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ML Import-Export

Media Library iTunes Import/Export + B4S to M3U Converter

Media Library iTunes Import/Export + B4S to M3U Converter

This plugin lets you import and export iTunes XML database format as well as convert your Winamp3 B4S playlists to Winamp 2/5 M3U.

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March 17, 2004 by Francis Gastellu73482 downloads

ML Import-Export - Media Library iTunes Import/Export + B4S to M3U Converter

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while this does an adequate job of saving the ml database, not recognizing files with special characters was a real problem for me. fortunately there is a much better tool now available for backing up and restoring not just ml database, but playlists and smart views as well. called winamp backup tool. it is a stand alone app, not a plugin - I found it on the winamp forums. - June 26, 2010 by polygon q

Good Job! Like the others, I had to spend some time stripping out special characters. But this thing saved all my ratings and playcounts! - May 21, 2010 by DiscoPimp

FINE, but character set problem - Hi,if I use the XML Database on importing I'm loosing all Files with non standard characters in the filenames, because these characters are encoded as %values at export and not in UTF as on my harddrive (Vista, NTFS).Did work in earlier version of the Plugin (when external, before 5.55).Any ideas how to solve?Regards,Lipo - April 5, 2009 by Roland Lipovits

Saved my Media Library! But needs fixing - I used it with v.5.541 and it worked !! Thanks Mr. Francis Gastellu for that. It saved me hours and hours of tagging and ratings. But just like mentionned by Joel Miller hereunder, you have to edit the .xml file (and notepad++ is indeed a great choice for that) to get rid of ALL the special caracters... which took some time depending on your library sier (but it worth it!). - January 25, 2009 by John R

Sounds good but needs to update - From my experience and other comments this plug in does not work with the newest versions of Winamp. To bad I could really use this. - January 18, 2009 by Cabin Guy

Good plug-in - Permits export and the import your rates in case of crach or changing OS or computer.Very good, save-me a lot of time. - September 23, 2008 by antonio diana

Worked great after a little tweeking... - Works like a charm (almost, read on for details). Extremely simple to use, I like that.Crashes on import if your song tags contain non-keyboard characters.Several of the songs in my library had tags which contained such characters (carriage return, line feed, etc.)When attempting to import a previously saved list, I received an error telling me the line on which a problem was found. Following this error it will attempted to import the list up to that line in the file. After importing a partial list, winamp crashed.My solution was to open the exported library (.xml file) with a text editor (notepad++ is what I prefer) and manually remove all these "bad" characters from the xml data. Once the file was completely fixed everything imported fine! - August 31, 2008 by Joel Miller

Works - I would have preferred the plugin to also include the ability to just convert the XML files to M3U files, but I was able to work around this by removing all of the files from my Media Library and then importing using this tool. Other than that, this plugin made playing an iTunes generated playlist extremely easy. Thank you, author! - May 12, 2008 by Sageev George

The exported XML is not good - I keep hearing good stuff about the import database tool but if you export Database and Import after it doesn't do anything the XML exported does not pass the DTD validation. Correct me if i am wrong. - March 20, 2008 by david alves

Cool - I use winamp 5.52It doesn't work.... I don't see the menus!Does anyone have a solution? - January 28, 2008 by Shikher Sitoke

quite good - perhaps slight bug report - I'm actually winamp & ML export - import to help catalogue my video and music collectionThe small problem I found is on import - it the xml file is very big the importer crashes. This only happens on VERY big xml files.The reason I think this is what is wrong is that I tried to import a previously exported file. The file exported fine, but give me a winamp crash on import at a particular line 105804 - "xml malformed. On examining the file I found it ok. Changing the text to something else made no difference. But exporting a smaller xml with the file on line 105805 was ok.So to use use it I simply broke down the exports into mutliple something(s) smaller.(the original big file was 32k with over half a million entries.Except for that - it works!! - December 8, 2007 by rick suzuki

This is awesome, but.. - I've been desperately wanting a plugin like this for a long time. I was ecstatic to find this. Now I find it doesn't work with anything above Winamp ver. 5.21. I've tested and this is true for me. And while reverting to an old Winamp version fixes that, it causes me trouble with plugins that only work with newer versions (such as the plugin that plays iTunes aac/m4a files). I BEG YOU, update this to work with the latest version of winamp (5.34 as I write this). - May 5, 2007 by Narf Narf

