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Do some DeeJaying with 2 winamps and this mixing panel

Do some DeeJaying with 2 winamps and this mixing panel

Control 2 (or 4 with headphone support) winamps through one application. The mixing panel features hotkeys for multiple winamps, automatic and manual crossfading tools, a intergrated playlist, skin support, and more. It you want to so some deejaying, this is exactly what you need (I mastered the skill of Deejaying with this thing myself).The MP requires a system which can play 2 mp3 files at the same time, which some soundcards can, and some can't. Windows ME and 2000 have multiple wave devices support for all sound cards.Visit my homepage if you want to download a smaller version.

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March 6, 2001 by Ronald Chu195309 downloads

Mixing Panel - Do some DeeJaying with 2 winamps and this mixing panel

Staff review

Winamp dj's

If you have the dual souncard system, why not become an mp3 dj? Very sleek interface to this one... allows you to assign two different Winamps to seperate channels...which you can crossfade between. I personally don't have the dual, I couldn't test out for bugs. If anybody finds any, please email the author. -dg


about your homepage... - can You introduce in your profile your homepage adress ? - February 4, 2006 by Jan Kowalski

This thing sucks - It won't even sync with either of the two Winamp's I have opened. Also, the interface is too big and complicated. - January 3, 2005 by Rocket Gib

Nice work. - This is a pretty nice bit of software for someone who wants to get started in DJing. However, for the more serious Digital DJers out there get something like PCDJ Red from This said, this software is pretty nifty, perhaps it's just me set in my ways. I've always regarded Winamp as music playing software, not DJ software. But hey, that's just me. In summing up: a nice substitute for one of the many expensive DJing programmes available on the net today. Good fun to play about with and learn the basics of mixing. - July 13, 2002 by Christopher Woods

People - Biker Chick and all you other dumb asses that say this doesn't work or is cheap, you are ****ed up. If you think it doesn't work, LEARN how to use it, DAH. You can just download a program and start using it. U got to program it. This is the best program ever. - June 6, 2002 by Tyler A.

Doesn't Work At ALL! - This thing won't work at all! It does the opposite of what they say it does! SUCKS! - May 23, 2002 by Jennifer Guyton

ARGGGGGGGG!!!!!!! - nice try i give it a thumbs up for effort but no matter what i do it wont lock my winamps - February 14, 2002 by david shelton

The Best there is! - This thing really rules and it is COMPLETELY bugless! I really, really recommend you all to download this one! - July 19, 2001 by Valto Hulttinen

Cool - Tottaly Awesome :) (hehe, greetz, big brother :P) - June 23, 2001 by Peter C

useful to make some real-time simple mixes - this plugin is very poor near a professional mp3 BPM mixing program but i believe that IT IS THE BEST FOR WINAMP. it is useful to make some real time, simple mixes. i am sure it must be easy for authors to make betters. i will talk about it to my friends and visitors. - June 12, 2001 by Bora Yeter

Trivial Application - My seven year olde sister could write an application more appealing than this. Come on guys - you can do better than this. Back to the drawing boards, please. - May 24, 2001 by Biker Chick

hmm - yo i dunno bu a we 'lowed ta say KICKASS this plugin RULES!! ive been looking for something decent like this and its perfect!! - May 18, 2001 by joe smith

This Plugin Rocks!! - This is the best mixing plugin that I have come accross (mind you I havnt been looking for that long) but i just wanna say that I will be using this for the next party that I do. P.S TIP:: use two soundcards, with one Winamp going to one sound card, the other Winamp to the other soundcard, and use an external mixer to combine the signals. - April 8, 2001 by David Elsbury