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Updated! Better than ever lyrics plugin

Updated! Better than ever lyrics plugin

LyricsShow is a cool lyrics plugin for Winamp. It can display the lyrics of the song you are playing (MP3, WMA, CD... whatever Winamp plays!). The synchronized lyrics can be shown not only in a Winamp-style window, but also in AVS!It's fully compatible with Lyrics3 v1, Lyrics3 v2, LRC v0.2 and enhanced LRC.LyricsShow also provides some nice tools either for your convenience or for fun, including a free lyrics tagger, an open-source MP3 batch renaming tool, a photo module for AVS etc.You can try LyricsShow for free and enjoy most of its features. Once registered, you'll get even more surprises! Don't hesitate to sing out and play around with LyricsShow. IT'S YOUR SHOW TIME NOW!What's New in Version 1.52?::Decimal-fraction-reading bug fixed::Language-switching bug fixed::More language packs added::LRC Editor 4.0 added::Option to create shortcuts added::Better installer and uninstaller::Code optimized::No time-limitation during trial use

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August 17, 2001 by Lucien Wang217043 downloads

LyricsShow - Updated! Better than ever lyrics plugin

Staff review


Very complete lyric viewing plug-in... allows for traditional lyric viewing as well as an option to use the AVS window. Check out for more info and downloads. Good amount of updates for version 1.52.


So hold doesn't work since winamp V2 - Nothing to say I won't go back to winamp V2 - March 13, 2006 by Loulou azentiop

99% working - This is the most simple and functional lyrics viewer I've tried. Also has many useful customizations. The AVS lyrics display worked for the very first song I played with it... then POOF the lyrics disappeared and I can't get them back :-( Unfortunately, this is an old plugin and this guy doesn't have a website or anything to ask questions or look for updates. That's why it's 4 stars instead of 5. - December 3, 2004 by Alan Karna

no show in 5.03a - Don\'t get exited, when run in Winamp 5.03a it flashes a message \"cant do it\" or so, and runs away. - May 20, 2004 by Joop van_Steijn

Great but... - The plugin is great. Great piece of coding. But unfortunately shareware. And is there any forum for it? I am really amazed if i could save as built in lyrics like id tags instead of external files. Help me finding the official site. - March 19, 2004 by Lomas Joshi

badly programmed - this was obviously badly programmed, it wont run in the winamp 5 betas ps, dont ask me how i got em lol - December 1, 2003 by Devil Dude

Why? - Why the LyricsShow don't read the lyrics of my mp3 tagged with the mp3ext 3.4? - July 9, 2003 by Vinicius Moreira de Oliveira

Lyricshow - It only took a few minutes to figure out how to add my own lyrics. I love being able to see the lyrics to the songs I am playing w/out having to search my hard drive for them. I love it!!! - June 1, 2003 by Valerie williams

There are better plug ins - and they do much better job. - May 20, 2003 by rainbow demon

Best plugin for showing lyrics! a must for karaoke fans!!! - Forget all other plugins for showing lyrics. this plugin will do it! The very complete plugin for winamp to show lyrics! lyricsshow shows lyrics either in a own windows (scrolling) or in AVS (double line - like a real Karaoke machine - the timing is perfect!). If you do not like the window where the lyrics is scrolling, just shut it down and use the AVS window to show the lyrics. Furthermore the window for scrolling the lyric skinned itself automatically with your winampskin. the free version (not time limited) has enough features to run it up to to your expectations. changing fonts, colors and fontsize, correcting lyrics with a own lyric editor etc. Once registered (plus a small contribution) you will get more features like a module for adding Photos in your AVS etc. I am thinking about it to get the registered version, because if some plugin (there are a lot rubbish out there in the plugin world of winamp) deserves a financial contribution, LyricsShow deserve it!!! first you figured it out how to tag lyrics and associate it with your Mp3 song, you will become addicted to making your own karaoke song. really, it is very easy. Take your time to learn it, it is worth to do it. If someone still havent figured it out how it works.... may god help him. I hardly can wait for a updated version, compatible with winamp 3. P.S. For someone who can not find the instruction for Lyricsshow, better look into your startup folder under lyricshow for winamp (users guide) or in your winamp folder. - March 31, 2003 by Sebastian Lac

