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Lyrics Plugin

Easy to use lyrics plugin

Easy to use lyrics plugin

Lyrics Plugin is a piece of software tailored for music fans. To put it simply - it is an add-on to view lyrics in WinAmp. No more searching for lyrics. Just start listening to your favourite songs and lyrics will be displayed automatically. Oh, and if lyrics is not found, you can add it yourself :)

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July 31, 2006 by Lyrics Plugin723401 downloads

Lyrics Plugin - Easy to use lyrics plugin

Staff review

Simple lyrics viewer

Well it does what it says, it's simple and it will display the lyrics for the track currently playing (if found) otherwise you can add/edit your own which was nice (as long as it's not abused though).

Workd well with the the main stream tracks thrown at it and there were no apparent stability issues.


this version didnt work for me (W7 32bit)but on the site there is a working version. - March 17, 2011 by hrcho

Winamp crashes on my W7SP1 64bit - March 2, 2011 by BahaDur Ozkurt

Crashing my Winamp on 64-bit machine. - February 15, 2011 by yclian

Working just fine, with all sorts of lyrics! - February 1, 2011 by Vivis

YES! Works again with a brand new installer too! Way to go, best and most complete and exhaustive lyrics plugin - THANKS A LOT! - January 17, 2011 by Petros Georgantas

Works OK now. Get plugin at Lyrics Plugin website. - January 14, 2011 by Jong

Reinstalled again but still crashes. v5.601 - January 11, 2011 by Asgaroth Belem

redownloaded and reinstalled the plugin today on 5.601 and works ok. - January 10, 2011 by Razvan

crashes last version :(awesome though(when working lol) - January 10, 2011 by [email protected]

Crashes when installing in Winamp 5.6. Latest version. You should check it. - January 6, 2011 by slipknotya

Fixed and working again! Great work and great plugin - December 20, 2010 by Piculin

thanks for the update for winamp - great plugin! - December 19, 2010 by Mike Crossland

Yesterday I installed the fixed version, it worked. Today I try to start Winamp - crashes right the same way as with the old version... - December 19, 2010 by Ivomir Petrov

It works again! Just go and download quickfix version. - December 16, 2010 by João David Gonçalves

Complete plugin, but a lack of update have killed it! New version of winamp uninstall this plugin. Update it or free your code! - December 15, 2010 by Joaquim

Still working for me!gen_lyrics.dll got renamed to during install, so I just renamed it back to original and it works. - December 15, 2010 by Baca Rohan

I DONT HAVE THA CHANGE MY LANGUAGE - December 13, 2010 by vlade_alfa_gv

very nice plugin indeed.98 posts of hail hail and no fix yet. :(some call this guy to his cellphone! - December 10, 2010 by delabarra

Please, fix this,becuse with version 5.601 of winamp no longer works. - December 9, 2010 by Mako chan

No longer works - Winamp crashes until gen_lyrics.dll removed. - December 5, 2010 by Roman Marecek

crash with lastest version of winamp - December 1, 2010 by [email protected]

This was working great until recently, now all my songs pull up the wrong lyrics. And the edit window doesnt work anymore. Not sure whats wrong but it might need an update. - October 18, 2010 by vato76

Thank you very helpfull, search lyric now more easier, good work - October 14, 2010 by [email protected]

wrong latin lyrics,ie upgrade and winamp downgrade didnt work.need help - August 29, 2010 by ahmadhafez

GREAT plugin! But it needs the msvcr71.dll and Winamp uses a newer version, an update would be great, or maybe just compile it using static libraries... - August 13, 2010 by Vargas

Using Winamp v5.552, WinXP (32bit). Fast and Simple. Great Job people. - July 4, 2010 by mycoolhead

Simple. Very good, I really recommend it. - May 21, 2010 by mauriciolondoo

It suddenly cannot connect to the server...Great plugin except for that - May 13, 2010 by tsimms1964

