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MP3 Library

A media library style plugin for Winamp 2.x

A media library style plugin for Winamp 2.x

Add what I think is the best feature of winamp3 (the media library) to Winamp2.Index your MP3s and create playlists based on artist, album, genre or year.Updated to include skins, hotkeys and a load of other things. See the readme for more info.

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February 5, 2002 by Anthony Shortland20257 downloads

MP3 Library - A media library style plugin for Winamp 2.x

Staff review

Very functional playlist tool

Great way to organize your playlists. You can search multiple folders by artist, genre, year, and album. The effectiveness of this tool is really dependent on how well your id3 tags are. The more accurate the tags, the more accurate your searches will be. Updated version with skin support and hotkeys.


Good work but not efficient with more than 20000 mp3 - Good work, nicely done. Works better than the media library of Winamp5. It does take and sort properly all the tags not like the one from Winamp5. Big problem, I have more than 20 000 mp3 on my PC and the database created is more than 8mega and it takes a very long time to refresh the view. (PC is P4 2,4GHz with 512MB DDR RAM). The best media library I found so far is Advanced MP3 Catalog Pro. For the same number of mp3, the db is only 4,1mega and changing a view or make a research is done instantly. It can also control winamp. But it is not free. Sorry Anthony, good work but could be better. NacNac - October 6, 2005 by NacNac MOTT

Fantastic missing feature for Winamp2 - I love setting up huge lists and letting the SqrSoft Crossfading plugin take care of cycling the music in a non-stop stream. I just installed the Library addin and I like what I see. Very easy to create playlists and importing files to the library was quick and painless. - August 28, 2003 by Stephen Boyle

Old reviews - I'd just like to say (yes im the author) that the reviews on here are for an old version. The current version has fix issues and added features that I believe solve all the main complaints about the first version - such as enqueue button, tag editor, batch tag editor. - March 1, 2002 by Anthony Shortland

Good Idea But Annoying - It needs more options like to edit the Id tags. It needs an unistaller. - December 13, 2001 by BoB KnObz

Still needs some work, but good start - Anytime you add something, it erases your current playlist, so you really can't add files from multiple areas, because it erases the last ones you chose. Also adds a icon in your system tray, which can't be removed. No configuration options whatsoever. No way to expand the view of the album/artist list, and the list area is pretty small. Has a lot of potential but just not very usable for the most part. - October 28, 2001 by b r

Playlists on the Fly - Great organizer. Create playlists on the fly based on IDv3. When dining with a date, hit Jazz. When reading hit easy listening. When hitten the town select hip hop. Suggestion: include the comments field as well. - October 26, 2001 by D Johnson