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Version 1.1. Displays the name of the current track on screen (OSD).

Version 1.1. Displays the name of the current track on screen (OSD).

Version 1.1. Displays the name of the current track on screen (OSD). Uses layered windows so Win2k+ needed.

New in 1.1:
- Enabled selection
- Option to display osd even if Winamp is not playing.
- Fading: in and out
- Frame/background
- Options to smooth text and outline
- Screen aligning/spacing fixed
- GUI redesigned
- Few minor bugs fixed

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June 3, 2004 by Jan-Erik Backman54230 downloads

McTOSD - Version 1.1. Displays the name of the current track on screen (OSD).

Staff review

Stylish track display plugin

Very straightforward and easy to configure. You can set the font type, size, color, screen allignment, fade settings, etc. of the display. Very stylish way to get track ID info.


Stylish and customizable - Use it all the time. In response to earlier comments - current version has ability to enable / disable. - December 3, 2008 by Jordan Houbanov

Awesome - This is a great plug-in with the single fault that the settings are not saved when winamp restarts. To change this: navigate to winamp's plugin folder. Open plugin.ini with notepad. Change all options as desired by renaming the string after the equals sign. Remember 0=off and 1=on. The screen position is numbered 0 through 8, with 0 being the top left going across, then down to 8 being the bottom right. Not to detract from this great plugin, but there is a quick fix if the settings are not being saved. - November 25, 2008 by Nick Knudson

Awesome - Nice little touch to the ever impressive WINAMP media player,thx mate.[img][/img] - April 10, 2008 by Jeff Ree

Nothing to say it's great - overall is great and can customize in any skin, select font for thai font.overall it's great. - June 5, 2007 by Thanin Topol

SIMPLY brilliant - Better than Winamp 5 notifications. Better and far simpler, cleaner and stylish than Toaster plugin. Aesthetically way over the head of any WinXP balloon notification. This plugin is bang on the money. Brass Monkeys all round. Well stylee. Wonderful! - May 11, 2006 by bonkers schmoove

Needs a more complex configuration - This is almost exactly what I was looking for except I'm running a dual head display and it will only display on the first monitor. If you could incorporate an "Expert Configuration" where you could set specific X,Y coordinates on the screen and also add the ability to change the output I'm sure this app would be on a lot more systems. BTW, I really like the frame option, it really sets the display apart from the rest. Keep up the good work! - November 5, 2005 by Dan Dunk

Just what I was looking for. - This plugin does exactly what I was expecting from it. It's simple, small, perfectly configurable and does the job. The only thing I am missing is a shotcut-key for quick redisplaying the info after it disapeared. Alex Wyckmans - August 12, 2005 by Alex Wyckmans

Wow...!! - Wow is all I have to say to that. It was easy to install, and very straight-forward as to how to set it up. It took me a few minutes to find it in the plugins menu, but once I did, it was easy to configure. I didn't like the graphics with it, so I made my own. If you want to see what my OSD looks like, made by hand in about 5 minutes, check it out online here: Great Job on this one.... ~Brett - August 3, 2005 by Brett Patterson

Just Perfect - Great plugin. I use it every day. - May 10, 2005 by ..::: Sebastian :::...

Nice - Really good and nicelooking - February 16, 2005 by Oskar Andersson

Awesome - This is a really awesome plugin... I used to have something for WA2 but haven't found anything compatible with 5 until now. I'd reccomend this to anyone who doesn't like the normal Notifyer in WA5. - February 13, 2005 by Andrew Baker

Excellent work - Nothing more to say...just great. - February 10, 2005 by Sebastian Truckenbrodt

Beautifull, Smooth and very Functional - Perfect! Nothing to add. 5 Stars! Thx for making this. - December 14, 2004 by Nesta Marley

Just what I had in mind. - I have a multimedia keyboard and winamp is minimized so when I changed songs with the keyboard I couldn't know which song was about to play next which was really annoying. So I thought of making a plugin which will do the job of showing what's about to play and will also look neat.. but then I thought "maybe someone had done this before" and some one had! I give two thumbs up on a job well done. - November 6, 2004 by Lior Mualem

Awesome - I love how simple this on screen interface works. Lets you know what song starts in case Winamp is behind other windows or down to the taskbar. - November 3, 2004 by Justin from TX

Nice - Very nice. I like it!!!! - July 29, 2004 by Marcin Kotula

Wouldn't even try it, because... - Toaster, although not as fancy (especially since it won't look really nice on modern skins), gives you the ability to see the rating for the current song playing and to rate it with a keyboard shortcut, it comes with a whole bunch of things and is a top 5 plug-in among every plug-in here. Toaster it is... - July 6, 2004 by ivan loko

Downloaded it...but - I don't see it under my plug ins....where is it located. you can email the answer to me @ or - June 25, 2004 by Joshua Pease

title - This is a pretty neat plugin but there are a couple of things that need to be fixed. 1) like was said before, there needs to be toggle on/off 2) since I installed McTosd the Winamp prefs window doesn\'t remember its screen position and always returns to the top of the screen. There are lots of good things about this plugin, which is how it got 4 stars. The prefs allow you to place the supertitle wherever you want for however long you want, and you don\'t need to have any Winamp windows visible to see what\'s now playing. - June 9, 2004 by Me and My Arrow

Almost perfect - This plugin works great and does everything it says it does however it lacks the option to simple disable it which is both something that is easy to incorporate into the plugin and would be quite useful. - June 5, 2004 by cameron laborde-zank

displays current track on play - Great plugin, very simple and effective. It can be easily customized to look the way you want it too. The only thing I would like to see added would be an option to display the current track if u change tracks while winamp is stopped. overall, very nice...oh and if it makes a difference to anyone im using this with winamp 2.91 - June 4, 2004 by Andrew M