"edit" and "configure" buttons are NOT working ! :( - May 9, 2010 by [email protected]

This worked very well for me in the recent years. However, now with a Win7 64-bit machine the script cannot access the database anymore. An upgrade is highly appreciated. - April 6, 2010 by az frankie

Best lyrics plugin! Thanks man, great jo!! - March 24, 2010 by Richtersson

It was an awesome plugin until it got resized so big that i it took too long to drag it back into the area of my screen and i uninstalled it - March 6, 2010 by trashman1990

Simple - February 21, 2010 by Petko Vassilev

WOW - I downloaded this thinking I would have to find the lyrics and type them in but they came right up - immediately - maybe even sooner than that - lol.Amazing plug-in - November 29, 2009 by Roger Blakley

Gud having lrc file for some songs in the same folder, same file name.. but it didnt displays the made this plugin to search internet for lyrics, it not present any search for lrc or txt file in the directory.. thanks - November 3, 2009 by udhayaraagam

mmm - doesn't work with my winamp 5.56!!!!!!!! - August 4, 2009 by aguante50

Wow - This is the best, and I tried them all. IT's very quick, I've thrown loads of abscure track at it, and its only failed to pick up on about 2 so far. Veyr Cool - July 10, 2009 by andyb63uk

Excellent! - It's a very useful tool, doesn't show wrong lyrics like other lyrics plug-insIf it can't find a matching lyrics it lets you search in google for the right one. - July 9, 2009 by juanjos37

Great tool! - This tool is great! To everybody that complains about the font: The function to change the font IS implemented. Just look at the bottom of the lyrics window, there are 3 functions: "edit", "search google" and "configure". You can change the font, text colour and background colour over there!!!Additional feature that should be implemented: Look for the lyrics in the songs tag! If it is there, use that one. If not, use the online one and automatically add those online lyrics in the tag so that when you don't have internet anymore, you can still enjoy reading lyrics! - June 28, 2009 by damien.decremer

'Lyrics' replicates in 5.552 View Menu - As a previous user has experienced, since my upgrade to Winamp 5.552, whenever I enter the View menu, the Lyrics list item replicates within the menu. If I click on the item, it replicates again. Soon there are many copies of the Lyrics item in the menu.I can only reset the menu by closing Winamp; but the problem continues.Since there is no link for the plugin author here, I'm adding this comment in the hopes that a fix will be listed. In the past, Lyrics Plugin has worked great for me. - May 1, 2009 by T Nedilsky

Winamp 5.551 View Drop-down leak - Hello,I am reporting it this way as I didn't find a way to contact the author directly.I have upgrade from 5.550 to 5.551 and discovered a small annoying problem. In the Main toolbar 'View' drop-down, where you have the Playlist, Dynamic Library etc. I have installed 2 additional plugs, Lyrics and Leo's Lyrics. Both of them causes that the View Drop-down keep adding and adding either Plugins into the 'View Drop-down' if you select/deselect from the 'View Drop-down'. So the 'View Drop-down' becomes Endless long with duplicate entries.I removed both plugins and all looks fine. Installing one or the other or even both causes this problem.I didn't have this problem with the previous version of Winamp, 5.550.This look for me more a bug in winamp 5.551 then with the plugins.Brgds,Bas.Response I got from Winamp Support Forum Moderatorthe plugins will need to be fixed to work correctly with 5.55x as there were changes made to the handling of that menu which fixed an issue where winamp's own plugins wouldn't correctly appear in the list all of the time and i'm going to guess they're not adding to the menu in the correct manner.point the author's at this which gives info needed on adding an item (which should also work correctly on previous Winamp versions).-daz - March 27, 2009 by Bas Caves

excellent - excellent plugin,simple and functional but lo i have a problem,when i start using vista ,i cant install this plugin to winamp,everytime i try i got error message,and conseqeuntly ,i cant use the plugin,any one can be of help ?? - February 16, 2009 by ssavass ahmet

simple but, the best !! - simple but, the best !! - January 6, 2009 by Garnt setaputta

best lyrics plugin around - I've tested all of them. This one is the most simple, effective and neat.Its database is not as huge as LeoLyrics' but for the few it misses you can easily add the lyrics for it.Recommended. - December 24, 2008 by Gabriel Klein

