdriver - not a big work), which is great too!!! - now I can listen old, completelly scratched CDs...OK -24stars - the plug-in and .dll should be in one pack. VERY VERY GOOOOOOOOOD! - February 18, 2002 by jacek karma

Yes you can rip MP3's straight from CDs - I'm not sure about the quality of it but I've done it and it works. Main problem seems to be the limited number of options (no ID1/ID2 tag editing) and limited naming options for the actual files. - February 4, 2002 by Adam Chen

Hmm.... - Works fine if you want to rip mp3's from wav files, but if you want to get em straight from the cd you have to go and download some other cd player plugin from him. so if you just want them from the cd its a waste of time - February 3, 2002 by Benny G H

Works well, lacks advanced features - This program works very well if you are simply ripping your CDs to trade on the 'Net as 128kps files. However, I often want to rip stuff down for tasty little morsel-sized samples, and the cut off for Chun-Yu's plugin is 64kbps. You also can not control the sampling rate. AND, you need to download a second CD Player plugin for Chun Yu's plugin to work. This is explained in the docs, but it all just seemed a little too much trouble for such restrictive limitations on bandwidth and sampling rate. The program does work though, and works well (within its limitations). - January 18, 2002 by Jon Savory

Chun-Yu has done the job! - 99% fine. One point to the bad side: the output path selection does only appear on start of the configure screen (why not a directory selection box inside the parameters dialog box? mhhh, next version?) - January 9, 2002 by Speed Man

Send him money!!! - This guy deserves some bux. does same thing that other burners do and they cost $29.00! Thanks Chun-Yu Shei! Thanks also for the link to in_cdda.dll from ... By golly, my MP3s played back do sound better with the new dll. You have to rename in_cdda.dll to in_cdda.old, just like Shei's "readme" file says, then don't forget to switch the output back to the wave-out plug in when you want to listen to yer handiwork! Thanks again! --bill in denver - December 28, 2001 by Bill Leahy

good enough - its not mind blowing, its not ground breaking. this plugin, with a little bit of tinkering, does exactly what it says, and does it well. the only reason it doesnt get 5 stars is the fact that some manual installation is required as well as a secondary program. for someone who has a little programming background, or above average computer knowledge, this program is fantastic. if youre a little inept with computers, get some help. overall, great program - December 27, 2001 by dominick savoca

Excellent - A great plug-in - does what it says it will and does it for free. Installation and configuration aren't idiot-proof, but I'm not an idiot, so I'm perfectly happy. - December 18, 2001 by Dan Calle

PANTS - The only reason it got one star is that it actually installed and created an mp3 file, apart from that the sound quality seemed pants and it completed slowed my system down (which is definately no fault of my system), I couldn't hear the track whilst it was being recorded. one final nail is that it crashes winamp when you try and stop recording. - November 26, 2001 by Laurence Gosden

Works as advertised - Fairly easy to set up ripping, once I got the correct input plug-in (in_cdda.dll) from Using the right WMA input plug-in (Nulsoft WMA Input Plugin [Component ID: 80454]), you can even convert WMAs to MP3s. - October 31, 2001 by Chad Conrad

WHere Is IT? - I installed and all... and it doesn't show up on the output page of the plug ins section... this sucks. - October 21, 2001 by Mike DIllow

Awesome Plugin - Easy Install, Easy to use, Full Functionality, Sounds Great, Doesn't effect other settings. It works seamlessly with Winamp! What more could you want? - October 12, 2001 by Ace Ventura

GREAT PLUGIN - I foud out that not only can you encode Mp3s from a CD but you can encode an mp3 with effects. Say you have Pacemaker, Turn on the mp3 encoder, set pace maker to your liking, choose the mp3 to add effects to, make sure your output directory isn't the same as where the original Mp3 is, press play and you are done. - October 2, 2001 by Loman Clutter

Great plugin - Works great ! Only 1 downside : you can't enter custom options for the encoder. - September 18, 2001 by Dirk vl

Exelente - Quien quiere un compresor externo. La mejor idea es adecuarlo como plugin al Winamp. Este dio en la clave, y por si fuera poco funciona parfectamente...!!! - August 27, 2001 by Eduardo Vicente CARRETE

One Problem - 1 point, it works. 1 point, it is nice to play and encode with winamp. 0 , the install is not easy. 0 , the functionality is not instinctive. 0 , require configuration effecting other processes. - August 1, 2001 by Carmoda Isdead

PERFECTO!!! - Running multimedia programs with 20002k server isn't always problem-free, but this small and easy to configure and use plug-in really makes a difference. Installing and learning how to work it took less then 5 minutes! PERFECT! - July 27, 2001 by Marina Malinova

Very Good Indeed - I think this is one of the best MP3 writers that I have seen. There is only one minor problem I encountered. If you set it up to create the ID tag as you write the MP3's, it got confussed and did not put the correct information for the MP3 it was writing. Other than that it worked exceptionally. - July 20, 2001 by Matt Tolson

Fantastic! - I've had trouble with the Justin Frankel's mp3 output plug-in. This one is by far superior. Get it! Works great! - June 26, 2001 by Matt Raymond

THE BEST PLUGIN I HAVE SEEN - A very, very good plugin! In Verbindung mit WACDR191 (CD Reader) ist es ganz einfach m?glich, CD's zu MP3's zu konvertieren. Dabei haben die Tracks die richtigen Namen (dank CDDB) und die ID3-Tags werden auch automatisch geschrieben. - June 20, 2001 by Ronald Schumacher

very good but........ - kinda really good plugin. the only problem: input files must be stereo! please, fix it quickly! - June 14, 2001 by yopi yopyop

Give this guy money. Now. - I've seen every MP3 encoder out there and THIS one beats the shit out of every single other one. Plus, it works inside our very own WinAmp (which the NullSoft guys like, eh?) - May 27, 2001 by Matthew Vaughn

A great mp3's writer - It's the best think: A mp3 output w/o any codecs - May 10, 2001 by Cl�ment Pelletier

CD -> MP3 - Javier Bustamante wrote: >What about CD >> MP3 Can it be done? >can it? Yes. Get the CD Reader plugin. For more info, read the TXT files that comes with the plugin. - May 3, 2001 by Chun-Yu Shei

What about CD >> MP3 Can it be done - can it? - May 2, 2001 by Javier Bustamante

Dis Iz TIGHT! - WHOA! sorry Justin, but this one out did U! - April 20, 2001 by Jason Rodriquez