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Lucidamp 3 point 5

Lucidamp for Winamp 5.x

Lucidamp for Winamp 5.x

Lucidamp 3.5 brings all of the much-loved features from the Winamp 2.x plugin, while adding new support for Winamp 5.x's modern skins. Make your 2.x or 5.x skins translucent, with fading, mouse-click pass-through, and all of the other Lucidamp features. More information is available at

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December 12, 2004 by Todd Ostermeier11482 downloads

Lucidamp 3 point 5 - Lucidamp for Winamp 5.x

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Transparent Winamp windows

Gives you a good amount of control over the opacity of the Winamp windows. You can control the opacity of each window independent of each you can have the equalizer more transparent than the playlist for instance. You can set different opacity values for each window's active and inactive states, and you can fade between states.