Best Lyrics plugin - However, it has recently stopped working, I tried a couple of other lyrics plugins but found this to be the best, so went back to it. Reinstalled and get the 'Lyrics' option in the menu, but no lyrics box. Any hints as to how to get the lyrics pane back? - October 9, 2008 by David LC

Useful - Very handy when I can't be bothered reading through 50 different sites for lyrics.Being able to use something other than IE would be nice though. - September 16, 2008 by Dean Foley

Trojan!!!! - Unfortunately unable to rate this, since Spybot S&D immediately found a trojan (zlob.downloader.sot).Unfortuantely I added this comment also to MiniLyrics, but that was a mistake. - September 3, 2008 by Job Vondeling

easr to use - can findalmost lyrics - August 23, 2008 by kajeejit sriburee

the best available - it really comes in handy when I would like to read some lyrics.the only thing missing is that all the lyrics comes up like .lrc files, but I think that would be a bit more difficult for the plug-in to search up because theres not many places on the internet were it is possible to download .lrc files. At the same time it should be a big library of lrc files - August 19, 2008 by Zig K

didn't crash-found songs - I tried several others that are highly rated here, but one froze my computer and the other couldn't find lyrics for most of my music. This one is plain and simple and functional. - August 18, 2008 by Celtic Chrys

Great, when it works! - I have had this LYRICS plugin for a long time. I recently downloaded the new Winamp version. Now, the LYRICS plugin still works except for the EDIT & CONFIGURE parts of the program. Can anyone help me get this plugin working again? - July 28, 2008 by Carl Gsell

Magic ! - I'm a lyrics fan, and this plug In is just what my amp needed ! Very good ! Congratz !Daniel @ So Paulo - Brazil. - July 12, 2008 by Daniel Cabral

Very good. - Good, fast. Excellent. - July 3, 2008 by hernan tello

proposal - It's very good, It wound every song I'm listening.Can you put this plugin in visualization like Joseph DkE did. It would be nice. - May 31, 2008 by Mladen Orozovic

sounded like a good idea - hit the download button and instantly my antivirus went off saying a trojan was connected to it. so therefore i cleaned the infection and did not download it. thought you should know. - May 14, 2008 by Sean Dorman

Very nice - Great for Beck or Tool. Sometimes it's nice to know what the music is trying to REALLY say. Cannot configure the colors though ohh well... It's nice anyways. - May 6, 2008 by byron drake

Its good - Its goodBut its speed whitch it search is slow - May 2, 2008 by tykingco2 tykingco2

well - a trogen virus was found in be careful??? - April 24, 2008 by Bizzarre Rebel

try and see - Amazing. My girlfriend will surely like it - March 29, 2008 by Gilux Dj

new versions applicable with winamp 5.5 - "Lyrics Plugin" is now found at: for winamp (even 5.5) AND wmp!!!- best in the west!! (and i know leo's {..and other..])... - March 25, 2008 by tom lehrer

Twas ok at first. - It was a great lyrics plugin, UNTIL ZoneAlarm found it was a Trojan Dropper!!!!Warning people, scan before installing!!! - January 18, 2008 by Zahan Sellars

It's OK but.. - This plugin works fine unless you have some music which title/artist name contains non-english characters. It doesn't recognize these songs then... I'm Polish and half of my mp3s are polish artists so it's a bit problematic to use this plugin. In other case: it's OK. :) - January 15, 2008 by Przemek K.

