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mIRC Control Plug-in

Allows Winamp to notify mIRC of what track you are playing.

Allows Winamp to notify mIRC of what track you are playing.

This plug-in lets Winamp talk to mIRC to execute a command based on whatyou play in Winamp.

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December 15, 1999 by Justin Frankel251282 downloads

mIRC Control Plug-in - Allows Winamp to notify mIRC of what track you are playing.

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Heads up IRC

Not sure if we need every one on IRC telling us what mp3 they are playing, but I guess its cool for Shoutcast stations.c-


No Unicode support... - June 27, 2010 by René

The Best - The Best - January 1, 2005 by Maranelo RO

THE BEST! - I always had problems with these kind of plugins.. but believe me, this one WORKS! And the best thing.. it don't repeat the info on irc channels.. like this: /me listen to Nirvana.. /me listen to Nirvana.. JUST THE BEST IRC PLUGIN! - February 19, 2004 by Juliano Souza

MircFoda - So foda... I have a mirc and this plugin is so foda! So Foda really.. - November 28, 2003 by Yuri de Castro Santana

Nice to see, but one correction - It's great to see people like what I wrote, but I'm sorry to see one little typo from me has turned into that much work :) To get mIRC to understand more than 1 parametre, simply add a "-" after the $$1 like this: $$1-. You can limit it to accept 3 parametres by using $1-3. Hope this helps :> - November 17, 2003 by Jakob Kobberholm

Kick Arse! - This plugin is one of the best on! If you spend any time on mIRC, get this plugin. Just don't announce every song automatically, that's annoying. Make an alias that sets a var, then make another alias that announces a var. this way, all you have to do is type /m and it will state the song. This is also more convenient if you press NEXT a lot, since WE DONT WANT TO SEE EVERY SONG YOU SKIP THRU! - November 16, 2003 by Romeo Fe'

Really needs documentation - I got the plug-in to work after taking a clue from Jakob Kobberholm, below. Unfortunately, nothing I've seen here was complete enough to get it working without a bit of reading, a lot of fiddling and too much friction in the channel. ----------------------------------------------------- In the plug-in, I checked the box titled "mIRC support enabled" and entered: /z %s in the "Text to send field." The /z can be any unused mIRC alias. In mIRC's Scripts Editor, I added the following lines to the Aliases file: /z /set %WinAmp.Currentsong $$1 $2 $3 $4 $5 $6 $7 $8 $9 $10 $11 $12 $13 $14 $15 $16 $17 $18 $19 $20 $21 $22 *and* /p /me is listening to %WinAmp.Currentsong The /z matches the alias I chose in the plug-in. /z is called by the plug-in and passed %s which mIRC seems to parse into multiple pieces. Hence we use up to 22 variables to receive the pieces and assign them to %WinAmp.Currentsong. The /p is my trigger for announcing what mp3 is playing at any time. Again, it can be any mIRC alias not already used for another purpose. Almost immediately when WinAmp starts playing an MP3, the song name is passed to mIRC and you can then trigger the alias to report the title to the current mIRC window. Doing it this way puts you in control of notifying the channel, rather than having the plug-in always send an announcement at the start of each track. I am using WinAmp v.2.91 and mIRC v.6.12. Jeff Newman - October 23, 2003 by Jeff Newman

Actually It Does Work In 6.X - I have the mirc control plug-in working fine under mirc 6.x never had one problem one thing i did tho was use sysreset's winamp scanner and the control plugin so winamp would trigger the /mp3 alias and print the song info to the current window! =) (mby try /ddeserver on mIRC and make sure u have mirc support enabled under the mirc control plugin) - August 24, 2003 by g0t hax3d

NEED HELP ! - Hi, "/winamp %s" --In mIRC(Press Alt+A to open the alias page)-- "/WinAmp /set %WinAmp.Currentsong $$1" and "/F2 /me is listening to %WinAmp.Currentsong" Jakob Kobberholm, first of all! what is your e:mail? i understand where to put these lines, but when i put them it it wont work! i dont think im putting them in right! can u please e:mail me with a screenie of them lines in alias please! thanks - July 25, 2003 by Leon Cope

