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LoudMax 1.13

Loudness Maximizer

Loudness Maximizer

LoudMax is an efficient Look-Ahead Loudness Maximizer with a low latency. LoudMax keeps your music on a constant high loudness level with a clean transparent sound. Use the drive slider to adjust the maximum amplification. Release Notes:

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January 17, 2009 by Thomas Mundt68095 downloads

LoudMax 1.13 - Loudness Maximizer

Staff review

normalizes your music

This plugin can be used to keep your music loudness on a constant level.


great plug in for all rockers - November 28, 2010 by Larry Patterson

I just recently added this to the DSP stack on my radio station. I am very pleased I did. - January 31, 2010 by think tink

Excellent, does exactly what is says it will do and the sound quality is awesome! - January 24, 2010 by Dave Britton

Just the thing I had been searching for...Increases the loudness without compromising the quality..great work - January 12, 2010 by goletcs

Great simple plugin, does the job well. I work for an internet radio station in Greece, which supports people with disabilities and runs on low budget, so I was looking for freeware stuff to cover our needs. Loudmax now works as our output limiter for the music program. Thanks a lot Thomas for making and sharing this useful tool :) - December 13, 2009 by illusionaire

Good increase of loudness - It's free, which is a nice benefit. Also it works well. I have bluetooth stereo headphones which don't quite put out enough sound for my likes. I did a 3bdb increase, which brought the sound up nice and clear. I'd recommend not going to wild with the sound increase, since distortion may creep in, but for a modest boost, this works well - September 3, 2009 by William Throop

Excellent - Clean, transparent, very simple to use. This is probably the best sounding wideband volume normalization tool I have ever tried. On almost all material I have tried it with, I could barely hear artifacts from its action, and it did its job wonderfully. This plug-in uses a very well-designed algorithm to normalize the volume levels of your music! - April 23, 2009 by Clay Hellman

simple and effective - for some video file the speakers in my laptop just aren't loud enough. and for awhile (i hate to admit) i was using vlc, simply because it has the volume booster. all the plugins for winamp that i had found claiming to enhance volume and sound are useless and overly complicatedthankyou for this easy and effective volume booster - April 19, 2009 by James Kearney