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MSN Status Line updater

MSN Status Line updater

Changes your MSN Status Line (now playing) when song changes. Hides movies *cough* ;)

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May 2, 2005 by Mark Hutton145815 downloads

moo_-_gen_msn - MSN Status Line updater

Staff review

MSN status plugin

Worked as expected. You just need to make sure you have msvcr71.dll installd on your machine otherwise the plugin won't load.


works perfect... - October 28, 2010 by [email protected]

Sweet - Awesome plugin. Download, Double Click, Install, Restart Winamp, Nothing Else. - January 7, 2009 by david van

its the best - the best - December 18, 2008 by dinko drzaic

Small and quick to use - Excellent plug in, fully funtional with MSN. It has never let me down. - September 26, 2008 by terminator two

works fine if you have msvcr71.dll - Awesome plugin IF you have msvcr71.dll in your winamp folder.. to get it go here : - June 16, 2008 by Albin Eriksson

I love it!!! - Thanks for this, really work. - March 4, 2008 by Miriam Bernal

Works - Installed it and it sort of worksIt shows the song and artist etc for about 30secs then disappears off my songticker whilst the song is still playing??? - February 19, 2008 by Rob Scrivener

Simple. Just what I was looking for! - Fantastic MSN status updater, does the trick and no fannying about at all. Win. - January 21, 2008 by Steve M

Nachoko - great!! - January 21, 2008 by Nachoko Ibarra

Simple, Great - been using this for a long time now, every time i format my and drive and get winamp, i get this plugin too, works great, hasnt faulted me once. - December 9, 2007 by CT jones

Fantastic - From a user's standpoint, it's simple, works the first time, and doesn't need any fiddling to get it to work. Remember to check that the feature is active in your IM if you don't see any change. - November 15, 2007 by Karl Raade

Great stuff - For new version goto - November 4, 2007 by Dado Bozovic

Wooop! - Been looking for ages for a Plug in that dose this for MSN. Worked great! took about 2 secs to download and no problems!Thanks who ever made this! - October 12, 2007 by Nick Durham

Great plug-in - This is a really great plug-in for msn 8.0 I have found out that you can edit it in the plug-in configuration to say the song "tittle" then "by" then the "Author" it's a great feature here is an example if you want it I love this song by the way "Let the bodies hit the floor By Rob Zombie" here is the code to get it to look like this on msn messenger "%Tittle% By %Artist%" coppy everything except for the quotation marks and uncheck the defualt song format and you can change it to what ever you want. - August 28, 2006 by Darren Baker

nice1 - this is a nice plugin i works 100% with windows messenger 8.0 beta i have tried like 8 pluins for 8.0 beta and they dident work but this 1 did xD nice work cya around... :P - June 18, 2006 by martin sund

Nice - A marvel to have... Works as simple as one can imagine And a good thing it hides the movie titles!! Mark, you're the MAN - February 21, 2006 by Jaime Mora

Great and Easy to install - Great and Easy to install and work in a new MSN 8! - February 12, 2006 by Pablo Ibarrolaza

works great - worked great once i figured out how to do it. looks great. i like how it reads exactly what's in the winamp playlist - November 3, 2005 by Neo Williams

Thanks for your comments - Hi all, thanks for your constructive comments :) If you're looking for something with a bit more features I would recommend my other plugin 'gen_announce'. It's quite a bit larger than moo-gen_msn as it was coded with Delphi rather than MSVC, however it also supports output to mIRC, MySQL (+SSH tunnelling) and also can filter out files with certain extensions.. i.e. movies, etc. - October 19, 2005 by Mark Hutton

simple - simple, effective and great output. - September 8, 2005 by Nathan Mahdavi

Works as good as advertise! Any chance... - ...that this plugin will work with asian language, i.e., Big5 Chinese text? Maybe I'm just asking for too much... :P - July 25, 2005 by Terence Lai

AHAH! - It took like 2 secondes to find out that there was a plugin for winamp .....It work as describded and dont CREATE any GO AHEAD and download this plugins...everybody should HAVE THIS AT HOME!!! watch for the X movies.....its writing everything that your watchin...:P THANKS TO THE CREATER!!!! - July 5, 2005 by Seb G

I knew they would come - The first time I found out about the song ticker in MSN and saw that it was for WMP the first thing I knew was that a Winamp plugin would come. Works invisibly and works exactly as advertised. Hides internet radio streams as well because they tend to get pretty long. My only beef (bad pun) with this plugin is that I'd like to see a small options page where you can set the display format in the same way you set it with the Advanced Title Formatting in Winamp's options. I'd like to be able to show (artist) - (album) - (title). Other than that it's the nicest plugin I've used. - June 30, 2005 by Steve Sydney

Good! - The plugin very good, because it's Artist - Song in the box and not the other way around.. =) Gr8 work!:D - June 13, 2005 by Petter Schultz

Please set back default status msg! - Nice plugin. The smallest in size of all the plugins of this kind (5,5Kb). However, none of these plugins do set back the default personal status message when the song stopped playing (by pressing stop or when it finished playing) which is a small detail but I think that\'s the way it should be since actually you are not listening to that song anymore. - May 29, 2005 by juanker _

5 thumbs up~ - WONDERFUL! I love it! It does exactly what it's supposed to with no problems! - May 26, 2005 by Sally Plant

Great & simple - Just install, enable "What I'm listening to" in MSN and you're off (showing off). - May 14, 2005 by Filip Bozic

we should send u a dollar - nice work!! this is the thing we need coz wmp sucks!! moo!! - May 13, 2005 by Ken mui

thanks - thanks so much! ive looking for this feature around the web and it was difficult to find. May it easier to locate! I dont know a lot of people who knows about this feature for msn and winamp... I was using Windows Media Player to play the info but it really sucks. You cannot use WMP for anything. Thanks for creating this!!! - May 7, 2005 by Cynthia bella

Damn good - Great plugin, not exactly customizable but it does the job perfectly! How about one for trillian? - May 6, 2005 by Barney Gale

2nd The Best - I first downloaded "MSN Messenger 7 Current Playing Song by cunhaw cunhaw", which displayed the song name in MSN as "Song - Artist" which I do not like. Installed this, works 100%, and shows the song name as "Artist - Song". - May 5, 2005 by Scott Murphy

works well - very good. beats using windows meadi player by miles :D - May 4, 2005 by mark williams