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mirc-dll for winamp-stuff

mirc-dll for winamp-stuff

with this dll you can view the song currently played in winamp in mirc and you can control winamp remotely...

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February 5, 2002 by Sebastian W�sten50016 downloads

mir_dll - mirc-dll for winamp-stuff

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MIRC song display

Allows you to display Winamp's currently playing song in MIRC. Also provides remote control of Winamp. Handy plug for MIRC users.


BAD!! uninstall don't work!! - very very bad!!!!!!!!! it is very very difficult UNINSTALL it!! there is a BIG problem! BAD!! - April 9, 2006 by William Paris

almost perfect - 1.- install 2.- goto mIRC and press Alt+R (remotes) 3.- choose NEW and enter: MENU Channel { Playing .ALL INFO ..Botserv:/dll mir.dll songv | /.msg botserv ACT $chan [MP3]: %song ( %songbitrate KBps, %samplerate Khz, %songlength ) ..Me:/dll mir.dll songv | /me [MP3]: %song ( %songbitrate KBps, %samplerate Khz, %songlength ) .NO INFO ..Botserv:/dll mir.dll songv | /.msg botserv ACT $chan [MP3]: %song ..ME:/dll mir.dll songv | /me [MP3]: %song } u can add variables like %songplaylist %songcurpl %songchannels %songfile 4.- save 5.- enjoy :D - October 24, 2005 by Tom Araya

Good work. - Excellent job!. - December 26, 2003 by Stephen Pye

Lacking one thing - Overall this is a very good plugin, especially for Winamp 2. It is showing its age for Winamp3 support, and I haven't tried that. "songv" is simply excellent. I have used this script for both Winamp notifications and DCC triggers if I want people to download my song. The one thing its lacking from a scripter's perspective is a way to see if the script worked -- i.e., capturing the error message "can't detect winamp" (which normally echos to your active window) and doing something about it. In the current case execution continues. The solution is to allow scripters to use the $dll() call and have the call returns a value. - September 4, 2003 by Jonathan Dance

Mir - jag tycker detta ar ett bra plug-in. - October 9, 2002 by mattis bjorklund

WTF - This is nice plugin but WTF i jus got Winamp3 and the bugger crashes my mirc everytime i try to use it im bit disapointed because i like useing this plugin but it Fuc*s up my mirc :'( - October 2, 2002 by ilkka helenius

Does what it's supposed to do well. - This isn't a bad .dll, actually, especially when used in conjunction with the mIRC Control Plugin also available on this site. All I use the mIRC Control Plugin for is its ability to send a command when a song is played in Winamp. I have it pass along /dll mir.dll songv (no %s parameter) to fill the mIRC variables with the song info, then I use an alias [saymp3 $nopath($remove(%songfile,.mp3))] to display the song. I'd use mIRC Control Plugin exclusively if it had more options, instead of just the id3 info. (I usually like to show the filename of my MP3, since I take better care of those than I do the id3 tags.) mir.dll also has most of the functions of the latest version of moo.dll (a computer statistics and information dll), making it extra-useful and putting the icing on the cake. The readme could have better English, but it's still easy to figure out. Good job. - September 22, 2002 by Adam Powers

Some bugs - Mir_dll did really help me, but it's got a bug: when you (or your scritp) does "/dll mir.dir songv", mir.dll doesn't get the correct name for the song (to the variable %song). So, I need to get the filename (%songfile) and use mIRC's MP3 suport for getting the song name and other parameters. - March 9, 2002 by Augusto Feyh

simple and versatile - The big advance of this DLL is that you do NOT need to setup Winamp, it just works! You can display the current song (+ bitrate, +length, ...) and even use this DLL for DCC-send-triggers. The mir.dll enables you to setup aliases which control Winamp, you can pause/resume/skip/stop/... Winamp without leaving mIRC! Besides the Winamp-stuff you can show infos about your PC (CPU, free HDD space, RAM, ...) and make mIRC transparent (Win2k+ only). - January 16, 2002 by Carsten Otto