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Messanger Status

Change your ICQ/Trillian status message

Change your ICQ/Trillian status message

->Winamp site did not update my file, hope it works now! try:3

->added Custom Status Messages for ICQ5(german & english)

->added ID3v1 and ID3v1.1 TAGS

->improved "installer"

Wanted stuff:

->Improvment on the Winamp menu(appearance of my Plugin)

gen_icqaway changes your Messangers(<=2003b, Icq4/icq5(English and German version), Trillian/Trillian Pro) away message to the current Winamp song, and any additional text you want.

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July 28, 2005 by Jan Rueth71114 downloads

Messanger Status - Change your ICQ/Trillian status message

Staff review

Now playing away message

Tested with Trillian and this worked as expected.

Will be waiting for the final changes to the new window and also the ability to remember it's size/position would be useful.


geil - sexy geil alles - October 13, 2008 by olaf ross

It's ok... - It worked great the first 12 times i used it, but after that everytime i tried to use Winamp, it crashed my Winamp media player so eventually i had to reinstall Winamp.I give it a 2 stars. - September 27, 2008 by Psycho Nosferatu

Sorry ... Plugin will not work - Hi.@ all,sorry but I can't get running this Plugin with actually Version 6.xx of ICQ ...settings only take ICQ 2003b, ICQ4, ICQ5 and Trillian@ Authorplease update this Tool for newer version and more funktionally (shows Songs @ every Status ... so that it will not only show songs by away or N/A Status)best regardsRadio Saturn - November 29, 2007 by Radio Saturn

Is it just me? - First off I couldn't get it to work, and second the whole thing was in German or Dutch or something. I installed to the plugin directory (only because I knew what buttons were what, not because I could read German LOL) and when I tried to run Winamp it crashed every time. Am I missing something? - September 1, 2007 by Tony Hawley

Great Stuff... - In my opinion this plug-in is great. I first had problems with the installation, because I didn't coose the plug-in-directory. But after I made everything right, it worked good. But there are still some problems... only 4 stars. - September 8, 2006 by Thomas Voegele

does this do anything? - I just couldn't get it to work. The config box is fairly easy to use and I had allt he settigns how I wanted, but it did not appear to change my status. Other users say it works, so it's really onnoying that it isn't for me :( - June 21, 2006 by travis rempel

Just what I was looking for! - Perfect? No, maybe not, but it does the job well and I'm happy I found it! Using this with Trillian (free version) and it's working fine. Thanks very much Jan! - December 22, 2005 by david davis

Comment on Reviews - yes you guys are right, it needs a lot of improvment, but I'm so lazy^^ ;) I did not work on it.. but I promis, I will. The last bit of the last review, I did not understand, from which client are you talking? And the replacementstrings... they are just what you read in the playlist... I'm going to include the ability to choose from idv3 tags an so... I will see if I can add another Messanger you can write me an Email([email protected]) if you have any wishes... The otherstuff(start from plugin control and from right click menu) will be included in the next release! - November 2, 2005 by Jan Rueth

Needs improvement - This seems to be a good start, but needs lots of improvment. The ability to launch from the plug-in pref area is a must. I would also like to see the ability to have it change the descrition of will not away. - October 31, 2005 by Phillip Williams

works but needs some cleanup - The plugin works, but there are issues. The most serious appear to be that the supported strings, %SONG%, %TITLE% and %ARTIST% don't appear to be mapped onto the correct fields in winamp. (For %ARTIST% I get the track number instead. I have to select %TITLE% to get the artist field!). Aesthetically there are also some issues. I had to use a hex editor to correct a spelling error in the title bar. ("Messenger" is misspelled "Messanger".) Also, once the messenger status window is closed, there is no way to open it up within winamp without restarting. This should be accessible from the winamp preferences but it is not. And there is no need for the messenger status window to be displayed every time winamp starts. Such settings need only be available in the configuration options for the plugin in the winamp settings area. - October 29, 2005 by Aharon Varady

How what where - Ive downloaded this plug in, but once installed and i try to configure it ( i assume thats the image u see in the window here) says its already configured...and does nothing? Am i doing something wrong? please explain - September 18, 2005 by Plastic Age

Ingenious! - I have been searching for a plugin like this for a long time now! You can print out your current playing song directly from Winamp into your away-message of your Trillian or ICQLite/Pro. What have been only possible with Miranda since now, arrives at your Trillian or ICQLite/Pro. I myself am using Trillian Pro 3.1 and Jan Rueth's plugin is working fabolous. The interface is simple and functional. You just write the text of your away-message and add Winamp-variables, e.g. %ARTIST% - %TITLE%. That's it! - August 27, 2005 by CAlex Martsch

Nice - I was searching for that!! Maybe add more languages for other ICQ versions!! - July 31, 2005 by Jan Rueth