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Music Explorer Plugin

Organize your mp3/ogg/musepack audio files and playlists. Integrated tag-editor and much more.

(This is a new version of the "Mp3 Archive" plugin)Organize your mp3/ogg/musepack audio files and playlists. Very fast free-text-search and grouping functions. Features advanced Id3v1/v2 tag and lyrics editor, CDDB support and much more. All fully integrated with WinAMP.

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July 22, 2002 by Anders Thomsen114965 downloads

MEXP - Music Explorer Plugin - Organize your mp3/ogg/musepack audio files and playlists. Integrated tag-editor and much more.

Staff review

Fairly extensive file and list manager

Organizes music files and playlists. Also has some nice search and group functions, as well as tag correction and editing options. Smooth to set up and use.


doesent work with winamp 5.56 - March 16, 2010 by rubo77

Beautiful piece of software engineering - Excellent and nice looking, true to green screen romanticism. Functionality is well though out and very stable. A lot of work has gone into making this plug-in as good as a media navigator can be, and a lot of really neat tricks underneath the bonnet. I use it as my primary interface on the HTPC. I Love it. - June 23, 2006 by steven taylor

Nice idea that just doesn' work - I give up. I am sick and tired of redefining (and rescanning) databases every time I want to play something. The "explorer" hangs up and doesn't know to recover from: unicode filenames (had to change them one by one, rescanning everything from the start), on unicode tags, on every little thing. Trying to edit tags can crash the program without any error info that can be checked. I give up. - November 23, 2005 by Olga Vol

Very Usefull - I'M glad to say that this is a very Usefull tool to sort your musicfiles. I never thought about to look for something else befor, but now I have it and it's great. If you need a better over View of your Musicfiles, this is the right tool for you. Thomson you have maden greatfull work. - August 28, 2005 by Dirk Florian

anser - its hot - July 5, 2005 by Joe DelRio

very nice but... - I un-installed this pluggin even before the free test period ended, as soon as i saw it isn't free. Another dissapointment was it doensn't use current winamp skin, just has a set of skins of his own. Some features and options are really cool tho, but i prefere to wait until winamp or some other plugin brings it for free ;) - May 1, 2004 by Jojo 544

Fantastic - Even with the added media orginization abilities in Winamp5 this is still a huge helping hand to organizing your music collection. I was able to clean up my collection in no time at all; a task I have been putting off because normally it would have taken ages. - January 19, 2004 by Robbie Edwards

DAMN! - this is one hell of a plug in right here!!! no need for editing tags by right clicking anymore!! this completes it all?? why yes it does!!! if winamp would put this on thier next version, there would be a lot of people would get it!!! if we had the rating of 5 plus, id give it 10!!! good job man!!! - October 18, 2003 by brandon floyd

Must be free - Nice plug-in but...must be free... - September 9, 2003 by Mauricio Nu?ez

Thank you - Well I have used 5 days searching for this great plug in... you allmost made my winamp into a jukebox, now I can just click on the files and they are stored in a playlist. 2 things I hope you will inprove - shortcut to the search fiel. Enter should work like the mouse (put the file in the playlist. Sorry for my bad english. - August 4, 2003 by Bj?rn Rasmussen

interesting.... i like it - it does for me what i would never take the time to do... - July 26, 2003 by Joey Williams

It's Great but it's not FREE - Its the best but you've got to register it (buy it) after 30 days. - June 3, 2003 by kita akita

Essential - If I can use it anyone can, the very best, safe method of arranging your music files. If you have more than a hundred or so tracks it is essential. When I got stuck with problems (of my own making) Anders gave swift help and advice. Even the very early versions were good, this is brilliant. Free upgrades low price, what more do you want? Leo Long term addict - March 2, 2003 by Leo Wood

The best mp3 manager I know of! - I have over 10,000 mp3s, all tagged - and I've been looking for a good mp3 manager for years now. I've tried just about every one out there, and I have to say that MEXP is without a doubt the best one there is. Anders (and I don't know him - this is not a biased review!) has written a program which is extremely well thought out. MEXP does everything I've been looking for - it's an incredibly efficient tagger, it's compliant with id3v1 and id3v2.3 and 2.4, lyrics3v1 and v2, the interface is designed with clarity and a nice design in mind, you can view your mp3s according to genre, artist, album, or any combination of the three, it has an automatic top40 list, it's skinnable (and comes with it's own skin editor!), EVERYTHING is customizable...I could go on and on. I just leave winamp running in the background now, and use MEXP for everything. I don't even see a need to upgrade to Winamp 3, since MEXP does everything it does, and has a better design. Since this is an unbiased review, I will say that MEXP still has a few bugs, but at this stage they're very small and are usually cosmetic. However - this brings me to one of the best things about using this program...I have found that not only does Anders update his program with new betas quite frequently, but he is also very attentive to those of us who post on the MEXP forum with bug reports. Often the bugs are fixed within days. I'll conclude by saying that I registered my copy of MEXP within a day of trying it - and I've never liked an MP3 management program enough to do that before. Max - February 4, 2003 by max snow

