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Loop Control

Custom song looping v1.0.2

Custom song looping v1.0.2

ver 1.0.2Great for role playing or playing games to.This plugin will loop a section of a song after playing from the beginning once.

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July 29, 2002 by Bill Perone8223 downloads

Loop Control - Custom song looping v1.0.2

Staff review

Loop controlling plugin

Updated version with bug fixes and other options added. Good for extending a certain part of a song and having it play over and over. It would be nice if you could set how many times you would like the song to loop. Or, if you could detect bpm and have it automatically set to loop on beat.


it works-sortof... Very limited ugly interface that forces you to "nail" the loop points on the first try, which is difficult for musicians trying to loop a precise number of measures. Also it forces you to restart winamp to turn it on or off. Like i said, it works.... - March 1, 2011 by hazysonic

Loop Control - Great plug-in. Finally, the ability to create a loop and save it for future use. I couldn't do that with LoopMaster. - October 5, 2005 by John Wedge

don't work - Impossible to install in winamp3 - January 15, 2003 by jordi ros

great - small and simple and does a great job. - August 7, 2002 by Jonathan Howell