It's WORKING! - finally I found something that I actually need - clean and simple. My playlist have 5 songs from REM, Kula Shaker, The Lemonheads, Lou Barlow and New London Fire right now, and this plug-in magically shows the correct lyrics immediately even before I got enough time to blink: what else could I ask for!! :DIan Yang - January 7, 2008 by Ian Yang

Broken in Winamp 5.5 - This was a great plugin and I've been using it for years, but it's broken in Winamp 5.5. It will crash Winamp and there isn't any explanation. It took me a lot of research to figure out what's going on. If they get it fixed for 5.5 then it it'll probably be great again! - December 16, 2007 by Sean O'Brien

Ntido - Calidad, creo que es un buen buscador de Lyric de nuestras canciones!! - November 11, 2007 by Irving Lopez

let my winamp freeze-not compatible 5.5 - This plug-in lets my Winamp freeze - at its start for ca. 3 minutes. It's very frustrating.And on Winamp 5.5 I saw no possibility to lay the lyrics windows over the other Winamp-windows.It's a pitty... - November 4, 2007 by Fried Herz

It doesn't work - Im online...tried different songs...but nothing happens in the lyrics window... - November 3, 2007 by dieter baumann

muy sencillo - super facil de usar, simplecompletamente customizable (colores, letra)es rapidomuy bueno, es lo q andaba buscando - October 27, 2007 by camila varas

Very nice! - This plugin is very simple and does exactly what it says. Any music fan should have this. Is it possible to have black background with white text and customizable fonts, too? If this was possible I'd give it a 5. - October 7, 2007 by Andrew NA

Awesome! - This is even better than Leo's Lyrics plug in. It is easier to see and doesn't error out! Awesome job! - October 3, 2007 by Vanessa Allinger

A must have! - It does what it has to do.Its free.You can add your own lyrics.Thanks for releasing it! - September 12, 2007 by Jos Antonio Snchez Snchez

WOW - This plugin has songs even from my country - September 11, 2007 by Romanian Guy

Great, but... - This is a great program: lots of songs, even in spanish and other languages. The fact that anyone can edit the lyrics is great. The only thing that kept me from rating it 5.0 is that there's no offline cache. That means that if you aren't connected to the internet, the song will not be displayed, even if you just read the song 5 minutes ago. - September 10, 2007 by Guillermo Morales

It would display the file.mp3 info - Why Winamp don't create a plugin that shows lyrics added to file information. I ususally add it to file. Besides not everyone has Internet connection to use the plugin, but for me the lyrics plugin database in almost empty. However I don't feel upset because of unusefull download, there is a lot of creapy stuff available though. - September 1, 2007 by Dorts Dorts

online only - this add-on does not store any lyrics on your computer so you need to be online to get lyrics. - July 14, 2007 by Adam Dub

COOL - Very fast. But where is save options?Is it internet required to run this? - July 6, 2007 by Karim Ullah

must be good - AMAZING!!AMAZING!!AMAZING!!full stop! - July 3, 2007 by tho fou

Fairly Impressive - I was impressed when it knew lyrics to Dar Williams songs. And unsurprised when it didn't know the lyrics to more obscure bands (eg, Bitch & Animal). All-in-all it did a good job with most of my collection. Now on to the bad stuff:1) The lyrics for Kraftwerk's "Autobahn" were wrong which I find bizarre. It doesn't have many lyrics!2) It doesn't have any lyrics for my Aphex Twin or Violent Femmes songs. Both bands are/were fairly popular.2) BIGGEST PROBLEM: it's overly sensitive to slight variations on ID3 tag info fields. I found this out with a song I have twice with the the Artist tags differing a little in format and the Title tag differing by one having " [LIVE]" at the end of it. OK, I know that it's not the easiest thing in the world to handle differing fields, but as a user it's annoying.But, overall, I love it. Finally I know the lyrics to the Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex theme song "Inner Universe"! - July 1, 2007 by Lucy Homan

Wow - Works great...but I closed it and it stopped coming up for me, I had to reinstall it. Other than that, it's awesome! - June 15, 2007 by Bryan Parent