Simply the Best Music EXPLORER - MEXP simply makes the music experience with Winamp just GREAT. I've been looking for a plug-in like this for such an awefully LOOONG time. After 4 years of great experience with WinAmp (best media player on PC/Windows so far) I was wondering if there was a better playlist / organizer to handle my almost 12,000 song collection. Fortunately YES, MEXP was already there, and I'm grateful that people like Anders are putting all their efforts and passion to make something so unique and great: MEXP is a must have music explorer and organizer. Give it a try and you most likely won't regret it. I started using this plug-in almost half a year ago and it was awesome right from the begining. Anders did an amazing job with this plug-in and he worked his arse off :) to implement most of the users suggestions posted on the his forum, making it a better plug-ing almost every day. Now the plugin is much more mature and complete, full of new feature that you will certainly enjoy. It's faster and easier to use, and you'll find your songs in a blink. To put it this way: you'll be ONE with your music :) MEXP is the natural extension of your fingers, when it comes to manipulating your songs. All your music, in one database, is easily accesible at just one or two keystrokes by a dynamic free text search. You don't remember where a song is? Just type some letters from the artist name, title or album and the dynamic search narrows down the songs in the list untill you find exactly what you're looking for. Play it, queue it in a quick playlist, edit its IDtags, everything is there in a nice, highly customizable package. You're gonna love it! And yes, it's true, even if this is a Winamp 2 Plug-in, with MEXP in full-screen mode you'll find youself most of the time keeping Winamp minimized. MEXP is now your interface to your music. :) And it's also skinable, so it will look nice on top. Check out the new party-lock feature. You might find this useful if you don't want your drunk friends mess up with your music or playlists. Be your own music master. :) Shall I say MEXP master? I recently switched to MAC so Winamp is no longer an option for me :((( iTunes is a great music player on mac, but I am still missing a lot of the MEXP features. I hope you'll all have fun experience with MEXP, and if you like it, you might consider registering. Anders won't make a fortune out of the small fee he gets for giving you the registration code, but as you'll agree, his work and free time spent too make your music experience as it should be: simple, fast and friendly, worths receiving our gratitutde. I'm not making this for Anders only, I make this for you too, since I want to share with you something that you might also enjoy. Unfortunately no one can be told what the MEXP is, you'll have to experience it for yourself.... Have fun! PS: if you think there are ways to make this plug-in even better, for yourself and for everybody else, use the MEXP forum! The MEXP God will certainly hear your voice! ;) - December 25, 2002 by Marius Giurgi

Just... Wow! - So simple and easy to use once you work out what you're looking at. Rename all your files at once (or freeze your computer for 20 mins while it tries to rename 1000s of files simultaneously!). A great and easy to use winamp interface. Highly recommended - definately worth registering. - November 17, 2002 by Phil Boardman

This. Is. It. - MEXP can best be described in one word: impressive. No matter how big you mp3 collection is, no matter what weird naming schemes or ID3 tags you like to use, no matter in how many sub-sub-subfolders you store your music in or how frequently you change all these factors, this plugin will help you to keep the overview. Navigation is as simple as ever, managing multiple playlists' easy and MEXP even allows you to tag your files. Grooooovy! - November 17, 2002 by Aveneer ip Kjeldor

MEXP - how program should be - The answer to many prays of music lovers. easy, intuitive , fast and powerful. Outcome all potential competitors, and doesn't suck up your cpu resources. If u plan to use your computer to host a lot of songs, or serve as a party DJ, MEXP is a must have. You need nothing else. Navigation is quick, tagging is simple , and scanning is fast. I don't look any more at the winamp screen. I start straight at MEXP screen. This shouldn't be considered a plug-in. Its a stand alone full featured program. - October 28, 2002 by tomer r

Fantastic Music Browser - This fantastic plugin can search for songs instantly and add them after currently playing. Fantastic for requsts at a party. - September 7, 2002 by Anders Hansen

The definitive playlist and mp3 organizer (6 stars) - If you have a large collection of mp3's, and you want to organize them - this is the definitive tool. It can arrange files in folders, rename files, write id-tags from cddb queries and create playlists. It's the perfect companion to any party, where you want your guests to find the music they like - and if you want to create playlists for your party in advance - It's a fair bet that you won't find a better tool out there. Go to for the latest version. - August 18, 2002 by Lars Jensen

wolla, it's the best... - Simply the best mp3 organizer for Winamp... I?ve been using the program for several years now and I?ve been especially pleased with the latest cddb and organizing additions. So anyway keep up the good work, and if any you are wondering about registering MEXP, the answer it YES. It?s worth it. - July 29, 2002 by anders k

YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHH - yeeepaaa congratulations to anders ...(ex find it was great..but MEXP is the plugin we love ! . organize like winamp 3 for winamp2 ..and really kicking woohoo ! great good job (hey staff review put 5 not 4 stars !) (ps i'm not anders brother :) ! - July 22, 2002 by WAFR WAFR