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HotMouse and HotKey

Winamp General Plugin

Version v1.71

With MAHAssistance you can control easily the:

Winamp Volume Remotely;

Seek Current Track Remotely;

and will have Auto Play & Resume last play position.

And handy Song Deleter that move deleted song to "Songs Recycle" in each hard drive.

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January 30, 2004 by Behzad Ebrahimi5464 downloads

MAHAssistance - HotMouse and HotKey - Winamp General Plugin

Staff review

Nifty hotkey plugin

Allows for you to control Winamp's volume and track position sliders by way of hotkey comboes. Also has key comboes for Winamp's other functions such as play/pause/stop/etc. (however, it would be nice if you could further customize these past the number pad keys... because, if you are on a laptop, you don't have the numberpad). Also has autoplay and resume track position on Winamp startup. However, I noticed that when I started Winamp up, it immediately started playing at the beginning of the song... and then jumped to the previous position a few seconds later. It would be nice if there wasn't any lag in this feature. I tested this on win2K.


Horrible - First, it doesn't have what I was looking for. But that's not the problem. I tried uninstalling it, and Windows wouldn't let me do it because I didn't have permission. I ended up having to change the name of the .dll file and delete it. God only knows if it's still there, but thanks God it's not running anymore. It took me 30 minutes to uninstall it. - September 18, 2008 by Aaron Santavicca