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Liquid Audio Plug-in

Play Liquid Audio Content in Winamp

Play Liquid Audio Content in Winamp

Stream, Download, Purchase, and Play Liquid Tracks in Winamp with the Liquid Plug-in. View album art, liner notes, credits and more. Purchase the digital download or CD from inside Winamp. Support for MP3, AAC, ATRAC3 and AC-3 is built in. It's easy, fast, and high quality. Don't settle for just MP3, get the full audio experience with Liquid Plug-in to Winamp from Liquid Audio.

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March 15, 2001 by Liquid Audio332616 downloads

Liquid Audio Plug-in - Play Liquid Audio Content in Winamp

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Official Liquid Audio Plug-in

Official Liquid Audio Plug-in


It summons the "Blue Screen Of Death" - After installation, I tried to configure it and the second I hit the configure button I got the "Blue Screen Of Death", followed by a reboot and an invitation by Microsoft to report this "Serious Error". After availing myself of this invitation, I immediately uninstalled this plugin. I'm running XP MCE SP3. - March 8, 2009 by Joe Bradley

tetsetsetes - tsetsetst - September 7, 2006 by Steve Stonebraker

Windows crashes - I install this plug-in and without uses them, PACE (that comes with this plugin)crashes my windows xp sp2. Don?t install it!!. - October 23, 2005 by Oscar Ghisi

YAY - I knew when I bought my ATRAC3 walkman CD player that I wouldnt have to worry about using SonicStage. - September 7, 2005 by Estepha Francisque

pfft - Bah, 3 for the effort. Wait for Ogg! - March 23, 2003 by Jay Pee

Liquid Audio is great - Liquid Audio, I believe .. should replace MP3 because of it's great quality. MP3 is still too lossy for my liking, and I have a large collection of Liquid Audio tracks. Too bad this plugin doesn't allow you to expired tracks ;-) - April 3, 2002 by Brad Thomas

What is it? - I'm downloading it now. I dont actually know what it is though. Try saying what it actually DOES and you might get a few more downloads! Good pic though, looks promising..... - November 18, 2001 by Ben Morton

Liquid Audio Plug-in..... - I think this is a "interesting" plug-in for winamp. Nuf said. - October 26, 2001 by Almighty Dcooldude_1

spiffy!!! - exellent plug in , once again winamp elimates the need for a seperate player for some odd ball format! - October 7, 2001 by Daniel Witzel

comment - prefect,give very good efect - July 8, 2001 by jackhen boon

WOW! enhanced audio - Now I can listen to the enhanced quality of liquidaudio tracks but still using my default winamp player.Highly recommended for all!!! - May 17, 2001 by Ezz Ozz

Download it NOW! - At last, a professionally built plug-in that allows me to play the best quality tracks in Liquid Audio format through my WinAmp player. Download it now and ENJOY! - March 30, 2001 by Peter Borner