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Provides an easy way to control winamp

Provides an easy way to control winamp

MagAmp is a general-purpose skinnable plugin for Winamp. (Here shown with skin by Z. Djakoic)It helps the user to control Winamp when Winamp is minimized or behind other windows.To open the MagAmp window, just move the mouse cursor to the upper-left corner ofthe screen.With MagAmp you can control most of the basic functions in Winamp, such as play, pause, stop, position, volume and playlist.

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June 15, 2001 by Magnus Nordfelth30545 downloads

MagAmp - Provides an easy way to control winamp

Staff review

MagAmp...very handy tool

A very nice way to indiscreetly control Winamp. Just roll your mouse to the top left hand corner of your screen to access the MagAmp controls...which include all the basic options of Winamp, as well as playlist, settings, etc. Fully skinnable too. -dg


Good plug-in - A very good plug-in for people who work in another application, but still want to access the main Winamp controls. 4 stars because it doesn't support modern skins. - December 29, 2005 by Kostadin Kolev

Good job - It's good for someone that works in a another windows program but still wants to control winamp without going to the taskbar and going back to the windows program. It's a great plug-in. - May 31, 2002 by Tebogo Mabusela

lots of bugs - ok..nice..but you can't edit the playlist,you can't move magamp from one corner to another,you can't edit it so that it will stay always on top and the magamp web adress doesn't work - May 12, 2002 by Magdalena Langley

This is... - the best Couldnt live without it now. Once u get this u will have it for ever. This is the most useful, easiest and smallest plugin ever. It only takes about 2 mins to download and its so simple its ... perfect - April 24, 2002 by cow moo

Nice, used it for a while - I do like this, but it caused a couple of problem in WindowsXP when playing full screen games, wondering if you are aware of this. - November 13, 2001 by Giles Cotterill

Very Cool - You gotta like this. Doesn't get in the way of anything. - November 9, 2001 by Jeff Bailey

Works good - Simple, practical, light. Great plug-in. - October 23, 2001 by Dudu Rebel

Freakin Neato =] - it's just that =D - October 22, 2001 by George Carpenter

Ass kicking plugin - I love this plugin. I can have Winamp minimized to the tray and still control it. One bad thing is that you can't edit the playlist. - July 13, 2001 by John Doe

Nice plugin - Very useful plugin. Like Michael Jervis wrote you can't access your bookmarks, but MagAmp is great when you need quick access to the common winamp commands. MagAmp can use your current Winamp skin and that makes MagAmp look great! - June 18, 2001 by Spider Man

Surely Mangnus didn't rate his own plugin? - It's quite neat I must admit. Works pretty well nice and stable. Pops to hand when you want it, but it seems somewhat limited in what it can control. Where are my bookmarks for a start? - June 18, 2001 by Michael Jervis

SOOOOOO COOOL!!! - This plugin is SOOO cool and useful! No i dont have to stick around with the old BIG WinAMP no more. Now i just put my mouse in the upperleft corner and WHOOPS its there!!! FUken great job Magnus!!! Hope you do some more plugins!! - June 17, 2001 by Magnus Nordfelth