Nice - I've been searching a plugin capable to read the Lyrics3 lyrics, and after several tries I ended un on this one. It works just fine, however a star is missing because it uses the processor quite intensively. - January 27, 2003 by Andrei Toma

Very good! - This program is a very very good program... It may be a little hard to learn how to use but once you know, it is great. This plug-in displays the lyrics on a browser as thre song plays. Get this plug-in!!!!! RHCP are the best! - July 21, 2002 by Chuck Wiltgen

Sensacional!!!! (awesome) - It's very EASY to create the files and associate with MP3 files! Just drop lyrics to Editor and synchronize listening to the music, pressing the tag button. It's amazing with AVS turned on! (you can sellect the visualization on background). The best plugin ever!!! - January 6, 2002 by Alexandre Nozawa

A very complete plugin - Awesome!! This pluggy is really complete -- can edit lyrics, scroll lyrics, and can even highlight them line by line karaoke-style on the AVS screen! It is very highly customisable as well. Only bad thing is you have to register and pay US$25 to get rid of the "UNREGISTERED" word appearing at the end of a song. However registering entitles you to a "bonus pack" of stuff (like u can add pictures to your karaoke AVS screen). I have tried about 7 of the other lyrics plugins and this is the best so far (even without registering). As I don't really need that many features for the moment, I will be using the plugin without registering. - January 5, 2002 by Eugene Sia

?D?`??.....?@?w?ndownload... - ?n?n??,???k?n????,??o??help?@?w????,?S?hfunction?z,?@?y????---??!! - December 2, 2001 by Hazel Leung

PERFECT! (well, almost) - this plugin is cool!!! i love the fact that it supports lyrics3 because the lyrics are saved into the mp3 and not on separate files. still you need a program like mp3 manager 32 to create the embedded lyrics though, but THIS IS A 100% RECOMMENDED DOWNLOAD!!!! BEAUTIFUL. having to register it sucks though... ;?) - October 15, 2001 by Jose Castellon

great program - though a little bit hard to learn at first - October 7, 2001 by lili lee

NO GOOD - Its no good way too hard to learn how to use i dont like it so DON'T DOWNLOAD IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - October 7, 2001 by Beau Briscoe

Five stars! - Pretty good lyric displayer. Don't miss it if you love to sing along with songs. - September 10, 2001 by marshall k. lee

Yeah I like it! - I've recommended it to all my friends. And most of them find it useful too. - September 9, 2001 by Joer Shagin

Very nice lyrics displayer - It's a pleasure to use this plugin. Hope it will support Winamp 3 soon. - September 9, 2001 by Hilbert Daniel

Download this updated version! - Many good updates! :) - August 18, 2001 by Ken Lepond

Wow! Cooooool! - Hey, I'm so happy to tell you that this new version has no time-limitation any more! Download it now! So cooool! - August 4, 2001 by Mike Mixcum

Very complete! - The most complete lyrics plugin I've come across here. I like it. - August 4, 2001 by Hilary Friebe

123 - g - August 3, 2001 by mario perez

Very useful` - Very cool as well! Now I feel addicted to sing along with this plugin. BTW, don't forget to download the free lyrics editor from - June 30, 2001 by Frank Zendek

Cool enough to get five stars - I've tried almost ALL lyric plug-ins here and this is probably the best I have come across. Yeah I like it. But... it could be better. I'll be glad to register if the next version adds an option to specify a different background colour for the line that is being highlighted. - June 23, 2001 by George Besseau

Finally I found it... - Just what I've been looking for! A plugin that displays lyric in AVS. It also provides the traditional lyric window which has a smart auto skinning feature. If the lyric can be highlighted word by word(the traditional karaoke effect), I won't hesitate to give it 5 stars. However, if you just need a line-by-line lyric displayer, don't miss this one!! - June 23, 2001 by Daniel Gambera

This one rules - Really cool in AVS window! It's not perfect, but definitely the best lyric plug-in I can find at - June 22, 2001 by Sophie Lapointe

Kick-ass plugin - At first I don't know how to use it. After reading some bits of the help file, I begin to realize that it's really easy and enjoyable to play with this plugin. And my girlfriend shares the same opinion with me. - June 22, 2001 by M.T. Green

liricshow club in yahoo - if you try some please create or subscribe this club .thanks - June 21, 2001 by lyricshow lyrics