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Live Playlist Signature

Live Playlist Signature Generator v0.11 (stored on our servers)

Generate the most coolest forum/webpage signature with your winamp titles and include it in your forum profile or web page with a single line of code:
'5.png' is just an example , you will receive a unique id after you register on
After you register an account you will receive by email a unique user ID and a URL to your image that you may use in your webpage/forums to insert the live image signature. This signature is generated with the LPS plugin .The image will be generated and stored on our servers. The plugin has a preview build in.
have fun people!

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December 26, 2006 by Razvan Serban14843 downloads

LPS - Live Playlist Signature - Live Playlist Signature Generator v0.11 (stored on our servers)

Staff review

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Installation and registration was done very quickly. I wasn't too sure about the plugin's config dialog but all worked as needed and the preview mode in the config dialog was a nice touch.


this plug-in worked fine until the last 3 winamp version updates now all it does is crash winamp as soon as winamp opens up. I have contacted the designer directly from his website and did not get a response as to if and when the plug in would be updated to work with the current version of winamp. too bad as it was a nice little feature to have on a website or a forum webpage. - March 8, 2011 by storm

Pretty Good I like It - It works good on windows 2000 but every once in awhile a error msg pops up no big deal. On XP this this will not work all the but to enable it do not show there needs to be a newer version to fix this - March 6, 2009 by Brian Dogherty

good - good and easy learn it . - February 5, 2008 by ESMAEIL shorniafar

A FAQ - I've update the plugin setup adding a (F)requently (A)sked (Q)uestions and with steps you need to take in order to make the LPS plugin work but I'm not going to update the setup plugin that you can download from here just for this minor thing because Winamp site is kinda buggy when submitting/editing (you can download the setup with the included faq from my home Here is the steps you need to do: 1. Download and install the LPS plugin for Winamp 2. Register on (don't register twice if you are already registred , you need only one account.) 3. After you register check your mail you will receive the user name and password to use in LPS plugin configuration. 4. Launch your player and start your music/video (after you installed the plugin - step 1) 5. In your media player access the general plugins settings and double click on "Live Playlist Signature " plugin to configure it (or choose LPS Settings from Winamp main menu or sys tray menu) 6. In the LPS Settings window go on the Account tab and write your user name and password you received when you had registered (step 2 and 3) 7. Now if your music/video is playing (if not play it) click on ‘Enable’ in the LPS window to enable the plugin and generate your image with the current song, wait 3-4 seconds and you will se the image preview (in the right pan) and your image link code bellow the settings. (by default the link is generated with the bb code [img] to see your image on our servers jus remove the [img] and [/img] tags and paste the link in your browser) 8. You can be copy-paste the image code in your forum signature or web page/ blog etc .. is just dynamic generated image use it where you like it, like a normal link to a png picture. As long as the plugin is enabled and something is playing in Winamp the image will be updated with the current song. Have fun! - December 30, 2006 by Razvan Serban