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Media Library Organizer

Physically move your media library into organized folders and files!

Physically move your media library into organized folders and files!

This plugin will physically move and organize all of your media library files for you, while preserving your media library info, such as play counts. It will also send duplicate files to the recycle bin and much more!For example, if you had a file named "Track 1.mp3", but it had the correct tags, then the it could rename your file to " - .mp3", or "\\ .mp3". You are able to configure the naming scheme however you like.You MUST have at least winamp 5.52To run the plugin and organize your files, all you have to do is click on the big "Library" button and go to "Organize Media Library". Or right click on a track or artist and go to "Send To -> Organize Files" to organize certain files.

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March 14, 2008 by Alan S72767 downloads

Media Library Organizer - Physically move your media library into organized folders and files!

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A little something to help you manage your music.


Extremely helpful. This changed our semi-consistent library into something fully organized. Used with DupeCleaner to identify and remove redundancies across the library. - March 23, 2011 by Brian B

When i first used this plug-in, it crashed every time. After messing around with it i discovered it crashed when it encountered a disk error- before using, be sure to "Remove all dead files" in the media library, it it will run perfectly. Other than that, it tends to leave some empty directories laying around, had to manually clean those up. Buen Trabajo. - January 31, 2010 by [email protected]

Fucked my playlists. - Most songs in my playlists don't work anymore. I can only listen to my songs when I'm in local media, which defeats the purpose of having organized playlists. I've tried to use this program several times, moving songs back to where everything was, but that didn't solve anything. Your directions aren't useful. Unless if I get help, the only way to restore my playlists would be to rebuild them manually. I fucking hate you. - June 18, 2009 by RetaliAsian

Great Add-On - This add on does what it says, but the biggest problem with it is that it doesn't update your playlist file name locations. - April 8, 2009 by Darque Flux

A great idea. - A fucking wonderful idea quite frankly! But it crashes my Winamp. I have Winamp 5.551 Pro, Windows Vita Business edition, running on a HP Pavillion DV8000CTO. T2500 @ 2GHz *2, with 2GB RAM.I have a music collection of 155GB (28706 songs).. I refuse to use Itunes, I won't touch anything that Apple has. I love Winamp and I've been using it since about 1996.. Please email me on [email protected] with any advice on how to get this amazing looking plugin to work effectively on my computer. - April 4, 2009 by Sam Soppet

OMG THANK YOU SO MUCH! - THANK YOU! - February 4, 2009 by Ryan Johnson

Crashes alot - I really like the idea and I wish it worked, but it doesn't on my system. I can send individual files and sometimes groups of files but if I try to process the whole library or even 30 files, it just crashes and winamp quits. Library is a bit of a mess now. - January 5, 2009 by Mike Althaus

Fabulous only plugin of it's kind to wor - great!!!!!sugestion:if there is a '/' character in a field that will become part of the new file system it fails. i would request you add code to clean out invalid characters when moving files - January 2, 2009 by D Staudt

Jackpot! - While my first thought might have been jackpot, shortly after it wasn't so much.This plug-in shows a lot of potential and I hope that you continue to work on it to improve it.With that being said, here's some of the things that I thought could be improved.The first thing that I think could be better is sorting by disc. If you wish to organize it the way it is now, every CD will have it's own folder instead of only albums with more than one disc. So for say Nightwish - Oceanborn. The output would end up being Nightwish/Oceanborn/Disc 1/04 Blah blah.MP3. Instead it should look like Nightwish/Oceanborn/04 Blah blah.MP3 as it is only one disc.Second, I think organizing by Album Artist could be slightly better. Compilations like Armin van Buuren's 001-004 end up making a mess. I'm not sure if Winamp can read the Compilation tag like iTunes can, but if so, I surely hope that this option can be added into the organizing.My review isn't all bad though, here's some things that this plug-in does better than iTunes.First is simply... Speed, the speed at which this plug-in organizes is so much faster than iTunes. I run a mid ranged 64bit system. Organizing with this plug-in on Winamp took maybe 5 minutes for roughly 8000 songs. Let's just say that I made dinner, took a shower and watched a movie while iTunes organized the same library.Next is the much better output on the song names. iTunes always shrinks long names and puts _ for any character Windows does not accept. This plug in simply doesn't show any character Windows doesn't support and always names the MP3 the full name.and finally! The output format is customizable, this is by far the best thing about this plug-in. You can organize your library anyway you would want to.After all, this is a great plug-in with a bright future. I appreciate you spending the time you create this Alan S. and I hope to see future updates to it.PS: Sorry for the length! - December 23, 2008 by Jacob Lewis

Just What I Needed - Great little plug-in that works perfectly, provided you set up the parameters correctly... Recommend backing up your Music folder before running this for the first time. Haven't tried the duplicate removal tool. Doesn't delete empty folders sadly, but considering that can be done with freeware like Remove Empty Directories it's not much of a fault. Finally my Music folder is neat! - December 2, 2008 by s s