Suggestion - In the next version, if you do one, can you let it respond ti $isdde to see if winamp is running? - April 24, 2003 by Phil Doyle

Awsome Plugin - This plugin is by far the best for mIRC, i've also had that problem with the /me command i've found that /describe #channel works. - April 19, 2003 by tRiP OuT

great plugin if you know your mIRC - plain and simple, just how i like it - less chance for things to fuckup. this plugin is great and leave lots of room for customisation if you know how to do some simple scripts in mIRC. - April 9, 2003 by Martin Bannister

just what the doctor ordered - I've been looking for something like this for a long time. with a little tweaking, I managed to make it work just the way I wanted (that is to say, on command only). here's how: in the message window of the plugin, type in: /write -c c:\mirc\music.txt (or whatever the path to your irc program is, and any filename you want). next, in your irc aliases, add teh following line: /mp3 /me listens to " $read music.txt ". now, when you type "/mp3", IRC will reach out, read that lil text file, and spit it out into your main window. neat, eh? love the plugin, it's everything you need, nothing you don't... although some more setup documentation might be nice. - November 24, 2002 by Miklos Antonionioni

...... - i can't even download it!!!! - August 12, 2002 by dead people

Mostly Excellent - I used it for a very very long time. then I upgraded to mIRC 6.02 and YES i enabled DDE server and the only way i can get gen_mIRC to send is to use "/describe #channel" or "/ame". For some reason, I just cannot get it to send to my active channel like in previous versions of mIRC. But still, an excellent plugin - July 3, 2002 by Sergeant Rauksauff

Does exactly what it says in the title - Before I found this little gem, I'd been having to use mirc scripts like gotilla.... and even a few home-grown ones to handle dumping song titles to irc. Im glad that the info can go the other way round, so now I can use crossfading more effectively. Now... anyone who cant get it working... open up mirc and use alt+o to bring up options. Select General -> Servers. You want to enable the DDE server so that winamp can "talk" to mirc. Overall... By far the best solution for this type of thing, maybe a candidate for bundling with future full install? - June 19, 2002 by Kris Welsh

Problems? - Whoever asked: Change the output to /describe #channel is playing...etc - June 10, 2002 by William Quinn

time and bit rate display??? - Hi it worked well for me, easy to use, and basic. Is there a way of getting it to show the song length and maybe bit rate as well?????? cheers oldfulla - June 7, 2002 by Ryan Emery

security bug - This plugin allows anyone who can trick you into playing an mp3 to take full control over your computer. You can put commands in the ID3v tag after a "|" . example: "t | run notepad" for details see - May 15, 2002 by Wouter Coekaerts

Nothing really useful :| - crashes after some hours... BAD! - May 13, 2002 by Land Rover

Very Good. - Out of this one and another in here, this one actually worked without trying. Its very good. Except could be inproved like adding ability to add color/bold, and add the size of the file with the length. - April 25, 2002 by Jason Cave

How I set it up with mIRC 6.01 - Firstly: thanks to the guys who took some time to write here how they made it work. I had to modify their scripts a little to make it work for me. This might help somebody: /mp3 { set %new $read(c:\now.txt) | if (%old != %new) { me is playing:4 %new | set %old %new } } /now1 /timer1 0 1 /mp3 /now0 /timer1 off - April 21, 2002 by Mikkel Hansen

it works on 6.0x - When I first tried on 6.0, I saw /me: can't use /me in this window like most of the people, then I wrote /ame at the set up string and it worked.. - April 21, 2002 by baris ozcetin

Killer! - who ever said this doesn't work with mirc 6.0x must smoke some cheap drugs! i have it working in 6.01 ur prolly just to stoopid and didn't enable the dde server and made sure it's correct with the one specified in the plugin! /ddeserver on mIRC try typin in that wanker! - April 20, 2002 by trip out

Wonderful! - I've used it with Win98 and now with WinXP and I've never had any problems with it at all. I recommend it to all of my friends when they ask what I use. Great job! - April 10, 2002 by Karrie D

now its works fore me too :P - i hade some problems to get it work but fore me it works with thes lines put "/Song %s" in youre winamp plugin (dont forget to check mirc suport enabeld).. and in mirc alias put thes too lines /Song = $1- /f2 say 4,1 PLAYING:13 press F2 and wualla it comes :P gl all of yaa - April 7, 2002 by Ots Fjant

