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Monkey Audio Winamp Plugin

Plays Monkey's Audio Files (New Version 3.97)

Plays Monkey's Audio Files (New Version 3.97)

Monkey's Audio is a popular lossless audio compression format. For updates and info check
(New Version 3.97)

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December 5, 2003 by Matt T. Ashland735312 downloads

Monkey Audio Winamp Plugin - Plays Monkey's Audio Files (New Version 3.97)

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Play Monkey Audio files in Winamp

Gives Winamp 2 file support for Monkey Audio. Check the link for more info on what Monkey Audio is.


eu nao gosto muito desse plugins sabe eu prefiro o FLAC, pelo menos eu acho melhor - November 16, 2010 by Jimmy Ray

This bad compressor. Crash your PC. Use flac,wavpack,mpc,mp3 instead. Unusable plugin and compressor. - October 9, 2010 by Rob

Great but new version is needed. Get it here: monkeysaudio DOT COMThats the official place to DL it and it works great :) - September 22, 2010 by hitmewithit

Available for download Monkey Audio 4.06 winamp plugin on "free software license" blog. - September 19, 2010 by Pegas Atreyyu

It down not work with the latest Monkeys - This plugin no longer works with Monkey's Audio 4.06 I can not find any Winamp-APE plugin that does. - August 13, 2009 by quadriv

new ver. inc. w/ Monkey's Audio encoder - This version of the plug-in won't work with newer Monkey's Audio encodings. The updated Winamp plug-in is included with the Monkey's Audio download. Go to the program's install folder to find the Winamp plug-in.FLAC may have this feature now, but here's the reason I started and continue to use Monkey's:You can rip a CD as a single .ape file, then use the .cue sheet to generate .apl files for each track and load the individual .apl files into Winamp if you only want to hear one song from the album.I dump the cue-sheet into a sub-folder, text-edit update the path to the .wav/.apl, and generate the .apl files there. Then I can dump that whole folder into Winamp for a full track listing instead of one album file. - February 15, 2009 by bug menot

Annoying, Geh, Doesn't Work (v4.05) - One-half star because the stupid monkey installer worked insofar as it successfully deposited the stupid monkey-befouled conversion software replete with outdated helpfile info about the Winamp Plugin and outdated screenshots showing a plugin-install option that no longer exists. I recommend FLAC, TAK or WavPack, all of which (WavPack especially) far exceed this nauseatingly kiddie-fied bloatware which addresses lossless audio de/compression only as an afterthought to childish graphics and evoking mental images of cutesy-wutesy primates and perhaps a few fuzzy, technicolor memory snapshots of "BJ and the Bear". However, I've hated every monkey I've ever seen, and this one's no exception. - February 8, 2009 by Bastardville Hitchings

Funciona muy bien - Funciona muy bien - December 2, 2008 by Sergio Szlamowicz

This is Not the Last Version ! - This is not the last version of this official Monkey Winamp Plugin. The only current source of the last version of this plugin is inside the install file of Monkey Monkey's Audio version 4.01 beta 2 ! You need to install the software in your computer to install this plugin. - September 29, 2008 by Marcos Ribeiro

Yet another codec... - All of these codecs are getting lame. FLAC more than sufficient for my lossless needs. - July 11, 2008 by Philip Zimmermann

old version - HiNeed newer version of it.Like version 3.99My convert-tool dBpowerampconvert it in version 3.99 but winamp plugin has version 3.97reegards Tulip - March 23, 2008 by Peter Shorney

Monkeys audio - A great plug in for lossless audio play back. If you're going to install this you're better off getting it from their website for the newest version other wise you could get the "ecoded with newer version" error - April 10, 2005 by MrBrosco Brosco

Tr?s bien, caralludo! - Cojonudo el plugin. Lo descargu? para oir unos achivos .ape, pero no me gusta el formato de compresi?n. Prefiero un mp3 a 192kbps. Tiene menos artefacto ac?stico. Los pianos suenan mal con el monito este. - January 6, 2005 by karol woytila

For 3.97 - This plugin was perfect for all of 3.97. Now that 3.99 is out it's replaced with Monkey's Audio Codec (MAC) plugin that comes with the MAC install. I gave this a 5 star rating being it was perfect in it's time. Now it's replaced by the codec authors own plugin which can be found on website. Hope this review helps people with their ape files. 3.99 is well worth it in my opinion. Peace. - November 9, 2004 by TomCat39 Confusd2

Audionut - I downloaded this plug-in only to find out that Winamp tells me that my Ape File was encoded with Monkey\'s Audio version is 3.99 and the Plug-in version is 3.97 and that it will not work until I download the updated version of the plug-in. It seems not to be available, at least not on this site. Sorry for the bad report and rating. :( Rich - October 25, 2004 by Richard Wilson

Cool - Works Like A Champ - December 17, 2003 by Jason Schutze