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LineIn plugin v1_80

Use any input device (like a radio or stereo) with WinAMP!

Use any input device (like a radio or stereo) with WinAMP!

This plugin enables you to use any input device with WinAMP, just as if it was a normal file (although you can't seek of course). The plugin is (almost) entirely configurable. This version has some new features, but mostly bugfixes and clean-ups. See my site for details on the plugin.
NOTE: There is a known issue with using the DirectSound support of this version (see my site).

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November 21, 2001 by Jasper van de Gronde206672 downloads

LineIn plugin v1_80 - Use any input device (like a radio or stereo) with WinAMP!

Staff review

Line In plugin

Very useful plug-in that allows you to run any sound source through Winamp via Windows Line in. New version 1.51 allows support for presets plus other enhancements.


Excellent Work - October 9, 2010 by Hayden Pinto

This is the BEST - i lost all my music files to a virus and havn't had time to rip music back from my mp3 player. so i havn't had any music except for my mp3 player. but you're like a freakin god to me right now, i actually can listen to my music w/ my computer. what a first... this thing actually does what it's ment to. - February 26, 2006 by adrian ho

This is the perfect plug-in for my guitar! - I've been looking for a program that would allow me to use my computer as a guitar amp and I didn't come close to any that would work without extra cash and some of it's hardware. This is free and along with a cheap plugin for winamp that I have, I can use my computer a guitar amp! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! - December 23, 2004 by Kenta Yoshikuni

The Grand Wazoo - It Looks great - I just wish I understood how to use it. For the non-literate, instructions appear to require a degree in theoretical calculus. But thank you for thinking of those of us with the need. - March 18, 2004 by nick nackless

Update - Go to for the update of this plugin with bigs fixed! - February 22, 2004 by kyle welsby

Kicks tha Llamas Ass - An Awesome Plug-In. Works great. You know what would be better? If it would work with Winamp Visualizations ;-) - December 19, 2003 by N R

LineIn Plugin v1.51 - This plugin works fairly kool, however there is a small bug. If you set up the line in command & then press stop it will cause winamp to crash & then you have to restart it. The line in functionality & sound fidelity is very clear. There is a slight delay but this is probably due to the buffer. 4 Stars guys. - December 7, 2003 by Shen Long

Cool Preamp - Ive been tryin to find a way to put a preamp on my home theatre for cheap. So one day i had a brilliant idea, y not use winamp. Well i found this plugin and it works great, even on an old 300 mhz clunker of a machine. Gave it 4 stars cuz it likes to make winamp crash when you play a cd or somethin. - August 3, 2003 by Jonathan Hood

improves on winamp's default line-in capabilities - From Jasper's web site: My LineIn plugin for Winamp seriously improves upon Winamp's line-in capabilities. It supports any samplerate your device supports, it supports any number of channels your device supports (upto 32) and any number of bits per sample (upto 64, and it helps if it is aligned on an 8-bit boundary, although it is not required - by my plugin that is). You can also specify the size and number of buffers for optimal performance. Starting at v1.30 it even supports a title, this means you can control the way it looks in your playlist! My plugin supports just about anything you can think of that has standard wave audio or DirectSound drivers, in just about any format you can dream of (if you can find a real-life format that isn't supported by my plugin, please mail me). I've had a lot of positive reactions and people have shown interest in my plugin, so I have put it on the internet, that way you don't have to wait for Winamp's site to display it. I'm always running low on ideas, so any ideas would be very much appreciated. The latest version is 1.80 (uploaded on August 6, 2002). To download the latest version, please click here: LineIn plugin v1.80 (217 KB) - July 4, 2003 by david gunnells

Not worth it - Don't bother downloading this plugin, as Winamp2 already has a line-in plugin! to use it open location 'linein://' - April 1, 2003 by Mike Curry

My real time compressor - Perfekt for use to a swedish plug in called Energizer. Energizer is a 5 band compressor/limiter for Fm-broadcast, and this line in plugin give me a low budget broadcast compresor, and its sounds great! 1% of what an Orban cost you...:-) Ulf - February 4, 2003 by GuruPrasad Belthur

Woo Hoo! - Hell yes! I used this with DiskWriter to record me and my friends prank calls. We call it Pain 57, I have about 80 minutes of shit now. "Tell me somthing to do with my life before I kill myself!" - December 9, 2002 by Kyle Gerik

Let's Say it's O.K - ok ok....the programm in general works great...because now i can recorded music from my vcd...but the only thing that botter me its that when the song winamp crash...:D..??? - December 4, 2002 by C Ekin

Does exactly what it says on the tin - Please make a version for winamp 3!! (without the delay this time if possble) - September 21, 2002 by Dominic Hampton

How Convieniant - I can finally watch TV without the horibble sound quality! Same goes for my stereo,casette player, and everything else with an output jack! - April 18, 2002 by Adamo Maisano

Capturing audio using LineIn plugin - I have been looking for a painless, free way to capture audio through my mic, and this plugin did it for me :-) If you are interested, I documented the rather simple process at - December 12, 2001 by Fahd Arshad

Great Plugin! Hard to configure - Excellent plugin, lots of options and much better than anything I've used so far. However, configuration could be improved. - November 30, 2001 by Tony Knutson