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Loop Master Musicians Tool

Loop sections of a song to learn tunes and practice solos.

Loop sections of a song to learn tunes and practice solos.

Loop Master is a great tool for musicians learning tunes and licks. It allows you to select start and end points in a song and will loop between the two points. It is especially useful when used with a DSP plugin that can change the tempo and pitch such as Pacemaker.

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October 31, 2000 by Curtis Mathews174753 downloads

Loop Master Musicians Tool - Loop sections of a song to learn tunes and practice solos.

Staff review

loop a selected section of a song

You pick the beginning, you pick the end, loop and listen away. If you want to relisten to a certain section of a song, this plugin can come in very handy. You can even move the section you selected after it's selected. Guitar players enjoy.


Fills a needed void as a plugin, and it works. Other than that, there are a lot of issues: having to quit and restart winamp to use it, an ugly crowded interface, and it no longer seems to work with the current version of winamp (even uninstalling and re-installing). I totally agree that A-B repeat should be a core feature--it is on my linux player... - March 1, 2011 by hazysonic

In kno it from previous versions - I can't install it under vista It say ca n't open C\:program files\WinAmp\plugins\gen_Loop.dllSomeone to help me??Itdoes the same with all the othe loop PU - April 21, 2009 by Luka Ruel

Great tool, poor execution - I like that this plugin actually seeks to the time entered, and not the closest two-second mark, as I have seen. However, I'm disappointed in the low resolution of the stepping buttons and the lack of actual text input boxes. Also, I'm pretty well pissed that I have to restart Winamp if I want the plugin window to go away or come back. It's a good plugin, but in a lot of ways it's absolutely dense. Also, you might want to update the screenshot - you've added some features since it was taken. - September 1, 2006 by dirk deftly

ALL old CD players called this "A - B repeat" - I've been looking for such a plugin for years, but would never even look at anything referring to "loops". Them's just for the worst sequencers ... Never finding such a tool for mp3's, but having A-B Repeat on one of my CD players, I've burned the mp3 to wave ... and burned it so I could study those fast passages:-( Now I have the tool for mp3s. Thanks. I guess I'll have to rip commercial CDs to be able to A-B Repeat when my old CD player finally dies. None of the new ones seem to have this feature anymore. - January 7, 2005 by Bob Zawalski

This thing is GREAT!! - A guitarists must have. I actually took the time to log in, because I wanted to thank the guy who wrote this. This is perfection!!! Use this with pacemaker...and you have your perfect tool to learn complex solos with. A very nice job!!! Thanks - October 29, 2003 by M M

Good but it could be better - I like it alot, the program works great. But I wish it could be i DSP not a general purpose. It would just make things alot less complicated. - June 19, 2003 by DJX

She's a beauty! - I downloaded this thing once before on my older OS and it was really great, but that was before WinAmp 2.8 with it's little fade-out thingamajigger. Now it sounds even better, because with the fade-out, the repeat is so much smoother! It's really cool! - July 15, 2002 by Jeremy Emfinger

Great for guitarists - Add this plugin with pacemaker and you can disect guitar solos and difficult parts of songs. You gotta love winamp for being able to add and make all these plugins. - June 5, 2002 by dave hall

Very usefull for square dance caller - For a square dance caller like me it is very usefull to repeat the main part of a song again and again. But I don?t want to set them every time. It would be nice to store the values i.e. in the MP3-tags. - May 22, 2001 by David Goebel

AWESOME!! - I love being able to play the same part over and over again until I learn it on the keyboard. It's an awesome plug-in and very simple to use. - April 22, 2001 by Ron Stringer