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Midi Control by Grover

A simple plugin to allow control via a MIDI keyboard

A simple plugin to allow control via a MIDI keyboard

This allows a MIDI keyboard to control the main winamp functions. Pitch and mod wheels can be used for volume control. Latest version supports Tascam 428.

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November 14, 2004 by Andy Grover25138 downloads

Midi Control by Grover - A simple plugin to allow control via a MIDI keyboard

Staff review

MIDI Keyboard Controller

Simple to install and all that could be checked (since i don't have a midi keyboard)works fine.


Why not for faders? - Hi, liked your plugin very much. But my the keystrokes are not recognized on the first stroke... and my Evolution (now M-Audio) UC-33e is not recognized. Would be great if it worked! - February 24, 2009 by john brown

Humm... Not working here - I was so happy when I saw a new Midi plug in for Winamp. Unfortunately my midi device is not detected (even in auto detect mode) - maybe because it's connected via USB to the PC. Furethemore, mine is not a keyboard but a midi mixing desk, so it uses a different midi note system. What would be nice is to be able to set any midi message control the main winamp functions (transport, volume, balance, etc.). As James Anderson, I encourage the author to pursue in this direction because midi control is so much better then the mouse. - November 26, 2005 by kepa1 buh

Great start - hopefully Andy will continue development as there arn't many Winamp MIDI controllers to choose from works well, auto detect worked fine on a Steinberg USB midibox , the eq toggle doesnt work in Modern view with Winamp 5 everything else works fine it would be nice to be able to choose which functions go on which keys and use more than 1 ocatave, so you could map most of Winamps functions across all 49/61 keys even volume if pitchbend isnt available (eg using a drum machine as a controller) "open" is more an annoyance as it requires interaction with the PC and the key doesnt toggle it closed again great start , lets hope this plugin doesn't disappear into obscurity , a few tweaks and it will be perfect - April 12, 2005 by James Anderson

nice! - Although the pitch up doesn't adjust the volume (pitch down lowers the volume) this plugin works great! - December 6, 2004 by Wesley Cabus