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Low-latency waveOut plugin v1_11

Simple waveOut output plugin with a very low latency.

Simple waveOut output plugin with a very low latency.

This updated version of the plugin uses a lot less resources (memory as well as cpu) and performs at least as well as the old version. It also accepts just about any buffer size from the input plugin (very large - way beyond the limit winamp allows - as well as very small - as small as the soundcard driver will let you go) as well as any format you might want to give to it (24 bps, etc is no problem).The latency of this plugin has been made very low, about 60-120ms less than standard - tweaked - output plugins, although you might be able to squeeze out even more from those.The latest details, as well as info on my other plugins can be gound on my site (

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April 8, 2002 by Jasper van de Gronde98674 downloads

Low-latency waveOut plugin v1_11 - Simple waveOut output plugin with a very low latency.

Staff review

Updated version...with lower resource usage

Gives you low latency output when using the Line-in plugin. Meaning, you don't have to mess around with the buffer settings when using the line-in plug-in.


Crashes when fast forward - This crashes every time I skip forward in any MP3 with Winamp 5.24. It does play though if I leave things alone. - August 22, 2006 by Jeff Weinstein

Cannot do > 16-bit! - I don't know why the author says it can do > 16-bit audio, because it can't. I am able to use the builtin wave-out and directsound plugins with 24-bit and 32-bit output from the in_mad mp3 decoder plugin, but if I set output to this one, it will report an unspecified error about opening the device, then gets in some kind of loop where the display says it's playing and it keeps showing 1 second, then 0 seconds again but never play a single thing. If I click stop, it then gives an error that it's already stopped. If I go back to the plugin configuration and set it to 8-bit or 16-bit this works normally. I can't imagine why the author made such a claim, but obviously if I can get the builtin directsound plugin to do it it's not something I've done wrong (most people say they can't get ds to work with 24-bit or 32-bit audio.) I hate to give it a bad rating, but since the author made a mistake that prevents it from working under the specified conditions, I can't really test it properly and therefore can't give it a high rating. I have no desire to go back to 16-bit after listening to 24-bit audio. - December 11, 2003 by Nazo San

nice - crazy. makes the music come to life and uses less of your computers resources. i like it. - June 27, 2003 by dyl wes

No more pops!...but it freezes... - I thought this might be the plugin that let me continue using my favorite media player, pop free. Unfortunately, this plugin will freeze after playing too long. So close! - February 11, 2003 by ForSolei Truelli

Has Issues - This plug out does reduce the pops, clicks, etc.... significantly when using it and using other programs simultaneously but it has issues. These problems ONLY occur if using this plug-out. Using Winamp 2.79, Windows 2000, 512 MB 100 MHz SDRam, K6-2 550 MHz, 80 GB 7200 RPM ATA-100 Hard Drive system: 1. If I attempt to listen to the music at any point in the file other than at the beginning then Winamp freezes and I have to close and restart Winamp. 2. After playing several songs Winamp freezes and I have to close and restart Winamp. 3. If I edit an ID tag in a file while playing music in Winamp, Winamp freezes. I have to close and restart Winamp. - April 21, 2002 by Christopher McGilton