Works and gets better! - I installed on a whim. It identifies 95% of my 8,700 tracks. Where it doesnt Its usually an error on my part speeling or describing the title and thats easily edited through winamp view file info command. The google search function and edit function allow you to look up any lyrics not found.So finally you have lyrics for 98% of your tracks excluding instrumentals (!) and really really obscure stuff which is nowhere on the web anyway (Words to the generals daughter theme???)Its stable and never caused any problems.I rarely if ever write reviews of anything but got so much out of this it made me log on solely to write this. I wholey recommend this Plug In.One thing I'm curious of... does the plug in update the lyrics database. shame to waste that extra work in a short time the database could be THE AUTHORITYWell done WinAmp - Best on the web !!!John - June 3, 2007 by john nimrod

Good! - Simple to use. But using the web you cannot search for the lyrics. - May 11, 2007 by Gustavo Czobel

As Seen on TV - Simple, lightweight plugin that displays the lyrics file, no more, no less. Since all that is downloaded is a simlpe text file, lyrics are displayed instantaneously. All in all the perfect plugin for those who only want the lyrics with no fuss. - May 8, 2007 by Fire nzeta

Simple, quick and does the job! - The name says it all: THE Lyrics Plugin! I wasted 30 minutes trying plugins that would search lyrics on the internet and display them on WinAmp. As soon as I ran Lyrics Plugin, I unistalled all others! Its blazing fast (almost unbelievable!) and I am loving it! - April 24, 2007 by Luciano Bargmann

Just great - It even displays lyrics from rock bands from my country (Colombia), is extremely light, it uploads lyrics right after the song starts. Two thumbs up, recommended.!!! - April 21, 2007 by YHON MONTES

WIN98 - Running under XP it´s Great!! Running under WIN98 don´t work. - April 20, 2007 by oscar cuzzani

Very nice lyrics plugin - This little plug-in does what it says it will do. As soon as a song starts playing, up come the lyrics. Because it allows one to enter the lyrics for songs not in its database, my personal hit percentage was very high. Only saw one minor weakness. Although the plug-in skins, one is limited to selecting only basic colors for text, background, and links. This gives a bit of an uneven appearance when switching skins. One way this could be addressed would be to give a configuration option to use the fonts and text colors being used in the Winamp play list. This would give the plug-in 100% consistency in appearance as well as performance. That aside, this is one decent plug-in. - March 19, 2007 by Steve Kelly

What am I to do ?!? - This plugin is [for me] the best one of its kind. I've tried most of them and even if some have extra options, this one does exactly what I want it to do and doesn't hog my system. BUT!! I've just upgraded to Winamp 5.33 and it doesn't want to work anymore: Winamp crashes every time I try to launch after I installed this plugin. I have many other plugins, but none I didn't have with Winamp 5.32 and it used to work just fine... I'd be greatfull if the author or anyone with the required knowledge could take a look at this? Besides that recent bug, it became an essential! Great job! - February 20, 2007 by Nicolas Lavergne

Good plugin - What I like about this plugin, is that its light wieght and simple. Unlike other plugins that display bloated websites with lots of ads and images, it just displays the text. Also, it works if you have Ie7 installed. I didnt face any problem. The lyrics database is slightly weak though. - February 8, 2007 by Pallab De

Problems With IE7 Browser - Winamp will not run on my computer with this plugin since I installed "Internet Explorer 7" . Once I uninstalled this plugin I had no more problems . - January 15, 2007 by fred falcon

good plug in - good plug in, works very well but missing lyrics for some songs - December 8, 2006 by Ross Speer

best ever - most of my songs are in the database and they arn\'t so populare. - December 6, 2006 by Regwinamp Polchau

Excelente - Un excelente plugin para las lyrycs - December 2, 2006 by Rutilio Iraheta

will wipe out winlyrics - If you have winlyrics installed this program will overwrite it and it will no longer work. Otherwise this is a decent lyric ap but winlyrics is better. - November 17, 2006 by No Hart

