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The automated playlister that reacts to 4 individual rating criteria and your preference!

The automated playlister that reacts to 4 individual rating criteria and your preference!

Imagine you had a machine that selected music for you as you would select it yourself! 5 individual categories, rate your mp3 files (mass rating), compile collections, set the mood slider controls in mixer or playlistgenerator and let Moodmixer autoselect the matching music for you. Non-stop Playlists, scheduled and pre-planned M3u. Change mood controls and the Mixer reacts to the new mood settings at once. Includes burner support, tagging, mass editing of file info, filenamesplitter and powerful search functions. Supports Mp3,Ogg and Wma Shareware, WinME/2000/NT/ (need to install MDAC 2.8 or higher) and XP only! New Flash plugin required also! Moodmixer - hear what YOU feel!

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August 12, 2004 by Kerstin L. of PWsoft41354 downloads

Moodmixer - The automated playlister that reacts to 4 individual rating criteria and your preference!

Staff review

Interesting way of creating playlists

An automated playlist creator that makes selections based on 5 individual categories. A good amount of configuration and tweakability to customize how you like. The GUI itself is functional enough, although, it's not the prettiest thing out there... it could definitely use an aesthetic overhaul. The first .exe file takes you to another download...which is rather hefty.


moodmixer nichts neues - hab vor vielleicht einem jahr oder isses schon l?nger her, mich als tester euer software bet?tigt. war am anfang begeistert von der idea. vorschl?ge von meiner seite wurden allerdings ignoriert. habs dann einfach sein gelassen. schaue nun seit langem mal wieder durch zufall hier vorbei und siehe da der moodmixer scheint sich ja echt zum kn?ller zu entwickeln. mal ehrlich wozu interessiert euch die usermeinung, wenn ihr sie eh nicht beachtet. die idea und der ansatz waren gut aber ihr seit einfach zu ignorant gewesen und nun habt ihr den salat. keiner interessiert sich f?r eure arbeit. eigentlich schade... im forum ist auch nix los...das spricht f?r sich. - June 26, 2005 by Voitilo Voitila

great shareware ! It does it all - @Ivan - just try to read: IT said shareware in the description!!! and it's 9.99?+VAT( =11.59?) for european residents!!! Anyway that's a great plugin- I love it!!! I've just produced a 3-day playlist (in the generator) and copied the files in a numbered order directly onto my mp3player( select it as folder in the settings )! The copying takes a bit longer though- but then you have enough music in the right order for days!! I wish I could keep the files on there and just produce m3u's again. Changing the path is sometimes a pain. - September 1, 2004 by Stephen Core

Shareware! - I HATE downloading plug-ins and then finding out that they're shareware, so let me tell you this: "The shareware allows a testing time of 30 days from the installation date. The Licence for the full version will cost 11,99 $ US (+ European residents have to pay 16% VAT= 13,91 $) / 6,99 GPB (8.11 incl. VAT)" There, justice! - August 30, 2004 by ivan loko

its us - Sorry about the GUI we're just starting- the second round is in the making ready- please all feel free to ant and give us ideas to make it better cheers Kerstin( from PWsoft) just visit our new forum at - August 12, 2004 by Kerstin L. of PWsoft