Re: It's sweeet - In addition to Frank Audun Kvamtr? not only put "/write -c c:\now.txt %s" in the plugin settings but better this in your mIRC alias list : /mp3 { set %new $read(c:\now.txt) if (%old != %new) { me is playing:4 %new set %old %new } } /now1 /timer1 0 1 /mp3 /now0 /timer1 off With /now1 you start the script. This one checks the text file every second for changes and posts only changes. With /now0 you turn it off. It does almost the same job as the original script with older mIRC versions. ;-) Enjoy it. - March 26, 2002 by Steffen Voďż˝

??? - How does it work ? --> how to enable dde in mirc ? --> do I have to type a command in mirc to show the text (ex me listening to lalala.mp3) in mirc ? - March 12, 2002 by Loic DELHAYE

Great - For those of u how says it dont work for mirc6, it does, try enabling dde in mirc options u fewls. - March 9, 2002 by Martin Ling

your right - Richard Chang >> This pluggin doesn?t work.... - February 28, 2002 by ShaG ratH

This pluggin doesn?t work.... - i tried to put this working and nothing happened... i'm very dissapointed.... - February 25, 2002 by Richard Chang

It's sweeet - put "/write -c c:\now.txt %s" in the plugin settings put "/now /me is playing: $read(c:\now.txt)" in your mIRC alias list Then you are up and running... no fuzz, no lame "ctcp MP3 LOOK AT MY L33T mp3-sCr3ptorZ i are playing THIS FILE!"!!" less is more - December 2, 2001 by Frank Audun Kvamtrďż˝

Excelent bit of kit - So simple and just perfect little util, Dont know how any1 could have trouble with it I found it so simple and easy, - November 28, 2001 by Keith Rea

Crashes up the wall - Winamp crashes every time I close it when this plugin is even near winamp (dosent need to be turned on) The other mIRC plugin works much better, see my review of that one for more info why. For this one I had to essentially code up some hacks in mIRC to get the job done. That said I did use this for the longest time, and it worked splended till the crashing started. - November 26, 2001 by Jonathan Steinert

Nice & Easy - This plug in is very nice and extremely easy to configure and use. Most recommended for novice mIRC users who know nothing about scripts and things. - October 15, 2001 by Nahum Wengrov

very very nice - i use it as follows: i send to irc /winshow %s, then under IRC i have the alias /winshow /set %currentsong $1- set and then the alias /showcurrent /me is listening to %currentsong... this way i can control when i tell ppl what i'm listening to :) excellent plugin - August 11, 2001 by Niki Van Strydonck

Love it. - Much better than the scripts I was using. mIRC ain't too great at this, but this is perfect. Simple, nice, and...great. Does the job. - July 30, 2001 by Benedict Frankish

So, so - Has serious memoryleaks in Win2K, crashes after some hours. - July 21, 2001 by John S

Great!!!!! - I love this plug-in. I just tried another after using this one for over a year, then went back after one day. This plug-in, even in it's v0.6 stage, is much better than the other I've tried. Much better command support, such as /describe #chan, and much better customization. I look forward to any improvements. - July 19, 2001 by Jeremy Kudlick

it's really great - its a really good plugin, i was looking for something like this a long while and the mirc mp3 players all suck, but are there more strings like %s like one for the time? - July 5, 2001 by jesse kamps

Doesn't Work!??? - The Damn Thing Doesn't work! - July 4, 2001 by Dennis Dennis

It's just so great - Using mp3 player in mIRC sucks because of the option they haves... the only good thing is the "Notify to chan on play" ... with this plugin its really simple... you can add colors... change the commande of /me for /ame to notify on all chan... ect... it would be more interesting.. if an option like.. dcc send would be added.. when someone type the song.. but cause its playing the id3 tag.. ill guest its not possible... whatever.. its still great... and really brillant ;) - June 26, 2001 by Jean-Seb Coutu

Great! - This plugin is fantastic, I use it all the time in mIRC - just load up Winamp play your song and it does all the rest for you! Fully customizable... Napalm - May 5, 2001 by Gareth Jones