Remarkable little plug-in - Awesome little plug-in! Worked flawlessly the moment I installed it. Well recommend to any lyrics enthusiast. - November 11, 2006 by Jeff T

WOAW - Bravo and thank you - November 7, 2006 by Patrick Habis

The Best Lyrics Plugin - Is fast and it find all the lyrics that U Want, well not all but much of that, is easy to use is the best - November 2, 2006 by Gerson Sosa

Works excellent! - Works great! The only bad thing is that it can't find all lyrics, but allmost. The Swedish punk music i'm listening to may not be that known evereywhere. But more international music works allmost everytime. - October 7, 2006 by Johannes Pilback

Doesn't work - Do I need to change settings for Internet Explorer??? And how do I add lyrics? When I ran it it displyed an empty window.. and that's all... - October 3, 2006 by Adrian Peter

how to activate? - as the review before me, how do you activate it? - October 1, 2006 by Miseria Cantare

Where to find? - Good Plugin, but how can I activate it? (Using: Winamp 5.3/Classic Skin) - September 29, 2006 by Paleiko B

Love this plug-in! - Works like magic. Start a song and within a second the lyrics appear. Love it! - September 16, 2006 by John Elstad

Nice Job! - This is a nice feature that every lyrics buff should have! It's very stable, I haven't experienced any crashes or bugs yet. It's also very reliable. I went through my list and it found most of the lyrics, but it missed some of the more obscure files. The neat thing is that you can very easily edit any lyrics. If the plung-in can't find the lyrics for a song, you're just one click away from the edit screen, it's super easy! Don't hesitate to get this plug-in! - September 15, 2006 by Gerardo Cardenas

Useful, stable and nice-looking - I find this truly a nice and useful feature, especially since it's loooking nice and integrates well into the WinAmp family of boxes. As was already said by the staff, there is a online database of lyrics behind it. When submitting, your lyrics will not automatically be accepted. It appears someone has to approve of your submission. Well, fine... Therefore the users of this plugin will become a big community, with more and more people participating to submit lyrics. Nice idea, I'm just wondering how long the music industry will accept this (since, I believe, it should violate copyright issues). Hope it'll be available for a looong time. - September 13, 2006 by az frankie

Great! - Works great! Does what it says. The window only activates when you call it and it haves a hotkey to show the window. Just what I've looking for. Congratulations for the developer! - September 7, 2006 by Rodrigo Vieira

Great - Great plug-in, searches for lyrics accurately and fast. Nice to see there is also the keyboard shortcut to toggle the window. All it needs now is the background to fit the colour of the skin and customizable presentation (font, size, colour etc.) Hope there's another update to this. - August 24, 2006 by Hayden Jina

Excellent - This plugin is absolutely brilliant. I have been using the LeosLyrics plugin for a few months, but this plugin kicks the crap out of anything that can do. - August 24, 2006 by David Vaughan

Excellent Lyrics Addon - Does just what it advertises and does it very well. The only 2 things that could improve this plugin would be to allow lyrics to be saved in the file's meta tag and to a much lesser extent match the basic black and white window to the winamp skin. Great work! - August 22, 2006 by Shane Stanley

Good One - I like this plug-in. Displays the title, artist and songwriter. If the information is missing it lets you Google search for it. - August 22, 2006 by F Howles

Nice! - Sure I was able to stump it, but I have to try pretty hard. Good job on this, keep it up! - August 20, 2006 by Jerri Blank

Fine ! - Does exactly what it says, works really well. Thanks ! - August 12, 2006 by Simon Edwards

One of the best plugins i ever seen :D - Thanks a lot for this plugin it's totally great!! - August 11, 2006 by Warfaren Warfare

Works fine! - It seems to be quick and fast... nice job :-) Try it!!! - August 10, 2006 by Gio Gio

Very Nice. - Yet another reason to love Winamp! - August 1, 2006 by Nigel Franco