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Mouse VU meter.

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December 11, 2001 by Teodossy Nedyalkov8342 downloads

mouseVU - Cool!!!

Staff review

Give the funk to your mouse pointer

Heh...some people are bound to get a kick out of this one. Simply gives your mouse pointer a VU meter. Good stuff.


Two Stars Cuz It Worked Sortof... - It worked initially, showed me a couple frames of the rainbow VU, but then it stopped on full VU level, and wouldn't change no matter what.... At some point working my way to this review page, the mouse cursor now has a minimal green VU behind it, but it still never changes, especially not to the levels in the song playing. Maybe it's XP's fault, who knows. I tend to blame most things on XP ;) - April 17, 2005 by Mike Irving

seems good... - it looks to me like a good plug-in, but i cannot find the plug in on my comp, i installed it twice, i da no, i have windows me if that makes a difference, if i get it working i will wright a new review giving higher stars - April 18, 2004 by g-bus rice

Good idea BUT.... - I have windows 2000 and this plug-in do nothing. It shows few colors by my mouse pointer but it's not changing. It changes only when I press start button in plug-in list. If I press this button many times I have effect which should be ;) Bug? - February 15, 2003 by Maciek E

Good idea - Simplest, smallest, effective.... - March 7, 2002 by Ani Savage

needs more configarable options - cool plug in, needs more options though like stereo vis and a sensitivity setting and maybe a color option too ^_^ - January 14, 2002 by er ror

worth less - but it is a good initiative to have a mouse VU. the ideas good but not the stuff. sorry ma, i dont wanna be hard. - December 13, 2001 by Titanium man Titanium man