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Med SoundStudio Plug in

plug in for MED mods

plug in for MED mods

Play MED SoundStudio/OctaMED mods with your favorite player

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January 25, 2001 by Ray Burt-Frost56132 downloads

Med SoundStudio Plug in - plug in for MED mods

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Med Sound Studio plug in

Allows you to play MED mods in Winamp. Everything installed ok... nice configurability options. -dg


Doesn't work with 5.2! - Good, but it seems to be broken as of Winamp 5.2 because Winamp crashes if the plugin is in the directory. - February 21, 2006 by Dan Nawrocki

to be improved - i really like this Plug-In and it plays my own old SoundStudio-Files correctly but there could be an improvement in displaying more information about the MED/OMED/OSS-Files like it is in Deliplayer (who by the way doesn't interpret the effects but the Plug-In does). The Time-Display doesn't handle Tempo-Changes on CIA and BMP Timing. I used both in some songs and thats why i saw this little bug. The only Player that is better than this Plug-In is the OctaMED Miniplayer who also plays MODs much better than any other Winamp-Plugin - March 31, 2005 by Richard Wroblewski

Does The Job Perfectly! - Im new to playing MED files on PC. I used to work with all the trackers in Amiga-Day! Anyway this plug-in has enabled me to listen to my favourite piece of Amiga music ever (The game "Hook" title music). Its a bit basic, ie the playing time is not displayed or any vis. but it does the job, and it sounds good! The Author Is A STAR! - April 25, 2003 by Matt Bostock

What a lot of downloads :) - Just noticed that there has been 21,343 Downloads of the MED WinAmp plugin so far and 8,623 from other varied sites I have just checked, that's pretty good. I hope you all find it of use. Shame that many aren't actually *registered* users of MED Soundstudio itself though :) Well done Jens (the author of the plugin) Ray RBF Software - June 10, 2002 by Ray Burt-Frost

It's good, but not that good... - Well since the original OSSv1 on the Amiga NOONE has been able to reproduce a replayer for this format perfectly and this is no exception. It is, however, the second best thing (best on the PC that I've seen)... It only has small bugs on the actual replayer side. The biggest problem with this is the custom DLL which uses it's own output routines (not WinAmp's)... which isn't very friendly. It can't share. It cuts out when another process wants to make noise and won't rediscover itself until the Winamp window is reactivated. I have the Sqr-crossfading plugin and that plays havoc with this replayer too. When these needless bugs are fixed I'll revamp my rating ;] But for now, as far as playing OSS tunes in Winamp goes, this does its job adequately. - September 7, 2001 by Toby Zuydveld

I hope it is freeware - otherwise it should clealy be marked as - shareware which is usually also shown in the category with the "Commercial" title. I still like the fact you took time to read the email i sent to your company months ago. If it is freeware you should talk to winamps devs to ensure the format is an integrated option in the default plug for all recent and old mods what is the extention for the files the amiga had no extention as it was way ahead of its time I hope you dont mind ive been using an Amiga Format copy on Winfellow and WinUAE emulators i think it has problems with k6-2 the emus but fine on other systems i prefered the look and feel of the 2.0 dark like X-Copy do you remember it i have not found an emulator version of it anywhere. the pc versions are so dull without that spring sound effect after task and the purple ones 12.0/11.0/10.0 were a little more stable than 5.0 and 2.0 PC's Will never fully compete with the amiga's level of stability - the amiga had fewer gurus than the pc has had program error boxes and blue screens of death and problems closing programs the kernel 32 seems to be at the base of most of them in 98 - May 3, 2001 by Steve Beer

you cant get anything better than this plug-in - i write songs with MED Soudstudio and i have to say that this plug-in plays MED modules exactly the way theyre supposed to be played. i like how youre able to configure the sound frequency and stuff like that, which makes the plug-in sound better than the actual player that comes with MED Soundstudio. This plug-in even emulates the command to play samples backwards, and emulates the echoing effects, which other players and plug-ins do not do. i give this plug-in 5 stars. - April 1, 2001 by whattt whattt