Great idea, however... - I am having a problem whereby every time i tell it to organize, it crashes winamp :( I dont know why it does it, and can only think it is because it is not supported in the latest version (which i have, at the moment is 5.541) I would love to see this crash problem fixed. I like the idea but only give it a 3 for the lack of functionality it is giving me. - September 1, 2008 by matra klirahn

Doesn't Work - In the midlle of the organization process my Winamp just shut down.I'll give 0.5 cause the intention was good, but didn't work here at all. - August 1, 2008 by andre felix

Great tool for merging disparate folders - This is a great tool and one I had been seeking for a while. I was using three different tools to do this exact thing with a lot of folder rescanning and other steps. Now I can do it right in WinAmp. I'm using Windows Vista Home Premium with network music folders and Winamp 5.531. - June 11, 2008 by Jonathan Pearson

this is must have plugin - This is a must have plugin if you want to have a clean media library both on your player and your disk.I was looking for that sort of program for month! Thx so much.I haven't seen any bug... Everything work perfect (and I tried every simgle functionnality).I think this plugin should be integrated to winamp release (iTunes manage music on the disk - poorly though - but not winamp)Alan S, your my king. - June 10, 2008 by kjqsdlkj lkjqsdflmkj

Exactly what I was looking for - Works very well and has all the features I was looking for. Only had one problem, it crashes with some poorly formed ID3 tags.I highly recommend this plug-in nonetheless. - June 9, 2008 by Chris Morris

Mostly Harmless - Can't tell a duplicate from an original. Do Not use the Duplicate removal at ANY COST. Delete Duplicates manually. - May 12, 2008 by Shnurui Krystalpyre

Excellent. - Sweet little tool to rename your files and folders based on as many rules as you want.I took off one star for lack of Unicode support, though. I'll give it back if I get my Unicode. ;) - May 6, 2008 by Trent McPheron

Organizing functionality of iTunes! - Probably the ONLY reason I took forever to switch from iTunes to Winamp was because I wanted to keep the ability to have iTunes automatically keep my music folder squeeky clean and organized. Now Winamp can do just the same and so much more. I took off half a point for the learning curve because getting the parameters set up just right is a little tricky, but otherwise this is an absolutely great plug-in, Alan. Good work!Note: Had no problem organizing 3327 songs taking up approximately 17.41 GB - April 23, 2008 by Zac Alling

sucks - This plugin fucked up my whole collection, it sorts your music on artist, so if you have downloaded a lot of playlists with various artists, you get a bunch of maps with only one artist in it. - April 17, 2008 by paul van kessel

Not with Vista - After reading directions, reinstalling it, etc., it would get to the same place (1898 files) and Winamp would stop working. I don't think it works with Vista. Sorry! - April 14, 2008 by Terry Phillips Sr.

Great Plug-In...Some Flaws - great plug in that FINALLY gives me a way to organize my music WHERE i want and HOW i want with many different variables i can use in organization (artist, album, album artist, genre, etc....). The album artist was super useful since so many albums have featured artists nowdays. My only problem with the plugin was that it wouldnt do all 37gb of my music at once (it kept crashing at song # 786) so i had to do it in multiple parts which was time consuming, but still WAY FASTER than trying to track down all my files on the computer.Big ups to the developer and hopefully this minor issue can be fixed in future releases. - March 28, 2008 by nick fitzgerald

nice - totally organized. - March 25, 2008 by Taber B

Good Concept, Major Caveats - The Good: This is a great concept and a very smooth running program.The Bad: Wither I messed up royally or it is still a very simple program that won't recognize a lot of scenarios or work for most people. For example, all my music is stored on its own drive, and each artist is stored in a separate folder. I set-up the program and ran it, and it re-named all of my files flawlessly. Unfortunately, it also took them all out of their artist folder and dumped them into the main "music" folder/drive. Suck (luckily I had backed up all 12+ gigs before running this).It would be nice if scenarios like this could be fixed in future versions, and if their were more options to confirm before the program takes certain actions. Overall, I would still say this plug-in has great potential. - March 25, 2008 by D P

Nice! - Works well! however - when the tracks are displayed in Winamp the bitrate field is blank on all tracks - anyone had a similar problem? - March 23, 2008 by Sam Carter

Finally - Works Good, the only problem I'm having is that it removes any spaces/periods I have in the title or artist names.Any way to fix that =)? - March 23, 2008 by Jonathan Johnston

just no.... - it doesn't organize anything persay it just moves most of your music to my documents so winamp can't play it at all i can't even access the alleged options so i give it what i gave it - March 14, 2008 by Dory Rolfe

Description - Looks like the description formatting got messed up. The example is supposed to be:For example, if you had a file named "Track 1.mp3", but it had the correct tags, then the it could rename your file to "Artist - Track.mp3", or "Album Artist\Disc\Track Title.mp3". You are able to configure the naming scheme however you like. - March 14, 2008 by Alan S