Doesn't work for for Winamp v > 5.24 - I'm running a 5.32 and I couldn't find the menu's (I also couldn't find a user guide so I assume it adds menu items) It sounds like a cool plug-in so plz get it up to date and let us know... - January 24, 2007 by Dylan Clement

Worked in an earlier Winamp version.. - I have a large collection (28,5K tracks) and like to work out statistical information beyond what'S provided in the Media Library. This plug-in formerly provided functionality enabling me to input the ML data into an Excel spread sheet, where i could Visual Basic it to my hearts content. Unfortunately with version 5.24 of Winamp, the import/export menu is no longer accessable, that is to say there is no way to access the plug-in :-( Hopefully the plug-in is being maintained and we will see a usable version shortly. - September 22, 2006 by Jimdrix Hendri

Great Concept But Cant get it to work - Using 5.24 of Winamp, dont see the menus at all.. - July 27, 2006 by feeser face

Ok - i guess its ok, its nice to rate stuff on the ipod, have it copied to itunes and then moved effortlessly to winamp. But perhaps albumart could also be moved in this way, because its a nightmare sorting out my songs by their folders!! - January 17, 2006 by J D

This is great! - It does everything I wanted it to do! - January 6, 2006 by Pthalo Green

FINALLY, a way to export my playlists! - I've been lookin for a way and now i've got one, cheers! - July 29, 2005 by m2 mark

Would be cool if... - This is a nice little plug-in, especially as an addition to ml_iPod. However, I think it would be even more useful if there was a further option (possibly with a short config? dialog ? maybe using the Winamp query engine) that allowed you to create an XML file with user defined tags and/or document layout. Such a file could be used in a multitude of different ways, if only for backing up the Winamp media library! As it stands at the moment the exported ?iPod ready? file is full of extraneous ?iPod relevant? information and takes quite a bit of editing to make useful for other sorts of applications. - June 8, 2005 by Daniel Cudmore

umm... useful as hell? - can you say useful? this thing makes it wickedly easy to switch from Itunes. - March 21, 2005 by chump change

This plug-in saved my life - This plug-in resolved a crash issue with my library and saved me from having to re-enter roughly 2300 ratings. Basically there was some sort of problem which would make the media library crash whenever I rescanned my folders. As there is no easy way to rescan incrementally, there was no easy way to track the problem down. My choices were to maintain my library manually, or fix the library by clearing it, thus losing the ridiculous amount of work I'd put into my ratings. But Lo, a Light shone down upon This Plug-in, and it was Good, and it allowed me to Export my Database, Clear my Database, then Re-import it. And Behold the Problem was Gone, and my Ratings were Saved! God Bless You, You Magnificent Bastard! - February 25, 2005 by Cas Dunlap

failed in a pinch - the idea sounded great, but this plugin failed when i needed it most. I built an extensive media library and needed a fresh install of winamp. I exported my media library to an xml file and did my re-install. when i went to reload the library, i got a big fat error. i tried loading it in itunes and it gave me an error as well. if you're going to use this plug-in, i'd suggest testing it before you use it in a real pinch. - January 22, 2005 by jerkface gutstains

nice xml import - however i agree with the other reviewer who mentioned it would be nice to import playlists--that's what i'm looking for, too. i wonder if the playlists are part of the itunes library data file? - November 8, 2004 by Frank Stein

Thank you for this plugin - it was exactly what i needed! - Does exactly what it claims. I used it to import all of the data from my iTunes Library such as Playcounts, Ratings, Last Played in addition to all of the regular track id3 data. Excellent conjunction with the iPod plugin, i now have no reason to use iTunes. - May 15, 2004 by mark t

ok, but how useful - doesn't seem super-useful to me... would be much more useful if it could load in itunes playlists exported as .xml ... doesn't seem to be able to do this. - May 10, 2004 by Rudi Sass

Bravo! - This is very useful indeed. - March 19, 2004 by Peter Manning