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Mp3 Illyrium Manager 2000

Karaoke, Lyrics, Tags, Images, AOLYR

Karaoke, Lyrics, Tags, Images, AOLYR

Copy and paste mp3 tags.Mass set mp3 tags to custom values.Mass and single rename files based on their mp3-tags.Mass and single set mp3 tags based on folders structure.Mass and single set mp3 tags based on filenames.Mass and single auto character case fix, with customizable settings to match the grammatical rules of your country.Create Winamp playlist, supporting relative path.Drag and drop interface, supporting files, Winamp playlists, folders.Output in text mode and HTML mode, fully customizable.AOLYR interchange format supported, reading and writing both.File sorting. Shuffle function.Winamp compatible, it can play the songs in list.Dynamic Font supported (Elastique Technology (TM) )Complete Lyric management, including Time Stamp.Complete Image support, including Time Stamp.Enhanced Full Link feature, including Time Stamp.CD catalogs, with enhanced Automatic Search feature.Mp3 Error check and correction.Karaoke window, with Auto Text Highlight.Floating Image window.Cutter included, to trim mp3 files at the beginning, inside, at end.Mixer, able to mix different files, or a file with itself too. Compatibility: ID3 Tag fully supported.Lyrics3 v1.00 Tag fully supported.Lyrics3 Tag v2.00 fully supported.Lyrics3 Tag v2.00+ including Link Management feature fully supported.ID3v2 tag correction.

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July 16, 2001 by alessandro oddera104858 downloads

Mp3 Illyrium Manager 2000 - Karaoke, Lyrics, Tags, Images, AOLYR

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Mp3 Illyrium Manager

Very comprehensive and complete tool for organizing and managing Mp3 file info. Great way to properly keep your mp3 files tagged. -dg


The beginning is not promising - unregistered winzip popup + not possible to specify the Winamp Dir, after he comes again to Program files/ dir. So i would not test it else the installation is better. Sorry, it's maybe a good soft but... not good installation... - August 28, 2005 by ZoliveR ZoliveR

Great Program - You can edit all your mp3'tags really fast! - June 2, 2005 by Eacida Strife

Good but you gotta pay - This program is only useful for the lyrics window plug-in. What you do is you get the lyric text on some site. Load it up in Illyrium, then while listenig to the song you put those timestamps. When you're done, save the text (or copy paste to notepad), then in the preferences, choose the lyrics plug-in and specify where to look, for the lyrics. move the lyrics to that folder, and you have it. But watch out, the lyric file must have the same filename as the song file. - July 5, 2002 by Rudy Chemaly

What a Joke!!!!!!! - Don't be fooled folks. Pure garbage with all kinds of extra bagage you don't want or need. Weither these other packages are free or not doesn't change the fact that you have to leave info at their site (registration). It didn't even read the lyrics I had embeded in my test MP3. Just hit remove. Bye bye Illyrium. Somebody should explain what "free" means to these guys. They obviously have no clue!!! - March 28, 2002 by White Raven

Misleading !!! - Alessandro, why don't you just say up front that your free registration to view lyrics means we have to download and install one of your OTHER applications first!! That's pretty crappy! I can't say whether the lyrics feature works since I wouldn't install the other application. At least Winamp categorizes it under commercial plugins which is a clue. Now I will have to uninstal Illyrium since I can't view any lyrics. - February 10, 2002 by Connie S

A true free software - JoeL why did you say you have to pay to use karaoke? Illyrium is a true free software, and it's fully working. At least take a look to the about window and learn how register it for free, before speaking. - October 29, 2001 by alessandro oddera

Exellent Utility - I used it to move over my ID3 tags after converting my mp3's to mp3pro format. It probably cut hours off the job of manually typing in the info for the new files. - August 26, 2001 by GTi Guy

You Have to Pay Money - This sucks because if you want to use karoke you have to buy the full version. I recommend that you don't donwload this, unless you want to waste 10 mins of your time. - August 6, 2001 by JoeL Landsborough

Cool stuff - this thing rocks anyone who is really into singin along with there favourite song this is for u ots so cool words cant express how cool it is - July 16, 2001 by gary patterson